Herb-a-licious: The Herbal Hydration Peel

Have you had a “Beauty Peel” yet?

Formally known as the B Peel, the Herbal Hydration Peel is a great addition to the Face Plus Medispa treatment menu.

For those of you who have experienced a Face Plus Enzyme Facial or the Herbal Phyto Peel, this peel sits perfectly in between these two facials.

This one hour peel, much like the other facials peels available across all Face Plus Medispa clinics, are a natural alternative to chemical peels.

Following the facial your skin will feel and look immediately rehydrated and youthful. A perfect peel to have a week or so before an event. We will further elaborate on the benefits further down.

Using the power of the herbs, the Herbal Hydration Peel was made for those concerned with:
Brightening the skin
Increasing firmness
Cellular rejuvenation

How are the above concerns targeted you ask?
The peel activates the skin’s metabolism and detoxification by increasing circulation.

The skin is supplied with oxygen and nutrients by the improved microcirculation.
the treatment also activated the skin’s repair mechanism through targeted, controlled irritation.

There are many incredible benefits to the Herbal Hydration Peel, including:
As mentioned above patients will see an immediate visible difference, the skin will feel instantly rejuvenated.

One treatment weekly or fortnightly, with a total of six treatments, the skin, long term will be revitalised and smoother.

The Herbal Hydration Peel will improve the skins complexion without any visible signs of peeling.
You can read more about this facial HERE

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Revive: Products to revive your summer skin

Autumn and the cooler months are the optimal time of the year to be working on your skin.

We all begin to spend less time in the sun so it’s a great time to be focusing on anti-aging treatments and best preparing your skin with the drier times as… “Winter is coming…”.
So what can you start working?

There are many treatments to specifically target pigmentation and now is the best time to start. You can read about the treatments HERE

There are also at home products you can also begin adding into regime for optimal results. The first product we highly recommend you add is the Ultra MD, Brightening Serum. This is the one product that will visibly diminish the appearance of pigmentation.

With a potent blend of AHAs and BHA, the Brightening Serum works to improve texture, clarity and luminosity. This product can be used daily, please ensure you consult with your dermal therapist prior to implementing this product into you regime. More info on this great product HERE 
Ultra MD, Brightening Serum, $155

When you are lacking hydration your skin will appear quite tired which leads to an “aged” appearance.

The most important thing is to keep hydrated. It is also time to step up your products.
1. Continue to use a sunscreen, if you didn’t use one during summer, do us a favour START!

2. Cleansing your face is still a very important step in your skin care regime as is exfoliating. We recommend the cream based exfoliator by Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling creme.
Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling Crème, $67

3. Continue to tone your face, your skin still faces the daily elements and the toner will ensure your skin is clean and ready for the moisturising hydration you are about to apply.

4. Add a serum NOW, prior to your moisturising cream apply a serum to your skin for that extra hydration. We recommend the Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum.

The serum contains hyaluronic acid to synergistically help restore vital moisture balance and provide long lasting hydration. Depending on your skins needs you can use this product once to twice a day, you can also spot treat specific areas you require that extra boost of hydration.
Ultra MD, Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum, $99

5. Review your moisturiser. Does it provide enough moisture or do you feel you need to reapply immediately? If you’re finding yourself using more product than you would in summer, it’s time to step up to a more hydrating product for the next 6 months or so.

Skin Texture
Your skin texture may also appear rougher and not as smooth to touch.

Considering all of the above changes will definitely impact you skin texture.
If skin texture has been an ongoing issue we highly recommend these two products on rotation:
HydroPeptide, Cleansing Gel: $69

HydroPeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser: $69

The HydroPeptide range of products are made to perfect and correct aging skin. The cleansing gel should be used twice a day.

The Exfoliating Cleanser should be incorporated every second day only once. Please keep in mind these are instructions for those who are concerned with skin texture.

Using these two powerful products together with your other home care techniques your skin will begin to repair the dames cell structures! Daily skin regime will vary from person to person and it’s always best to book in a consultation with our dermal professionals for your tailored home care plan.

Visit one of the Face Plus Medispa clinics for a thorough skin consultation: 
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Transition: From Summer to Autumn

Like the weather changes with the seasons so does your skin needs.

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but Summer is well and truly gone, well the weather is still amazing but we are today, officially in Autumn.

Here is what you need to know in the beauty department:
Autumn calls for rich burgundies and matte metallics.

