De-Stress Muscle Gel

June, often the toughest month for Sydney siders.

The chill and the wet rolls through and it’s the last month before the end of financial year!

There are a variety of management techniques that we are all aware of such as, consuming comfort foods (Check out the benefits of Bone Broth), some may enjoy a glass a red and other clinically proven techniques include exercise and meditation.

Our in-house masseuse, Tania Dobbie recommends Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel, “When you first smell this product, your natural reaction is to take a deeper breath, as the aromatic scent of the lavender and ginger essential oils blended together is perfect and so unexpected”.

Tania continues, “With winter well and truly here, everyone should have a tube of this in their cupboard. It is so versatile with its anti-inflammatory, decongestive and pain relieving benefits. This gel is perfect for chest colds, sports injuries and circulatory conditions.

The blend of lavender, black pepper and rosemary essential oils, effectively calm the nervous system and heal, while creating a wonderful therapeutic and sensory experience”.

When the gel is applied to the skin you will experience a light cooling sensation, as circulation to the muscle tissue increases the area will gently become warm. An added benefit is that the non-greasy gel absorbs immediately into the skin and won’t stain your clothes.

Directions: Apply a small to your fingertips and apply directly to the skin.
For a more intensive treatment, apply a heat pack over the affected area.

Ladies who suffer from tired achy legs or feet, you can apply the gel directly over your panty hose or tights for instant relief!
Read other stress management techniques here

Aromatherapy Associates, De-Stress Muscle Gel:

150ml $56

Aromatherapy Associates, De-Stress Muscle Gel is available from the Bondi Beach clinic.

Make an appointment with Tania Dobbie:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077


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