What cream? Eye Cream and how to apply it

How to apply eye product correctly.

Aside from moisturising, applying eye cream should be one of the most important aspects of your skincare regime.

If you don’t read this full blog here are the top tips –

– Don’t be heavy handed, this is a very sensitive area. Use your ring finger as this muscle is generally the weakest of all fingers.

– Don’t use more than half a pea size of cream.

– Not all creams appropriate for the top and bottom of the eye, carefully read the instructions.

– Pop your eye cream in the fridge. This will assist puffiness and calm the area swiftly.

The details
You’ve heard it all before, the skin around the eyes are thinner, delicate and more fragile in comparison to other areas of the face.

The cream must be applied delicately in a sideways motion, being careful not to pull or rub this area.

The best finger to use to apply the cream is your ring finger; this finger has the weaker muscle.

We always get asked “What order should I be applying my creams?” The rule of thumb is to apply your eye cream first. This is because your eye cream is generally lighter than your other cream, apply lightest to heaviest.

The skin around your eye is like a sponge, be careful how much you use. Half a pea size is enough for both eyes top and bottom.

Not all eye creams are appropriate for both the top and bottom, we recommend the HydroPeptide, Eye Authority

When using the cream at night be especially careful not to apply too close to the eye itself, you do not want the cream to travel into the eye.

Finally, pop the eye cream into the fridge if you suffer from puffy eyes. The cool cream will help in calming the area right away.

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Liquid Gold: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has become one of the hottest multipurpose tonics.

We have in the past discussed it as a key ingredient in one of our favourite “The Beauty Chef” products, Probitoic Skin Refiner

The use of apple cider vinegar is vast, we have advised in the past it is a great tonic to use as a toner but also really great for acne sufferers.

It is also ingested to ease digestion, preventing in flu, ease nausea and heartburn and recently a study found two table spoons of apple cider vinegar right before bed lowered the blood sugar levels of people with type 2 diabetes!

Taking it at different times of the day can have varying impacts. To aid with digestion one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar will assist with digestion and bloating, this should be consumed on an empty stomach and can be mixed with water. When drinking the vinegar in the morning it’s best to sip rather than sink it down in one hit!

For weight loss two teaspoons of vinegar should be consumed before and after meals, around 2 to 3 times a day. Apple cider vinegar contains antioxidant beta-carotene, which helps breakdown and remove unwanted fat from your body.

Buy raw organic! To obtain the key benefits this is one of the most important factors. Only the raw organic vinegar will contain the strand like enzymes of connected protein molecules with living nutrients and bacteria.

If the vinegar appears clear this means it has been processed and you will not gain any benefits from consuming that vinegar.

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Deep in the streets: The B Peel

Zero down time and perfect for men and women.

Introducing one of our newest peels… The B (Beauty) Peel, by Alex Cosmetics.

Why is this facial perfect for men? Let us explain, a lot of our male patients are looking for a facial that makes them feel like it’s “doing something”, getting a really good exfoliation, clearing out the skin of the black heads and pimples but no down time!

They don’t want anyone to be able to tell they’ve had a peel to rejuvenate their skin. The B Peel ticks all of these boxes!

Why is this facial perfect for women? This facial is a photoshoot ready facial,  it will improve the skin complexion with out visible signs of peeling,  make up will go on smoother and you find yourself using less make up.

What exactly does it do?
Let’s be clear this is not a relaxing facial, this is a results driven facial but definitely not painful! This peel is a skin reviver, reducing wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation and even cellulite. The B Peel can treat various areas of the body outside of the face including the hands, neck and décolletage.

Patients will see a visible difference following one B Peel treatment but for optimum results a course of six treatments over a six week period is recommended for long term results.
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