Product of the Week: Eye Authority

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Product of the Week: Eye Authority

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Eye creams, probably one of the most confusing products to purchase. Some wonder why we even need to use an eye cream when we use a moisturiser on our face, am I right?
From the age of 25 people start talking about the benefits of eye cream and why we should use it. Some strongly believe that eye creams are just a product cosmetic companies are selling to make an extra buck.
We’re here to tell you today, USE EYE CREAM!!!!!
The skin around the eyes is much finer and more sensitive than other areas of skin on the body. The benefit of a cream formulated for the eye area is that it will be less irritating than a moisturiser designed for the face.
It is important to use a product that is right for you under eyes, which target your areas of concern.
During the past year Face Plus Medispa have trialled a number of products available on the market and we have all agreed on the Hydro Peptide, Eye Authority. Free of gluten, artificial fragrance, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG’s, phthalate and sulphates, this product treats dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

  • 13 peptides including Relaxing Peptides, Anti-Puffiness Peptides, Anti-Dark Circle Peptides, Anti-Glycation Peptides, Lifting Peptides, Illuminating Peptides and Preservative Peptides maximize and address every eye area concern in one luxurious product.
  • Hesperidin, an antioxidant derived from steeping citrus peels in hot baths and known for its body-warming and circulatory benefits, helps improve circulation to minimize dark under-eye circles.
  • Crushed pearls, rich in minerals and amino acids, immediately illuminate the eye area to diffuse the appearance of dark circles and eye imperfections while providing antibacterial, detoxification and skin nourishing properties.
  • Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and ceramides perfectly hydrate the eye area without causing eye make up to crease or feel heavy.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, you don’t want to over saturate this area. You won’t require more than ½ a pea sized amount for all around the eye. Depending on the product you can use an eye cream day and/or night.
The Hydro Peptide range is available from all three clinics:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
Eye Authority
15ml – $149.00
Click here for updates on our Hydro Peptide range.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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