Enhance just one feature: Eyes, skin or lips (we vote the lips)
If you do choose to enhance the eyes apply the lip with bright hues like red and yellow, wear it almost like an accessory!

The no make-up look/clean minimal look is still in! Read a how to HERE

You can always add a richer flush of pink to the cheeks for the extra “rosy” look.

We’ve also noticed the 90’s creeping in, we told them they’re not welcome here but they insisted we introduce them… Bold blue and glitter! If you choose to participate in the glitter trend, this blog is a MUST READ

No matter what look you go for the overarching message is fierce and powerful female!

Key skin needs for the transition:
The cooler temps will mean you need a richer skin routine to ensure skin is adequately moisturised from head to toe.

You may need to transition from a gel cleansing to a creamier formula.
Your skin will require a deeper hydration so switch out your light weight creams for something a little thicker!

If you’re using the Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly Cream you may need to transition to the Dr Spiller, Propolis.
Remember, you still need to exfoliate! As the temp starts to drop and the skin gets drier it’s even more important to exfoliate. BUT don’t over exfoliate the skin, 2 to 3 times a week is more than enough. Be gentle on the face and a little firmer on the body!

Please stop using grocery store exfoliators, these are too harsh on the skin. We carry a range of exfoliators including the Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling Cream and the HydroPeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser.
Dr Spiller, Jojoba Peeling Cream: $68

HydroPeptide, Exfoliating Cleanser: $69

Scent? Switch out your fruity perfumes for spicier scent.

Hair? Curls! Big ones too!
We hope we’ve helped with the transition. We look forward to seeing your Autumn looks!

Interested in a skin or cosmetic consultation to make sure you’re on the right track for the season? Call your nearest clinic for an appointment: 
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Nighty night: Your nightly routine and sleep

Sleep is important because it allows the mind and body time to recover.

As the weather cools down and we say goodbye to long summer nights, the cooler evening change is the perfect time to get your sleep in check.

Sleep is by far one of the most underrated health tools. When we think of ‘health’ we immediate think of what we eat and how we exercise – sleep rarely makes the list.

As a society we are more burned out and fatigued than ever before, leading highly stressful lives, and sacrificing much needed rest time to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle that has become the norm.

Our poor bodies are running on empty and craving sleep – but rather than fix the issue, we manage it with coffee, energy drinks and sugar!
Sleep fun fact

  • You should ideally have between 7 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night
  • If you are waking through the night, you are not getting the deep restorative sleep your body needs to recoup
  • It should take you no more than 15 minutes fall asleep each night
  • The hours of sleep you get before midnight are worth significantly more to your health than the hours you get after midnight

Chances are you didn’t know the above or if you did, you may not be adhering to these ‘sleep rules’. The easiest way to get yourself a deep and restorative sleep is to develop a nightly ritual – that is, a practice you do every single night, reminding your body it is time to wind down and sleep.

Here are some easy tips to incorporate into your nightly routine to prompt a deep and restorative sleep:

Dim lighting
 Melatonin, the sleep hormone, raises in dim lighting as this tells our body that the sun is setting and it is time to sleep.

Dim lighting like candles and warm lamps an hour before bedtime are ideal to induce melatonin levels and prompt a deep and restful sleep.

No back lit devices
Say goodbye to scrolling in bed. Backlit devices like laptops, phones and TV interrupt melatonin levels and confuse the body – as the light indicates ‘day time’ – which is the opposite of sleep time.

Switch your phone to flight mode, turn off the WiFi and all technology an hour before bed. Start to read or journal instead!

Deep breathing
To encourage the relaxation response in your body, lie in bed half an hour before sleep time and breathe deeply – into your stomach, hold for 4, and exhale for as long as possible. Repeat. If you prefer a guided meditation, Insight Timer has wonderful sleep time options.

Essential Oils
Essential oils like Lavender and Frankincense not only promote a relaxation response in the body, but are wonderful oils for sleep.

Pop a few drops on your pillow before bed, or even better, use a diffuser and incorporate a few blends into your nightly routine!

Read how you can establish a better morning routine HERE

You can only try one of our tea specifically designed for a better night’s sleep, read more HERE
What helps you sleep at night?

