Vision: top tips for setting and achieving goals

A new year often signifies the perfect opportunity to set your goals for the year ahead.

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Whether a regular ‘goal-setter’ or not, there is real merit in setting goals leading to a higher quality life – greater motivation, feelings of positivity and success and an all-round inspiring lifestyle as you tick wonderful goals off your 2017 to-do list.

There can be conflicting advice when it comes to goal setting. Some people keep their goals to themselves, not telling anyone and quietly working away in the background. Others shout their goals from the rooftops, claiming the more people they tell, the more accountable they will feel when working at achieving their goals.

I am going to let you in on a little secret – there is no ONE ‘right’ way for setting and achieving goals. However, in my time as a wellness coach, there ARE some habits all of my successful clients have had in common when it has come to absolutely smashing their goals – ranging from leaving jobs for dream careers, travelling the world and regaining their physical and mental health.

Here are a few of their top traits:

Get clear about what you WANT

Make sure your goal is as crystal clear as it can possibly be. Rather than “I want a new job”, include SPECIFICS about the job you are looking to find. For example, I had a client who wanted to leave her current role.

She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to find, however there were TRAITS she wanted her new role to embody. So, her goal was “In 12 weeks I will have found a new role, at a company that inspires me, with a short commute and no need for public transport, allowing me a life outside work, with a salary of $x”.

Sure enough, 12 weeks later, she was walking into her brand-new role which ticked all of these boxes.

Write it down – every day
Keeping a journal is an important way to really stay committed to your goals. By writing down the goals you want to achieve, and reflecting on these regularly, you will be able to monitor your thoughts around these goals – because here’s another thing – they might just change! A few months after setting a particular goal, you might find it isn’t for you anymore.

That is OKAY! But unless you are committed to showing up and putting in the work towards achieving these goals every day, then it is easier to forget them and push them to the side. Journaling keeps you accountable and helps crystallise ways around HOW will you achieve your goals.
Vision boards 
If you aren’t entirely sure what your goals are for the year ahead, vision boards are a wonderful way of discovering what it is you are passionate about. Take some time to sit with a heap of magazines, or scroll through inspiring pages on Instagram, and notice the images and words that capture your attention. Collate a Pinterest board, or cork board, of these images and notice an underlying theme form.

A client of mine, after working on her vision board, realised that it was a dream of hers to work at a retreat in Hawaii. Literally 1 month after this realisation, she had left her secure corporate role and is moving to live and work in Hawaii for 3 months this year.
Set goals in the POSITIVE
Words are SO powerful. Too often we set ourselves up for failure by setting goals in the negative.
For instance, “I won’t eat chocolate anymore” should instead be “I will eat less chocolate next week than I did this week.”

Setting positive goals allows much greater chance for success and is a far gentler approach, with limited pressure. Look at what you WILL do rather than what you WON’T.

Set yourself up for SUCCESS not failure
Too often we set ourselves these intense, crazy goals, knowing in the back of our mind we will never reach them, then beating ourselves up about it when we don’t because we feel like a failure. Goal setting should be fun and

ACHIEVABLE! Yes, there should be an element of challenge, but not so much to be causing you stress every day.

Set small goals, in weekly blocks, rather than massive 1-year goals, and see how good you feel when you achieve these. CELEBRATE when you achieve the goals that were more challenging.
You can read more about stress management here.

Enlist the help of a coach
Sometimes goal setting can feel a bit much, and you just need someone to walk you through the process, which is where the guidance of a coach comes in handy.

Face Plus Medispa offers goal setting and accountability sessions with their in-house wellness coach, Hollie Azzopardi.

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Fresh Start: The Basic Essentials

Make this year your best skin year yet!

It’s the beginning of the year and it’s pretty clear that a large percentage of the population had an average 2016!

It’s time to invest in your skin and start with a clean slate. Once you hit the age of 25 we begin to lose the all-important collagen and elastin! Read more about that here.

Here is a brief rundown of the essential products you need on your shelf:
HydroPeptide, Cleansing Gel: $75
There are many reasons why cleansing twice a day daily is imperative. You may have heard the term “Free Radicals” but this is referring to pollutants and bacteria that might be floating around in the air.

Throughout the day, the skin on your face comes into contact with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt and old skin cells. Cleansing your face daily will remove these impurities. The HyrdoPeptide range of products are ideal as they are all jam packed with PEPTIDES! Peptides signal cells to make more collagen to repair damaged cell structures.

HydroPeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser: $69
We encourage our patients to exfoliate at least two to three times a week depending on your skin type. Exfoliating allows the body to shed skin cells and generate new ones. Read more about the product here.

