Take years off: Make up tips

Make-up artists tricks to help you achieve a flawless look!

We asked our onsite make-up artist and consultant, to share some make up tips and tricks to take years off!

Using the Mineral illuminating Highlight Pen ($42), start by brightening and concealing under the eyes.

For a fresh even skin tone apply the Curtis Collection CC Cream ($52).

To smooth the surface of the skin the Curtis Collection, Hydra Primer ($57) is perfect.

A little colour always goes a long way, don’t overdo the contouring!

Lightly brush on a little colour onto the cheeks using the Mineral Shimmer Blush ($30).

These quick and simple tips will keep you looking young, fresh and glowly!
Read more about the Curtis Collection by Victoria here

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I tried the: Herbal Activ Peel by Alex Cosmetics

There is no denying it, the Herbal Activ Peel by Alex Cosmetics is intense.

It is a plant based skin resurfacing treatment that supports and promotes the skin’s natural regenerative process, giving you new skin in 5 days.

This purely plant based ingredient is what patient, Kimberly tried and she shares with us her experience…

First, let me start by saying… THE RESULT BLEW ME AWAY!

The day of my treatment…
Prior to my treatment Sam Menzies, my dermal therapist took pictures of my skin. You can clearly see areas of sun damage, congestion in my t-zone and fine dehydration lines around my eyes. Pretty confronting.

The treatment began with a deep cleanse, under steam followed by the application of the herbs on to my skin, section by section. Three minutes in I started to feel a prickly sensation, she continues to massage the herbs into my skin for approximately 10minutes.

Whilst the herbs are still on my skin, Sam placed a gauze that was soaked with a soothing lotion on my face, this was immediately comforting.

Samantha explained that keeping the skin it would help activate the herbs, allowing them to deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. The herbs were gently removed and Samantha applied a vitamin cream and moisturiser with SPF.

She then provided three take home products (included in treatment cost) to use, thoroughly explain how to best use the products and treat my skin for the next five days.

My skin feels prickly to touch but my skin already appears smother and pigmentation seems to have become slight transparent.

Immediately following the treatment I was feeling thirsty, Sam did instruct me to drink lots of water and take an antihistamine.

Days following treatment…
I continued to take antihistamines as my skin appeared slightly swollen, itchy, tight and prickly to touch. Samantha advised this was a very normal reaction to the peel, this meant that the peel was working its magic.

The toughest part was probably not being able to wash or get my face wet. I was regularly applying the three products as instructed.

By day four I could see the top layer of my skin shedding, Samantha advised under no circumstances to peel it off, I was to allow it to shed off naturally. I will admit, probably not my best look!

Day five, Final Peel…
On the fifth day I had to go back into the clinic to have the skin removed professionally, this is called the “Post Peel”, this is all a part of the treatment cost.

Having my skin peeled, most amazing feeling! All of my dead skin, apparently a lot was removed when massaged with a skin elixir. The skin that the massage has revealed is sensitive to touch but the moment the mask is applied it felt instantly soothed.

The moment I was waiting for, Samantha hands me a mirror so I can look at my new skin! A large majority of my pigmentation is gone, what remains has dramatically faded. My skin feels plumper and tighter.

The pores in my t-zone are more refines and the lines around my eyes have softened. Kimberly, has kindly given us permission to share her results with you all:

This medically proven treatment is suitable for the following:
Pigmentation / Hyper Pigmentation
Acne Scars
Fine lines
Crows feet
Premature aging

The Herbal Activ Peel can also be performed on other areas of the body including the back, treating skin concerns such as Bacne, Read here.
Read more about the Herbal Activ Peel, by Alex Cosmetics here

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Aging Lips: Fillers to hydrate

As you age, areas of the face and body will lose volume and elasticity.

This is due to the loss of collagen as we age, read more here.

Dermal lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, lips fillers have also become more accessible to most and it is no longer a treatment just for celebrities.

Dermal lip fillers are also seen as a treatment appropriate just for those who want plump, luscious and BIG lips! We’re here to tell you there is so much more than can be done.

Younger faces are full and voluminous, without any wrinkles. As we age the volume in our faces decrease and the as volume is lots wrinkles and folds start to form not only on the skin but in the lips.

Loss of volume in the lips leads to thinner lips with less definition in the formation of vertical upper lip lines, lips thin, can start to turn downwards which can give you the appearance of looking stressed or grumpy, when you feel on top of the world!

