Glow: From the inside out

You know those people who just glow?

Their skin is plump and clear, their eyes are bright and they just exude health and vitality?
Chances are what lies beneath their skin surface is just as shiny and bright. Beauty begins in the gut.

Gut health is having a real moment in the wellness world right now, and rightfully so. When you have a clean, well-functioning gut, and balanced digestive health, not only will you feel energetic and happy, but your skin will shine.

Carla Oates, founder of the Beauty Chef says:
I am a big believer that beautiful skin starts on the inside. It’s where your hormones are metabolised, 70% of your immune system lies, and where nutrients are manufactured and toxins are eliminated.

For good health, the gut requires a proliferation of good bacteria, which can be found in abundant supply in fermented foods. The skin, hair and nails are the last places to get nutrients that go to more important organs first; therefore, the skin is the first place where gut imbalances or signs of under nutrition will manifest.

Beneficial bacteria in the gut is key to good health and skin.

For a limited time, we have a combined the GLOW Inner Beauty Powder and Collagen Inner Beauty Boost.
“Your internal skin moisturiser and internal skin serum are the perfect pair for supporting your skin throughout the summer months”. Carla x
GLOW Advanced Inner Beauty Powder is a complete daily beauty supplement suitable for anyone wanting to improve skin tone and texture for radiant skin that lasts.

Containing a blend of carefully selected nutrient dense and Certified Natural and Organic ingredients to nourish and enhance the skin from the inside, giving your skin a healthy glow on the outside. Our unique and exclusive Flora Culture™ bio-fermentation process is used to super-charge the ingredients in the formula and creates a natural broad-spectrum probiotic.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, prebiotics and probiotics, GLOW is packed with skin-loving bio-available nutrients that are absorbed quickly and effectively by the body’s cells.

When taken regularly, GLOW aids gut health and effective digestion, which naturally results in a smoother, more radiant complexion

COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a delicious organic, bio-fermented probiotic elixir designed to increase the skin’s production of collagen and promote a radiant, naturally plumped complexion from the inside out. Specifically formulated to address skin firmness, fine lines, free-radical damage and aid skin maintenance.

COLLAGEN contains a blend of Certified Organic maqui berry, acai, papaya, blueberry, goji berry and pomegranate powders with grape-seed extract, zinc and vitamin C. Boosting natural collagen formation from the inside, this potent formula is also rich in antioxidants to help combat cellular damage and support
healthy skin, hair and nails.

Purchase the duo for $80 in clinic or you can purchase this over the phone.
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Holiday Joy: A balanced approach to drinking during the holiday season

Aim to live a balanced life in order to avoid doing things to excess.

The weather is warmer, holidays are on the horizon and your calendar is filling up quick smart with social outings.

Yep, silly season is upon us. If you’re planning on enjoying a few drinks this festive season, here are some simple tricks to balance it out – so you’re not waking up too dusty in the morning!

Be sure to drink plenty of water in the lead up to your day/night out – especially given the weather is much warmer.

Aim for a glass of water between alcoholic drinks – this enables you to enjoy the evening far longer than if you were to binge drink, and you will also feel less dusty the next day.

When you do get home from a night of drinking, be sure to drink another glass of water (coconut water is great for the electrolytes!) and take a bottle to bed. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. Read more about the importance of water here and here 

Plan a substantial meal before you start drinking – if you are going to be out all day, check in with the venue to make sure there is food you like/you can eat.

Ideally you want to eat a meal that contains a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and good fats; to keep your blood sugar levels stable, and also allow the food to stay in your stomach as long as possible, so that your drinks are absorbed slowly. Think something like salmon, salad and quinoa or a big chicken salad with avocado.

This will also save you from pulling into Maccas or binging on Uber Eats on your way home. Need help with snack options? Read more here 

Plan ahead! If you know you will be having a big night, make no plans for the next day. Give your body sufficient time to rest. Be sure to get up to 8 hours’ sleep, and listen to your body. If you feel like going for a walk or a run, then go for it – fresh air and sunshine will do your body the world of good.

If leaving the house is the last thing on your mind, then that is okay too. Have a Netflix and chill day. Pay attention to how your body feels and rest, rest, rest!

There is a big reason why Intravenous Vitamin Infusion (IV) treatments are having their moment in the spotlight. IV is a wonderful method of boosting vitamins, energy, electrolytes and even supporting hydration – perfect after a few too many drinks (and even better after a whole MONTH of a few too many!)

Be sure to book your IV session with a registered nurse or doctor – like the Drip and Chill Lounge at Face Plus; who administer a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.

Remember, while you may have back to back outings where it is expected you drink, only drink when you genuinely WANT to. Listen to how you feel and if you would prefer to be designated driver for the night, your friends will probably thank you for it – not to mention your body! Read more about IV here 
How do you manage drinking during the holiday season?

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