Tame the mane: Beard Maintenance

If you already have a beard, congratulations!

We know growing a beard is tough work, fighting through the itch, going through that awkward stage of uneven and patchy growth and contemplating whether or not to just give up!

Maintenance: Washing your beard
Does this sound like your wash routine?
Get whole body wet, grab soap, and wash whole body and rinse? If it does, we need to have a chat!

To maintain a luscious beard, you need to treat it like the hair on your head. Shampoo your beard, at least three times a week. The shampoo will thoroughly cleanse your beard and treat the hair.

Believe it or not, you should also condition the beard. Using a hair conditioner in your beard will help soften and detangle the beard hair. You can use a leave in conditioner if you find that your beard is getting too wiry.

We don’t recommend you blow dry your beard, this will dry out the skin on your face. Pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel and give it a comb or a brush.

Just like the hair on your head your beard will require trimming. Many generally use an electric trimmer but did you know there is more room for error with them? The pro’s recommend investing in a pair of professional barber’s scissors.

Growing a beard is serious work and if you’re committed to growing the lushest beard then make sure your diet is filled with lean meats, nuts, eggs and plenty of leafy greens.
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Red Faces: Treating one of the most common signs of aging

Red skin can be caused by many factors so it is important to get the right diagnosis prior to treatment. 

Telangiectasia, more commonly known as broken red capillaries is caused by a dilation of the capillaries making them appear as small red or purple clusters; some times they can have a spidery like appearance on the skin.

Red capillaries can appear in healthy people and in some cases; it may appear as a symptom of illness. The causes are unknown, but research has discovered that it may be genetic and environmental. We believe the most common cause is exposure to sun or extreme heat or cold.

The first step in prevention is to avoid and always protect your skin from the harsh, Australian sun. The most common area the broken red capillary clusters will appear is on the lips, nose, around the eyes, cheeks and hands.

Some find they cause discomfort and find them unattractive, which is why many choose to have them removed from the visible areas around the face.

Broken red capillaries are not life threatening, in clinic treatment options are available. Face Plus Medispa offer a unique laser treatment, Limelight to target pigment, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging.

A customised Limelight program is selected for your skin type and skin condition.
When pulses of light are delivered, patients will experience a mild pinching sensation. Cooling gel is applied to cool the skin prior to treatment but an anaesthetic or pain medication is not usually required.

The treated are can appear slightly red and swollen, this is a typical reaction and will last for between and few hours and a day. Make up can applied to cover up the redness.

Patients will begin to see results following one to three treatments. The redness or broken red capillaries will decrease, whilst improving you complexion.

The broken red capillaries will typically not return in the same area but new ones can appear with new sun damage; however they can be treated with Limelight.

Prevention is key, always remember to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when outdoors to minimise the results of sun damage. We recommend –
Actinica, Liposomal Sunscreen, SPF 50+: $50
Read more about the Limelight treatment here

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Product of the Week: The No Fuss Guy

Normal healthy skin, what a blessing!

Even normal skin needs a healthy, home care regime.
Here are the only four products you need to use on your face, daily.

1. HydroPeptide, Cleansing Gel: $69
The cleansing gel is an all in one anti-aging cleanser. The gel will cleanse your skin whilst, effectively remove dirt and excess oil. Turn the shower on, before you get your face wet, wet your hands a pump some gel onto your hands and rub into your face you between 30 to 60 seconds. Then rinse it off and wash the rest of your body. Use this gel morning and night, it’s imperative you do this every night.

2. HydroPeptide, Eye Authority: $120
Eye cream is should be an integral part of any skincare regime, man or woman. Once you have dried your face pump out a small amount of eye cream, about half a pea size and apply around the eye and on the eye lid. The amount you have pumped out is enough for both eyes. Apply this cream day and night!

If you need a step by step guide for eye cream application check out our blog: What cream? Eye cream and how to apply it

3. Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly Cream: $94
This cream is a great light weight cream rich in Vitamin B Complex, Proteins and Amino Acids. The cream will continue to balance out the skin, normalise the production of sebum and even reduce the formation of blackheads.
Massage the cream into the skin until it has been fully absorbed!

4. Sunscreen!!! Actinica Lotion SPF 50+: $55
We recommended the Actinica lotion here but any store bought 50+ sunscreen will do the trick. Mornings only, apply the sunscreen liberally all over the face, neck and ears on top of your moisturising cream.
It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Building blocks: Men’s health

Let’s talk about the essentials for a healthy lifestyle for men.

It’s not always easy to maintain a healthy diet. Read our blog here  on “In the bin: Foods all men should avoid”.

There are specific foods that assist men’s health in general, but also help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, whilst boosting overall energy.

Here are the basic rules to ensure general on-going health and wellness:

1. Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, aim to consume five or more servings a day. It’s best to avoid food and vegetables cooked in fat, including friend products.

2. Fiber is needed in your diet to lower your blood cholesterol and it will also make you feel fuller for longer. Select whole grain over refined whole flour. If you are trying to watch your weight, you will need to limit your overall intake of starches.

3. Always pick lean meats, with little to no visible fat. Remove the skin from chicken and other poultry. Fish is also a great source of protein to add to your diet, but avoid the breaded and fried kind.
Keeping track of calories is a great way to stay healthy and monitor the amount of energy you need to burn daily. Here is a breakdown of daily calorie intake for varying age brackets:

Men between 19 to 30
Somewhat inactive: 2,400
Somewhat active: 2,600
Very active: 3,000

Men between 31 to 50
Somewhat inactive: 2,200
Somewhat active: 2,400
Very active: 2,800

Men between 41 and over
Somewhat inactive: 2,000
Somewhat active: 2,200
Very active: 2,400

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