There are variety of dermal fillers available on the market, the highly experienced team of nurse injectors will prescribe the most appropriate filler for your needs:
Plumping lips to replace volume lost
Defining a flattened cupid’s bow for a more youthful appearance
Removing down turned corners of the mouth
Removal of vertical lip lines – this can also be present in smokers

Dermal fillers are made of a hyaluronic acid gel, it is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that contributes to volume and hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a type of sugar that is present in body tissues, such as skin and cartilage.

Hyaluronic dermal fillers are designed to be temporary and the results will last for approximately six months to a year, dependant on the product and the individual.
“To rebuild volume loss or provide a more youthful appearance, support is required around the mouth.

By rebuilding structure around the mouth, you will find that lips will naturally appear plumper without additional filler in the lips” Hannah Blore, Nurse Injector, Face Plus Medispa Bondi Beach.

Face Plus Medispa carry a wide variety of fillers for the lips and other areas of the face and body.

Cosmetic injectable treatments are available across all Face Plus Medispa clinics. Call now for a consultation with one of our experienced nurses: 
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Ksenija’s Fave: Laser (amazing) Genesis

I spoke with Yvonne Advanced Dermal Therapist at Bondi Junction about Ksenija Lukich treatment plan atFace Plus Medispa.

Ksenija Lukich, E! Host Australia, one of Face Plus Medispa’s long time patients, when asked what her favourite treatment was for this blog, without hesitation she said LASER GENESIS!

Ksenija isn’t the only one hooked on this treatment! In fact, Kendall Jenner has credited her flawless complexion to the laser genesis treatment.

This is a treatment we recommend to all of our busy celebrity VIP patients, with ZERO downtime the non invasive treatment treats a variety of skin concerns, perfecting and balancing skin tone and texture.

Face Plus Medispa offer a package of 4, 5 and 6 treatments but a course of six treatments are always recommended for optimum, long lasting results.
Following a course of treatments you should see:

*An improvement is redness and rosacea

*Minimised unsightly small veins and capillaries

*Reduce the size of large pores and open pores

*Soften acne and surgical scars

*Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

*Improved overall skin texture

If you have heard about the treatment before, was it Ksenija? “I’ve been telling everyone who will listen! It’s the best thing ever!” says Ksenija about the treatment.

We spoke to Yvonne Culhane, Ksenija’s advanced laser and dermal therapist and asked her why she recommended a course of these treatments “It was really important that what ever course of treatments we moved forward with, it did not impact her job and her day to day activities. 

The first step was to get her on a range of products that were appropriate for her skin and we chose the Dr Spiller range for her. We then started on a course of Laser Genesis to improve and perfect the overall texture of her skin”.

The Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper dermis below the skin surface. You skin will feel a little warm and may appear pink following the treatment, but only for a short time.
Read more about the magical Laser Genesis treatment here

Laser Genesis is suitable for most skin types. This treatment is available from all three Face Plus Medispa clinics. Call now for a consultation:
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The fountain of youth: Foods that keep you young

Have you found the fountain of youth?

If you find it, let us know! In the mean time, try and include the following food in your diet. Each of the foods you are about to read about is packed with one or a few nutrients, vitamins and minerals that have an impact on age reversing!

Green tea: Green tea is an ingredient present in a number of our anti-aging face and body products. Research has also found compound micronutrient in green tea that blocks a signaling molecule in the body that triggers plaque buildup in the arteries that can lead to heart attacks, stroke and vascular disease.

Grapes: Anthocyanins are found in many plants and you can easily recognized as they provide the fruit and vegetable with a bright red-orange or blue-purple colour. Grapes contain an abundance of anthocyanins! This antioxidant keeps your liver healthy, reduces cholesterol, can reduce the risk of heart disease, fights obesity and can improve vision.

Shitake mushrooms:  You body requires copper to produce pigment for you skin and hair, and shiitake mushrooms are on of the best sources for this! Half a cup of shitake mushrooms containers 71% of your recommended daily intake of copper.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit juice has been found to keep bones strong and healthy. The juice can improve bone density and slow down the rate of bone loss. Consuming one grapefruit a day will see you reap the great benefits.

Sardines: A great dairy free source of calcium! Sardines have been found to reduce inflammation, risk of heart disease, defends against mood disorders, controls blood sugar levels and will also help promote weight loss.

