Ksenija’s Fave: Laser (amazing) Genesis

I spoke with Yvonne Advanced Dermal Therapist at Bondi Junction about Ksenija Lukich treatment plan atFace Plus Medispa.

Ksenija Lukich, E! Host Australia, one of Face Plus Medispa’s long time patients, when asked what her favourite treatment was for this blog, without hesitation she said LASER GENESIS!

Ksenija isn’t the only one hooked on this treatment! In fact, Kendall Jenner has credited her flawless complexion to the laser genesis treatment.

This is a treatment we recommend to all of our busy celebrity VIP patients, with ZERO downtime the non invasive treatment treats a variety of skin concerns, perfecting and balancing skin tone and texture.

Face Plus Medispa offer a package of 4, 5 and 6 treatments but a course of six treatments are always recommended for optimum, long lasting results.
Following a course of treatments you should see:

*An improvement is redness and rosacea

*Minimised unsightly small veins and capillaries

*Reduce the size of large pores and open pores

*Soften acne and surgical scars

*Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

*Improved overall skin texture

If you have heard about the treatment before, was it Ksenija? “I’ve been telling everyone who will listen! It’s the best thing ever!” says Ksenija about the treatment.

We spoke to Yvonne Culhane, Ksenija’s advanced laser and dermal therapist and asked her why she recommended a course of these treatments “It was really important that what ever course of treatments we moved forward with, it did not impact her job and her day to day activities. 

The first step was to get her on a range of products that were appropriate for her skin and we chose the Dr Spiller range for her. We then started on a course of Laser Genesis to improve and perfect the overall texture of her skin”.

The Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper dermis below the skin surface. You skin will feel a little warm and may appear pink following the treatment, but only for a short time.
Read more about the magical Laser Genesis treatment here

Laser Genesis is suitable for most skin types. This treatment is available from all three Face Plus Medispa clinics. Call now for a consultation:
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The fountain of youth: Foods that keep you young

Have you found the fountain of youth?

If you find it, let us know! In the mean time, try and include the following food in your diet. Each of the foods you are about to read about is packed with one or a few nutrients, vitamins and minerals that have an impact on age reversing!

Green tea: Green tea is an ingredient present in a number of our anti-aging face and body products. Research has also found compound micronutrient in green tea that blocks a signaling molecule in the body that triggers plaque buildup in the arteries that can lead to heart attacks, stroke and vascular disease.

Grapes: Anthocyanins are found in many plants and you can easily recognized as they provide the fruit and vegetable with a bright red-orange or blue-purple colour. Grapes contain an abundance of anthocyanins! This antioxidant keeps your liver healthy, reduces cholesterol, can reduce the risk of heart disease, fights obesity and can improve vision.

Shitake mushrooms:  You body requires copper to produce pigment for you skin and hair, and shiitake mushrooms are on of the best sources for this! Half a cup of shitake mushrooms containers 71% of your recommended daily intake of copper.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit juice has been found to keep bones strong and healthy. The juice can improve bone density and slow down the rate of bone loss. Consuming one grapefruit a day will see you reap the great benefits.

Sardines: A great dairy free source of calcium! Sardines have been found to reduce inflammation, risk of heart disease, defends against mood disorders, controls blood sugar levels and will also help promote weight loss.

Walnuts: These nuts are the best nuts for the heart. They are filled with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. A handful of nuts a day will lower your risk of heart disease significantly.

Spinach: Rich in omega-3’s and folate, a cup of fresh spinach will help the reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and increase blood flow to vital organs.
Pomegranate: Is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps reverse oxidative damage to the vascular system.

Kale: High in vitamin K, the leafy vegetable assists in warding off slow cognitive decline. Consume two servings on kale a day and keep your cognitive ability young!

The above list may not be appropriate for all. Those who have allergies or gut concerns such as, IBS will require a more tailored set of foods.

What we consume has a great impact on our skin too, read more here.

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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Dr Spiller Collagen Cream

Collagen cream promises soft plump and nourished skin!

Face Plus Medispa have written about the amazing benefits of the Dr Spiller’s, Collagen Cream before, read here.

The Dr Spiller, Collagen cream is usually targeted for more mature skin due to one its key ingredients: Bee’s wax! This magical ingredient softens and regulates skin consistency.

Even if you’re a spring chicken and your skin is in need of some serious moisture support this might just be the product for you!

The Collagen Cream is a cream that one of our amazing Beautiful, Beauty Blogger patients can’t get enough … Karima McKimmie

Karima says “Collagen Cream is a total game changer for dry skin! I often struggle with persistent dehydration and Collagen Cream keeps my complexion dewy and healthy all day long. It makes for a beautiful luminous base for makeup or I’ll apply liberally before bed for a night time treatment. I’ve tried every hydrating mask out there and Collagen Cream trumps them all – Holy Grail material”. Karima said it, HOLY GRAIL material!

Face Plus Medispa do not recommend you rush to your nearest medispa and purchase this cream! It is a heavy cream and is only recommended for specific skin types. The range of Dr Spiller products should be prescribed by an experienced dermal therapist.

Karima’s dermal therapist, Amy Cameron “Since using the cream we has seen a huge improvement in Karima’s skin! Skin is still appearing a little dry but we have prescribed her with additional at home oil based products from Dr Spiller to get her skin on track for the summer.”

50ml – $126
Find out about other Dr Spiller products here

The Dr Spiller is available from all Face Plus Medispa clinics. Call your nearest clinic for a full skin assessment:
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