Dr Spiller, Cucumber Toner: $68
Toning your skin is an important part of the cleansing process. Toner helps soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin and removes any remaining oil, dirt and debris that may be remaining following your cleanse.

Dr Spiller, Propolis Day Cream: $80
MOISTURISE!!! This is probably one of the most important steps in your skincare regime. The Propolis Cream may not be appropriate for all but this is by far the most popular facial moisturising cream in our clinic. Moisturising your skin will help maintain the balance in your skin.

This particular cream contans active anti-bacterial ingredients to purify problematic complexions prone to breakouts, pimples and acne. It’s great cream that can be used day and night.

That’s it, four essential products you need to be using if you are looking to improve your skin health.
Interested in finding out if these basics are right for your skin?

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#SkinGoals: Discover your perfect skin

It’s that time of year, people are starting implement their new year goals.

For those of you who are looking at updating and improving your overall skin, beauty and health it’s important to gain a better understanding of what may be happening and why.

This all starts with a thorough professional assessment of the area of concern.

Skin consultation:
During our skin consultation process we will listen to your concerns and ensure you have the outcome you WANT and NEED!

1. Your therapist will listen. Our bespoke treatments can be tailored to anyone and all skin concerns. And if you’re not sure what you want, a thorough skin assessment will be performed.

We begin by cleansing the skin of all makeup and impurities and examining your skin under a strong, magnifying lamp.

2. We ask a lot of questions. We will discuss your current skincare regime, your diet, lifestyle and medical history. Your dermal therapist will explain how each of these factors influence the skin concern or problem.

3. We explain. We want you to know at Face Plus Medispa you are in very professional hands. Following your thorough assessment, we will advise what kind of ingredients and products work well for your skin type, and which ones to avoid.

4. We prescribe. Following your skin assessment, you may choose not to have a treatment on the day, most do but all patients will receive a detailed and bespoke home care plan, this will include your complete at home skin care routine, suggested supplements, and a plan that we build based on your deadlines, expectation and budget.

You can read more about the VISIA skin assessment process here.
We will have you posting selfies with #SkinGoals in no time!

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Trendy: 2017, Rad or fab?

Great skin is always in!

Hot or not? We’re here to share 2017’s beauty trends with you and how to best care for your skin to ensure these trends don’t impact your skin health!

Glitter is appearing EVERYWHERE! Glitter lips, glitter under liner, glitter contouring or otherwise known as strobing, is a trend we have seen appearing on catwalks and across social media. We would categories this one under fad.

These trends are fun but it’s important to take your skins needs into consideration. Glitter on the skin causes a number of skin imperfections, including milia, inflammation and accelerate sebum on the skin, causing the skin to clog and over produce oil, suffocating the sebaceous gland.

We’re all for you rocking this trend but here are our key tips:

1. Always apply a primer all over the face and areas where the glitter will be applied. The primer will shield and protect the skin from any sensitivity the glitter may cause.
Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair: $78

2. Around the eyes always apply an eye cream prior to glitter application. It will act as a shield for the pores, protecting them from trapped sebum and milia.
Dr Spiller, Silk Balm: $154

3.  Glitter on the lips can cause blackheads along the lip line and would not recommend products with lanolin in the ingredients such as “Vaseline”, lanolin can accelerate hair growth (no, thank you!). We would highly recommend a hyaluronic lip plumping peptide gloss to keep the lips moist, supple whilst plumping and protecting.
HydroPeptide, Perfecting Gloss: $60

Following the above tips will help you come out of this fad, unscathed!

Photo Credit: @zar_browexpert

Eyebrow tattooing has been around for a few years and it’s definitely going to be sticking around. Enter our “Twenty SevenQueen” competition and you can win your very own eyebrow transformation! Click here to see competition

Eyebrow tattooing is a huge time saver, but those with oily skin or those who have laser treatments may find their brows fading a lot quicker than expected.

Here are the steps to ensure your tattoo lasts for as long as possible:

1. Some make removers contain stripping agents such as glycolic and salicylic, which will strip the pigment of colour in the tattoo, fading it drastically.

We strongly recommend Dr Spiller, Eye Make-Up Remover, this product contains castor oil, which not only easily removes make up but it strengthens, grows lashes and brow hair!
Dr Spiller, Eye Make-Up Remover: $78

  1. Make sure that your brows are protecting from the sun. The sun is the number one culprit for fading and stripping your eyebrow tattoo. Ensure that you are always covering your brows with a physical sunscreen, if that confuses you, this blog is a MUST READ Click here to read more.
    HydroPeptide, Solar Defense: Anti-Wrinkle, SPF 30: $69, 50ml

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