Walnuts: These nuts are the best nuts for the heart. They are filled with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. A handful of nuts a day will lower your risk of heart disease significantly.

Spinach: Rich in omega-3’s and folate, a cup of fresh spinach will help the reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and increase blood flow to vital organs.
Pomegranate: Is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps reverse oxidative damage to the vascular system.

Kale: High in vitamin K, the leafy vegetable assists in warding off slow cognitive decline. Consume two servings on kale a day and keep your cognitive ability young!

The above list may not be appropriate for all. Those who have allergies or gut concerns such as, IBS will require a more tailored set of foods.

What we consume has a great impact on our skin too, read more here.

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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Dr Spiller Collagen Cream

Collagen cream promises soft plump and nourished skin!

Face Plus Medispa have written about the amazing benefits of the Dr Spiller’s, Collagen Cream before, read here.

The Dr Spiller, Collagen cream is usually targeted for more mature skin due to one its key ingredients: Bee’s wax! This magical ingredient softens and regulates skin consistency.

Even if you’re a spring chicken and your skin is in need of some serious moisture support this might just be the product for you!

The Collagen Cream is a cream that one of our amazing Beautiful, Beauty Blogger patients can’t get enough … Karima McKimmie

Karima says “Collagen Cream is a total game changer for dry skin! I often struggle with persistent dehydration and Collagen Cream keeps my complexion dewy and healthy all day long. It makes for a beautiful luminous base for makeup or I’ll apply liberally before bed for a night time treatment. I’ve tried every hydrating mask out there and Collagen Cream trumps them all – Holy Grail material”. Karima said it, HOLY GRAIL material!

Face Plus Medispa do not recommend you rush to your nearest medispa and purchase this cream! It is a heavy cream and is only recommended for specific skin types. The range of Dr Spiller products should be prescribed by an experienced dermal therapist.

Karima’s dermal therapist, Amy Cameron “Since using the cream we has seen a huge improvement in Karima’s skin! Skin is still appearing a little dry but we have prescribed her with additional at home oil based products from Dr Spiller to get her skin on track for the summer.”

50ml – $126
Find out about other Dr Spiller products here

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Losing it: The safest way to lose weight

There are very few if any shortcuts in life and the same goes with shedding excess weight.

There isn’t a pill out there that will magically make us fit and healthy over night but if you stick with the following guidelines you’ll achieve long term, sustainable and healthy weight loss.

Track it: Keep a food diary. It always helps to be aware of your eating habits when you’re starting a new diet.

Portion: Weight gain is often a direct result of over eating. Lower your portion size and you might just see immediate results!

Count calories: Monitoring the total number of calories consumed will also allow you to determine if you’re eating too little or too much.

Balance: Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet.

Plan: A meal plan is the easiest way to ensure you are eating the correct amount of calories. Stock your house and refrigerator will healthy foods that you can cook with and snack on.

Sweat: Exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes.
Exercise is great for weight loss, but remember it is only a part of the weight loss process. Exercise is key to maintaining a healthy body.

Using a machine like the treadmill and elliptical is a great way to track the total number of calories burned but these aren’t always accurate!

Lift: Weight training should be a part of your exercise routine, at least two times a week.

Scales: Don’t weigh yourself too often! The body can fluctuate day to day but it is important to monitor your weight and this should be done no more than once a week.

Focus on the end goal of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and changing negative habits.

If you feel you have followed the above rules and can’t budge the weight you should seek the assistance of a professional.

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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: At home purifying mask

Want to instantly create a more youthful radiant glow?

The HydroPeptide, Purifying mask with peptides, enzymes and green tea will instantly create a more youthful radiant glow, extract impurities and minimise the appearance of pores!

The HydroPeptide Purifying Mask suits most skin types but it would be highly beneficial for those with problematic, uneven skin tone, dehydrated, sensitive and aging skin.

The Purifying Mask contains 6 peptides: plumping, relaxing, moisture-binding and hydration peptides. The 6 peptides improve collagen and elastin, reduces collagen breakdown, restores collagen organisation, improved hydration, and reduces repetitive muscle contractions.

What does that all mean? It will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and hydrates the skin!

Enzyme + Sugar extracts: Promotes smoother, brighter, skin and key ingredient penetration. The Purifying Mask digests dead skin cells and increases skin cell turn over. This will promote smoother, brighter skin and active ingredient penetration.

Kaolin and Bentonite Clay: Controls excess oil and extracts impurities. The benefit of these ingredients is that it purifies and promotes a clearer complexion.

