Big Hair, Don’t Care: Scalp massage and hair mask

Reduce muscle tension and treat your hair at the same time!

Massages, head to toe have amazing benefits; this blog will be focusing on the benefits of the scalp massage. Read more about other areas here

Massaging the scalp has a great number of benefits including stress relief, soothes the mind by rebalancing the energy flow in the crown chakra, providing a sense of peace calm and tranquillity.

Physically it helps the prevention of flakes and a dry scalp, enhances blood circulation promoting hair growth, strengthens roots, softens the hair whilst it helps prevent excessive brittleness and split ends.

Tania Dobbie, Face Plus Medispa’s Advanced Massage therapist allows patients to experience the benefits of her relaxing scalp massage as an addition to any body treatment.

A specific, hair friendly oil should be selected to ensure it nourishes the scalp and hair topically. Tania recommends the “Waterlilly: Orange Crème Masque”, an intense conditioning treatment. The Masque is a pure botanical hair treatment to restore health and shine to tired dry hair.

The treatment masque delivers intense condition to revitalise damaged hair with a blend of jojoba, hazelnut and apricot oil fortified with marine collagen, mineral rich French clay and pro vitamin B5. Blackberry with a blend of orange and mandarin oils with cinnamon and clove to increase the condition and shine to the hair.

Following a relaxing yet stimulating scalp massage a hot towel wrap is applied to intensify the masque’s benefits, revealing silky smooth, more manageable hair.

This treatment can be addictive and for those who have damaged hair or a dry scalp a weekly scalp massage and hair masque will allow patients to see incredible results.

Add the scalp massage and hair treatment to any body treatment for $50 or keen on trying it at home? Purchase the Waterlily: Orange Crème Masque
Check out the massage options available here

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Long weekend hibernation: Skin Peels

Having extra time than the typical weekend is the perfect opportunity to avail of more invasive treatments.

There are many reasons why we love long weekends but long weekends also give you the opportunity to take the time to check a few things off your life list!

Skin peels are greatly beneficial to all and repair a variety of skin concerns following just one treatment. There are varying grades of peels available on the market and Face Plus Medispa strongly believe in non-invasive treatments.

One of the most invasive treatments available include “Fraxel”, there are many reasons why we do not offer Fraxel at Face Plus Medispa but some of the key reasons is due to the severity of the treatment, pain, down time required and the long term damage it causes to the skin.

Often harsher resurfacing treatments compromise the skin’s barrier, exposing it to microbial infection and causing trauma to the skin – all things you don’t want to be doing to your skin!

Face Plus Medispa offer a total of six different peels:

The Enzyme Peel: This is a mild peel that offers a great exfoliation and patients will leave the clinic with glowing, fresh, hydrated and balanced skin. Read more here

The B Peel: A step up from The Enzyme. The B Peels works by combining the active herbs in a gel, it stimulates the complexion’s natural regeneration process to allow the skin to function at its healthiest. Read more here

The Phyto Peel: This peel is one of our most popular mid-range peels as it gently removed the non-viable epidermal layer to reveal a new skin surface within 24hours. Having a Phyto Peel is the equivalent to having SERVERAL microdermabrasion’s treatments without causing stress and damage to the skin. Read more here

The Radiance Plus, Pigmentation Peel: This peel will only take approximately 45minsutes to perform and is specifically designed to target pigmentation rapidly breaking down the melanin, accelerating the breakdown of hyperpigmentation. Read more here

The Vitamin A Peel: A quick 30minute treatment, it is a safe and effective way for those with superficial blemishes or signs of aging to improve the skin quality. The Phyto Peel exfoliates the skin and unclogs the pores. Read more here

The Herbal Activ Peel: An incredibly intense but all natural peel that will reveal new skin in just 5 days. This herbal peel is medically proven and contains no synthetic chemicals or acids.

Downtime is required for this treatment, patients will not be able to wash or wet their face for 5 days following their initial treatment and will be required to visit the clinic on their 5th day to have the dead skin professionally and safely removed. Read more here

There are some great peels available in clinic and it’s always really important to have a skin assessment prior to any peel. Peels can have dangerous lasting effects if not performed correctly or if your skin’s integrity has not been properly prepared for the chosen procedure. It is also important to build realistic expectations and outcomes.

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Party Season: Quick Fix


The nights are getting longer and party season is starting to ramp up!

With party season comes the need for more energy and often hydration. There are many ways to get your body prepped and ready for party season, eating the right food and regularly exercising.

When putting your body through the additional strain of late nights and alcohol consumption it’s always important to keep your body in check .

There is now a quick and easy way to ensure you are properly hydrated and energized! How you ask? IV infusions! Get with the times people! Read more about what they are and how they work here

We offer six different IV treatments but the most appropriate for this time of year is The Bondi Reboot and the IV dehydration.

The Bondi Reboot: $295
This is an hour IV treatment with all of the bells and whistles! This treatment includes:

Pure oxygen: Supplied through nasal prongs the patient will receive pure oxygen. Air contains 21% oxygen and the oxygen available in clinic is normally 95%. There are many health benefits to pure oxygen including the reduction of toxins, fight infections, disease and help you maximize your immune system.

Healite: LED light therapy has many uses and is utilized to treat many skin concerns. The red light in particular stimulates increased blood flow, leading to tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Read more here

IV Bag: Contains a number of vitamins that specifically target cell renewal, muscle recovery, aims to rehydrate the body and contain antioxidant qualities.

IV Dehydration: $145
This is the IV you need if you’ve had a busy/stressful week/day or a bit too much alcohol. Often due to exhaustion or a hang over a weekend is wasted on resting, the IV Hydration will have you back to full strength, to do it all over again!

There are other IV treatments available including an Immunity IV that will assist in strengthening your immunity to fight off any bugs and germs that may be floating around!
Check out the full list of IV treatments available here

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