On Fleek: Four Steps to Perfect Brows

If we were to ask you what is a key feature on the face that stands out the most, what would your answer be?

Nose, eyes or mouth? You would be wrong, it’s the BROWS!

Eyebrows are multi functional, they filter against dust, dirt and the sweat that might get in your eyes, and brows have social significance, allowing people to see one another’s emotional expressions.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Lethbridge in Canada, researchers showed people 25 images of celebrities without eyebrows, followed by 25 images of celebrities without eyes.

Participants were able to correctly identify 56 percent of the celebrities shown without eyes, but only 46 percent of the celebrities without eyebrows. The result? Brows are more important than eyes if you want to make a lasting impression.

Rowena Maree Campbell, make up artist, Face Plus Medispa share the four steps to perfect brows:

  • Firstly, brush the brows into place and desired shape.
  • Choose the product you wish to use to lightly fill in any sparse areas and to create soft lines giving definition to the brow.
    “ I prefer using a pencil, using light, little strokes”.
  • ALWAYS brush your brows after you have applied product, it helps to take away any harshness and gives a more natural look.
  • To keep everything in place, brush through some Brow Set, which is a clear gel that holds it all in place.

Traditionally symmetry is considered to be a sign of beauty, however when it comes to the eyebrows they are meant to be sisters not twins.

Products we recommend:

Curtis Collection, Brow Blender in Soft Taupe: $33

Curtis Collection, Brow Duo in Soft Smoke and Lace: $39

Curtis Collection, Setting Gel: $30

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Wintery Goodness: Herbs for Winter

These last few weeks have me heater hovering like a cat and dry brushing like crazy.

I swear there was actual sleet in Bondi the other day! While winter is a wonderful time of rest and rejuvenation, it can also be very draining on the body.

Inactivity and being indoors spreads viruses and germs that constantly bombard the body’s immune system. This can lead to an overall decrease in health and wellness. Living in this fabulously modern world, winter can be full of life and good health.

We have herbal remedies at our fingertips during a season in which maladies abound, or at least a season during which we try to fend them off. Herbs are a great way to treat illness by addressing the root of the issue—not just the resulting symptoms. Here are a handful of my favourite winter herbs to improve health throughout the coldest months of the year.

Let it be known that I found it VERY difficult to narrow this list down.

Research shows that echinacea enhances the activity of white blood cells and other specialised immune system cells. It increases their ability to attack foreign invaders such as cold or flu viruses and helps accelerate healing if infection already exists.

It’s not a good ideas to take this plant as immune support over long periods of time, It’s best to take this herb when others around you are sick, you feel yourself beginning to come down with something, or you are already sick.

If you suspect an autoimmune condition, make sure to only use immune stimulating herbs under a doctor’s care. It can be tingly on the tongue so for kids I like to make up a batch of vegan jelly, dropping the Echinacea into an ice tray works a treat.

These beauties boost the immune system, are great for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis. I often prescribe elderberry flower to induce sweating in order to treat fevers associated with full-blown colds.

Elder protects the mucous membranes from infection and congestion. When simmered with honey or sugar, elder berries make a delicious cough and cold syrup. You can also gargle a cold tea made from elder flowers to alleviate a sore throat.

Slippery elm bark is hands down the best herb to soothe sore throats and hacking coughs. Also called sweet elm, the dried inner bark is used for its mucilages, starches, and tannins.

This chemical structure of the plant decreases irritation to the membranes that line the respiratory passages by coating the passages and creating an astringent environment. The finely powdered inner bark also can be flavoured with a little cinnamon or nutmeg and used as a nourishing food for children. The easiest Slippery elm bark preparation is a tea or gruel, in which the bark is steeped for 10 to 15 minutes in order to release soothing mucilage’s that coat the throat and ease pain.
This herb is an immune tonic, meaning that you can use it often and over long periods of time to build strength and maintain health. You can take it to prevent getting sick or during recovery from an illness.

I tend not to prescribe it in acute cases as it can potentially make you worse, but there are immune stimulants we can use at this time.

King of Bitters, is a traditional Chinese, Southeast Asian and Indian herb, and used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine.The herb has been revered for treating infectious diseases and highly regarded also as having a preventative effect from many diseases, due to its powerful immune strengthening benefits. It is a potent stimulator of the immune system by two direct ways; (1) antigen- specific response: antibodies are made to counteract invading microbes; (2) non-specific immune response: macrophage cells scavenger and destroy invaders. King of Bitters activates both responses, making it effective against a variety of infections and oncogenic, cancer-causing agents.


Culinary herbs have been used for many generations around the world to help maintain health, both in our foods and as teas or other remedies. Thyme is very powerful and is specific for supporting respiratory health.

A fresh ginger tea warms the body and increases blood flow to fight off infection. Encouraging this blood flow also brings more oxygen to the tissues, which enables immune cells to function at their peak and ward off infection.

