Product of the Week: The Sensitive Guy

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Product of the Week: The Sensitive Guy

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Sensitive skin can be tough to manage, marketing messages can be confusing, overwhelming and make us give up on caring for our skin.

Here are the only four products you need to use on your face, daily.

1. Dr Spiller, Sensitive Aloe Cleansing Gel: $68
The key role of a cleanser is to clean and balance the skin. This is particularly important for people with sensitised skin. This water-soluble foaming cleansing gel opens the pores for a gentle, deep cleansing to thoroughly remove impurities, excess oil and for those who do wear it, make up.
In the shower, morning and night simply apply a small amount to your face and neck , work it in, till it lathers and finally rise it all off.

2. HydroPeptide, Eye Authority: $120
Eye cream is should be an integral part of any skincare regime, man or woman. Once you have dried your face pump out a small amount of eye cream, about half a pea size and apply around the eye and on the eye lid. The amount you have pumped out is enough for both eyes. Apply this cream day and night!
If you need a step by step guide for eye cream application check out our blog  – What cream? Eye cream and how to apply it

3. Dr Spiller, Sensitive Beauty Day: $97

A repairing cream that will help soften the skin whilst providing powerful antioxidants you skin needs.  The green tea extract is the main ingredient that reverses the effects of UV damage. Apply this right on top of the eye cream, day and night.


4. Sunscreen!!! Actinica Lotion SPF 50+: $55
We recommended the Actinica lotion here but any store bought 50+ sunscreen will do the trick. Mornings only, apply the sunscreen liberally all over the face, neck and ears on top of your moisturising cream.

That’s it tough guy! Keep up this regime and we will have you looking younger in no time!

Have a few other skin concerns or would like to purchase any of the products mentioned in this blog? Call your nearest clinic:
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Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
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