I spoke with Yvonne Advanced Dermal Therapist at Bondi Junction about Ksenija Lukich treatment plan atFace Plus Medispa.

Ksenija Lukich, E! Host Australia, one of Face Plus Medispa’s long time patients, when asked what her favourite treatment was for this blog, without hesitation she said LASER GENESIS!

Ksenija isn’t the only one hooked on this treatment! In fact, Kendall Jenner has credited her flawless complexion to the laser genesis treatment.

This is a treatment we recommend to all of our busy celebrity VIP patients, with ZERO downtime the non invasive treatment treats a variety of skin concerns, perfecting and balancing skin tone and texture.

Face Plus Medispa offer a package of 4, 5 and 6 treatments but a course of six treatments are always recommended for optimum, long lasting results.
Following a course of treatments you should see:

*An improvement is redness and rosacea

*Minimised unsightly small veins and capillaries

*Reduce the size of large pores and open pores

*Soften acne and surgical scars

*Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

*Improved overall skin texture

If you have heard about the treatment before, was it Ksenija? “I’ve been telling everyone who will listen! It’s the best thing ever!” says Ksenija about the treatment.

We spoke to Yvonne Culhane, Ksenija’s advanced laser and dermal therapist and asked her why she recommended a course of these treatments “It was really important that what ever course of treatments we moved forward with, it did not impact her job and her day to day activities. 

The first step was to get her on a range of products that were appropriate for her skin and we chose the Dr Spiller range for her. We then started on a course of Laser Genesis to improve and perfect the overall texture of her skin”.

The Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper dermis below the skin surface. You skin will feel a little warm and may appear pink following the treatment, but only for a short time.
Read more about the magical Laser Genesis treatment here

Laser Genesis is suitable for most skin types. This treatment is available from all three Face Plus Medispa clinics. Call now for a consultation:
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Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
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