Bloom: Gut flora

Gut flora is a complex mix of microbes and micro-organisms.

This composition of microbiome can affect many aspects of your health.
When your digestive system is working correctly you will generally feel great. Your gut controls our immune function, stress levels, and digestion.

When the microbiome in our digestive system is malfunctioning, our body will begin to show signs of malfunctioning and potentially throwing your body into chaos. The nervous and immune system will also become impaired if the hormonal function is not correctly operating.

To ensure that your body and digestive tract runs smoothly, it is imperative to maintain a colony of healthy gut flora.

Positive gut flora helps the body absorb nutrients, utilising vitamins and battling infections, protecting our body from disease, carcinogens and also assist in regulating the metabolism.

To maintain a healthy gut flora you must make sure you are eating foods that contain friendly probiotic bacteria. I

ncorporate the following foods into your diet regularly and will create a healthy gut flora:

– Fermented foods

– Kombucha tea

– Sourdough bread

– Mint

– Cinnamon

– Supplements
– Probiotic supplements: check out our Beauty Chef range of supplements here

There are certain foods and activities you should avoid keeping a health balance of good gut bacteria:

– Fatty foods

– If you have an allergy to gluten or dairy, avoid them completely to maintain a healthy functioning of your digestive system

– Stress

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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly

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Precious nectar: Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Product of the week

Royal Jelly has a number of health benefits:
Powerful antioxidant
Skin Healing
Sound too good to be true?
The Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly Cream is a balancing cream perfect for oily and combination skin. The Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly is a light cream containing Royal Jelly, a substance rich in vitamin B complex, proteins and amino acids to equalise and refine younger and problematic complexions prone to breakouts and open pores.
The Royal Jelly cream stimulates the cellular functions and protect the skin against environmental influences, control oil secretion and reduce the formation of blackheads.
The key ingredients include:
Royal Jelly: Feed sap of the bee’s queen. Rich in vitamins of B Complex, proteins, Amino Acids, Pantothenic, folic, nicotinic Acid, Carbohydrates and  trace elements. Anti-bacterial and wound healing components
Lanolin: Gained from the wax of the sheep’s wool. Emulsifier with high water-absorption capabilities. Emollient with moisturising properties.
Arginine: Amino acid with antioxidant and regenerating properties. Immune strengthening. Helps heal and repair damaged tissue.
Targeting the following key skin concerns:
Combination skin
Oily skin
Open pores
Young skin
Relate to the skin concerns this cream targets? Book in with one of our dermal therapists for a thorough skin consultation.
The Dr Spiller range is available from all three clinics:
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50ml – $94.00
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Deep absorption: Galvanic infusions

Galvanic allows increased therapeutic benefits of ingredients and their efficacy to be increased also.

Galvanic infusions are a safe treatment that can be added to almost any facial, it’s a great way to provide the skin with a deeper infusion and treat an array of skin concerns.

A galvanic current is a low-level, continuous current that flows in a single direction known as direct current. This direct current stimulates cells, moves tissue fluid and softens blackheads, driving oils and ingredients deep into the epidermis.

Via a switch on the machine either the positive or negative polarity can be used to pull or repel solutions into the skin. This is achieved by creating a circuit through a metal “active” electrode roller being placed on the skin that’s connected to the galvanic machine. An additional “inactive” electrode is held in the hand of the patient on their chest.

This electrode will be covered by a towel to increase to conductivity and ensure the patient is comfortable. These two parts together create a low-voltage loop, so the current flows through the body.

Therefore, minerals and vitamins applied to the skin are pulled into the skin via the positive to negative, as a result and the negative and positive attraction.

Galvanic infusions provided with the positive polarity are referred to as the iontophoresis and it is ideal for treating aging skin and hyperpigmentation. The positive polarity also has a calming and tightening effect on the skin, assisting in the reduction of sensitivity and redness.

Desincrustration is negatively charged and is a process that softens and emulsifies sebum and keratin in the follicle. The Desincrustration process is performed prior to manual extractions, it prepares the skin for a safe, painless and successful removal of comedone and micro-comedones.

A desincrustation alkaline solution is applied to both the skin and the negative electrode held by the patient, causing the alkaline to have the following effects and benefits:
– Skin softening
– Dilates follicles
– Increases sensitivity
“With the galvanic currency the products required are infused at a deeper level.

The infusion prepares and readies the skin for extractions and a deeper exfoliation” Erin Holohan, Dermal Therapist Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction.
Galvanic procedures are not recommended for patients with:
– Metal implants or piercings
– Heart conditions
– Epilepsy
– Diabetes
– Clients who are pregnant

Read more about Galvanic infusions here

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