Add a teaspoon of Manuka honey to soothe a sore throat, and you’re on to a winner remedy. If you’re lucky enough to have access to organic dried herbs, licorice and marshmallow are wonderful additions to this mix.
I LOOOVE Licorice! Both medicinally and in the cheeky confectionary sense ) This sweet tasting root supports the adrenals, soothes mucus membranes, and is calming and anti-viral.I also love it for it’s synergistic quality, making it the perfect taste improver for its not so sweet herbal friends..Andrographis, I’m looking’ at you.

Medicinal mushrooms work magic where the immune system needs strengthening, supporting your immune system on a fundamental, multi-levels basis.

Mushrooms have a long traditional use in Chinese medicine and contain powerful antioxidants, essential minerals, selenium, copper, vitamin D, B vitamins and fibre. They can help maintain a healthy strong immune system, stimulate your body’s defences, relieve symptoms of upper respiratory tract (URT) allergies, strengthen the lungs, relieve coughs and colds, relieve symptoms of mild URT infections, reduce mucous congestion, facilitate cell death of old, unhealthy cells, reduce viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Powerful stuff…

Some of the most popular medicinal mushrooms include Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Snow fungus and Turkey tail, which apart from having healthy immune system properties, also possess a number of other health giving properties.

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Hydro-Marin Cream

Algae has many benefits for the skin. 

The Hydro-Marin Cream by Dr Spiller is ideal for mature skin prone to breakouts. The Hydro-Marin Cream is a rebalancing cream that can be used during the day and night.

The cream is ideal for use during the day, it contains formulated UV filters that strengthen and fortify aging and environmentally stressed skin.

Other key ingredients include brown algae, sea salt, patchouli and coriander, the cream repairs, whilst promoting intense hydration, comfort and resiliency.

The key skin concerns the Dr Spiller, Hydro-Marin Cream targets –

Adult acne: Laminaria algae is a biometric amino and mineral rich kelp that contains iodine and vitamins A & B3 to increase the skins hydration and a more even skin tone. Mineral rich salt sourced from sea water will assist in clarifying the skin.

Congestion: Vitamin E a skin identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland for environmental moisture protection.

Mature Skin: The Hydro-Marin Cream also contains NMF that binds water for potent hydration. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supple appearance.

Oily Skin: Essential oil blend including patchouli, coriander seed. Citrus blend and lavender rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and beta-carotene to revitalise, refresh and tone the skin complexion.
“I love this cream for winter as it strengthens and hydrates dehydrated skin. It is also suited for skin’s with impurities as well as dry.
“This super cream is suitable for the most sensitive skins to nourish and renew a healthy supple complexion” Amy Cameron, Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction

The Hydro-Marin Cream by Dr Spiller is available from all three clinics:
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50ml – $251
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Tired No More: Brow Lift

Zero recovery time with fewer risks, the liquid brow lift has quickly become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments on the market.

Patients seeking a liquid brow lift are looking to brighten the look of their eyes, lift and create an arch in their brows. This is an ideal procedure for young and active patients.
Clinical manager and expert injector, Jean-Charles Neveu-Collins, Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction gives us the full low down:

Treatments such as muscle relaxant can de used as artistry to reshape eyebrows by lifting them.

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome, the technique is an art form that must be carefully performed with precision.

Let’s just go back to the muscle anatomical basics. Muscles in our body only work one way, they contract, not push. Therefore, to enable our body movements, our muscles work by pairs. E.g. to lift our forearm up, we contract our biceps and the go the opposite way, we would contract the triceps.

The same principle applies for the muscles in out face. However, we have lot more muscles and more than one opposing muscles. This is why we have many different facial expressions to show different emotions.

This is also why; relaxing facial muscles for cosmetic purposes is a form of artistry. It is easy to freeze for the sake of “freezing wrinkles”, but the frozen “stunned deer in the headlights” is not a good look!

As a muscle is relaxed in the face, this allows the opposite muscle to either lift or drop, resulting in different cosmetic outcomes.

In the case of an eye brow lift, the muscles pulling the lateral brow down can be relaxed giving an eyebrow lift, but we can also change the shape of the brow, giving it a nice lateral flare.

As time goes by, natural facial changes occur and we lose facial volume in areas around the brow accentuating brow ptosis (drop). Treating that volume loss with hyaluronic acid dermal filler around the eye area, can restore a youthful appearance, opening the eye and lifting the brow.

The price of muscle relaxants vary between $5.50 (Dysport) to $16(Botox) per unit (Administered by nurse), quantity will vary from patient to patient, also effected overall treatment price.

Prices for fillers start at $490 per ml, the appropriate filler for the patient and the area will be used. Face Plus Medispa carry all fillers available in the market place.
Aquamid is available at Face Plus but can only be administered by Dr William Mooney.

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