PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Dr Spiller, Sanvita Mask

Green Tea is not just for drinking it has many antioxidant benefits when applied to the skin.

Be the envy of all, by treating yourself to the Dr Spiller, Sanvita Mask once to twice a week.

The Sanvita mask is a antioxidant rich hydrating mask with green tea that has a powerful calming and soothing effect. Your skin is strengthened and repaired, slowing down the aging process by increasing elasticity and firmness!

This mask is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types and should be applied following your cleanser, toner and serums.

The active ingredients
Green tea extract: Is an anti-inflammatory with a calming effect on the skin. Prevents premature skin aging due to free radical scavenger and antibacterial.

Ginseng Extract: Improves skin elasticity and revitalises and reactivate the cells of the epidermis.

Panthenol/Provitamin B5: Vitamin of B Complex. Accelerates rate of cell division. Regenerates damaged skin, protects from sun radiation and cures sunburns. Promotes wound-healing and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Olive oil: a good carrier oil for essential oils, it also acts as an excellent lubricant. Stimulates the synthesis of substances like collagen and elastin.

Leaving this gentle mask on your skin for 10 to 15minutes will revitalise whilst rehydrating and providing the skin with powerful ingredients to improve the turgor, reduce the effects of premature aging and strength of the skin.


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Blood sucking: Vampire facials

Plasma contains powerful cell rejuvenating properties which have been used in the medical industry for years. 

Made famous by Kim Kardashian, The Vampire Facial, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.

To experience a PRP treatment all patients must first have blood extracted from the arm. This blood is then placed into a centrifuge where it will spin to separate out the clear, yellow coloured plasma.

There are many benefits of plasma including its ability to initiate growth factors in the skin, leading to a healthier, vibrant, glowing, youthful complexion.

When the plasma is injected back into the treatment area the growth factors are healing damaged cells and acts almost like fertilizer for a plant, you will see it flourish with zero downtime.

The plasma can be injected manually with a needle or via a gun like tool that will precisely inject nine needles into the treatment area at one time. Your Face Plus Medispa, cosmetic nurse will determine which process will provide you with the best results.

Both techniques may also be utilised in your treatment and both treatments options are not painful, some patients experience some discomfort during the manual needling process.

Depending on the area of treatment it can take between 45mins to an hour and for optimum results three treatments one month apart should be considered.

Treatment areas for PRP:
Around the eyes
Cheeks & mid face
Post baby belly
Read more about the treatment here

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Look the part: Recreate Harley Quinn’s look

Halloween is just a few days away and we have recreated our favourite look!

We also think this is probably one of the most simple costumes to recreate!

How to:
1. You want to use white face paint diluted a little to put as a base, or you can use a really light foundation and dust over some white translucent face powder to set.

2. You can brush through some brow tint through the brows but nothing to perfect as it’s quite a messy look.

3. Using the loose shadows from Curtis collection in colours Midnight Sky (Blue) and Paraga Princess (Pink) blend them on the outer part of the eye and bring it down onto the cheek.

4. Using a dark brown or Black eye pencil line the eyelash line, top and bottom and then smudge, finish with a few coats of mascara.

5. You can use the Jet black liquid eyeliner pen to draw a little love heart on the upper cheekbone underneath the eye.

6. Apply some red lipstick in shade Captivate. You can either leave it neat and tidy or slightly smear it on the lower lip to give the effect.

7. Optional- To give a dirty, messy look that Harley Quinn often has you can dust some dark grey or brown shadow in a few places over the face.

8. Hair in pigtails to complete the look!!!
The outfit, seems pretty easy! We’ll leave that to you!

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