Green tea, caffeine, co-enzyme A + bupleurun falcatum root (Chinese herb): Scavenges free radicals and acts as an anti-inflammatory whilst stimulating and purifying the skin. These ingredients will delay the signs of aging while lifting and firming the skin.

The HydroPeptide, Purifying Mask with mild intensity should be used once a week for 10 to 20minutes on a clean face. Remove the Purifying Mask with warm water or a warm damp cloth. The results will be instant as the hyaluronic acid lifts, firms and hydrates the skin.

30ml, $79
Read about the full range of HydroPeptide products here

The HydroPeptide Range is available from all Face Plus Medispa clinics.

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Clear & Clean: Phyto Peels

The Phyto Peels by Alex Cosmetics is likened to a strong microdermabrasion session.

A microdermabrasion will immediately remove the top layer of the skin, the Phyto peel will soak into the skin, releasing the active ingredients that encourage the skin’s natural regeneration process.

The one hour treatment has a number of benefits:
No visible peeling
No downtime

The Face can be washed following the treatment
Following the treatment you can continue your regular skincare

The treatment can be performed during pregnancy
Patients can exercise
The peel will increase microcirculation
Freshen and detoxify the skin

There are a four different Phyto Peels available. The peels can be tailored to suit all skin types.

Energiser: Sun damaged and aging skin
The Energiser is a power packed facial treatment specifically designed to stimulate micro-circulation and revitalize sluggish skin that are showing signs of premature aging.

The Energiser is highly suitable for skin that is sallow, in need of oxygenation, and sluggish skin showing signs of premature aging.

Phyto Restore: Mature Skin
The Phyto Restore is a revitalising, firming treatment suitable for mature, sun damaged and prematurely aged skin types. The Phyto Restore combines the exfoliation of dead skin cells with deep stimulation and reinvigorates dull, lifeless and stressed skins. The Phyto Restore is a stand alone treatment.

Phyto Clear: Impure skin
The Phyto Clear is a detoxing treatment suitable for impure, congested and acneic skins suffering from hyperkeratinisation. The Phyto Clear aids in the decongestion of blocked pores and helps reduce excess oil flow.

Calm: Sensitive skin
Sensitised skin needs to be treated with extra care. The Calm treatment is ideal for skin displaying signs of redness, couperose, inflammation or sensitivity. It helps to gently stimulate and rebalance sensitized skins without aggravation or irritation.

A total of four to six treatments are recommended for optimum results.
Read more about the treatment here

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Pure Mineral Make Up: Healthy Make up?

Not all mineral make up is what it claims to be.

There are a number of make up brands that claim to be a mineral make up product but contain chemicals that are not necessarily safe for sensitive skin.

Here is the low down. There is a misconception that all mineral powders come from the earth. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide originate in natural rocks but are manipulated heavily in the extraction process and in laboratories.

Minerals such as Iron Oxide and Mica are manufactured only under strict laboratory conditions. In nature, these minerals would be contaminated with heavy metals and toxins and would be prohibited for use in cosmetics.  This does not make them less mineral.

Clean is the best word to describe products that don’t contain toxins and questionable ingredients rather than natural. There are mineral powders with talc, parabens, synthetic dyes and other undesirable ingredients.

Never fear, there are still few purist brands around and we are one of the lucky clinics to be able to offer the Jane Iredale range.

Good mineral powder should contain a combination of any of the following ingredients: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, mica, bismuth oxychloride or boron nitride.

 Some patients find bismuth oxychloride to be irritating to the skin in facial powders and foundations, Jane Iredale have chosen not to use it in any of their powders or foundations. The minerals should appear at the top of the ingredients and not at the bottom.

Ingredients are listed in descending order with the largest amount listed first.
A true mineral make up should not contain fillers such as talc, nylon and corn starch. The higher the percentage of minerals will provide versatile coverage, sun protection and benefits for the skin.

Traditional colour cosmetics contain 70 to 90% talc and are often coloured with petroleum-derived dyes.
The Jane Iredale range contains no substances that cause sensitivities. All products  have been safety, allergy and clinically tested.

Whilst containing ingredients that calm the skin, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which will help soothe and cam the erythema. Zinc oxide is also an anti-microbial.

Want to learn more about the full range of Jane Irdale product available at Face Plus Medispa? Contact us

Would you like to experience a one on one colour matching session?

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