To make an appointment with our Wellness Expert:
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Garden Fresh: High performance masks

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Garden Fresh: High performance masks

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Ten, there are a total of TEN fruit and veg related masks available at face Plus Medispa, did you know that? We have separated them out based on their brand name and not who and what they are best suitable for.
Here are the Dr Spiller range of fruit and vegetable masks:
Fresh & Fruit Spiller
This mask includes papaya & pineapple enzymes and mango. This is a refreshing and revitalising gel mask with energising fruit extracts that awakens tones and cools the skin.
Azulene Mask
Ingredients include avocado and soybean oil. The Azulene mask is a visible repairing cream with smoothing emollient sot reduce the appearance of redness and irritated skins prone to reactivity.
Papaya Lift off Mask
The fruit enzyme waken tone and smooth the skin, digesting excess dead skin and smoothing the texture. If you haven’t guessed already this mask contains papaya, arginine and calcium sulfate. Not one of the most aesthetically pleasing, high performance masks!

Avocado and Aloe Mask
Rich in humectants (the ability to attract moisture into the skin) and emollients suitable for environmentally exposed skins prone to dryness and dehydration. The key ingredients include Aloe Vera and Avocado oil.
Jojoba Peeling Mask
This is a mask that can be used at home a few times a week. It buffs, softens and removed dead skin whilst the enzymes help to brighten the skin complexion. This mask contains pineapple, papaya and jojoba.
Our delicious HydroPeptide masks include:
Blueberry Mask
Specifically designed for irritated, red, reactive, dry or photo damaged skins. This mask containing blueberry and botanical stem cells promote a hydrated complexion with minimal redness. Probably one of the most deliciously, scented high performance masks!

Apple Peel 1
Containing Apple stem cells this is a medium to intense skin peel ideal for rough, dull and leathery skins. The apple stem cells nourish and protect the skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Pumpkin Peel
If you’re an acne or breakout sufferer you are probably aware of the benefits of pumpkin. Containing pumpkin enzymes this mask brightens and promotes a more even, clearer and smoother complexion. This mask is also great for sun damaged skin, dull and ageing skin. A highly results driven, high performance mask! You can feel this one working it’s magic immediately on the skin.

Soufflé Mask
A brightening mask for pigmented, dull dry skin this mask will leave your skin feeling nourished, brighter, even and firmer. The soufflé mask contains apple stem cells and papaya enzymes. Sorry, you can’t eat this high performance mask following your treatment!
Anti-Stress Mask
Containing cranberry and pomegranate this is a mild to medium peel, ideal for stressed skin, dehydrated or aging skins. This mask works to delay the signs of aging, soothes and comforts.
Add one of these HIGH PERFORMACE masks onto your next treatment with us! Take a look at your facial options HERE
All mask add ons are available across all clinics. Call your nearest clinic for a thorough skin assessment:
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
Email: [email protected][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Slick: Shine Proof

There is a difference between having shiny skin and glowing skin!

We want glow not shine, am I, right? It may be due to warm weather, being in the hot seat or a stressful situation but there is nothing too glam about an oily t-zone “shining bright like a diamond” through your make up.

Follow these tips and we will have you looking fresh, glow-y and flawless.
1. Prime your skin
We love the Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair! It is designed to bring out your natural radiance, even out your skin tone, minimise and reduce the viability of fine lines and pores.

It will also help keep your foundation on throughout the day, this means minimal touch ups throughout the day. The primer should be applied prior to makeup application, the light cream will help create a smooth and slightly matte-based finish.
Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair: $78

2. Tint
If you find that wearing foundation is too heavy we suggest you try the Jane Iredale, Dream Tint, tinted moisturiser. The tint will provide a dewy and clear complexion. It is a light weight formula that will provide a sheer to medium coverage, whilst hydrating and protecting the skin from the sun with an SPF 15.
Jane Iredale, Dream Tint: $78

3. Finish
The final touch is to mattifying, the key objective! Use the Jane Iredale, Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder and it will leave you with a shine-free finish!

Don’t worry your complexion won’t look dry or dull, just apply the powder under or over your makeup.
Jane Iredale, Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder: $83

That’s it! Key steps for a day of GLOW and not SHINE….
It’s a little different when it comes to the gym! If you can’t go without make up at the gym read our tips HERE
Check out the original blog HERE

Visit one of the Face Plus Medispa clinics for a colour matching session or a make-up look for any occasion: 
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All yours: The perfect red for YOU

“She has a way with words, red lipstick, and making an entrance”- Kate Spade.

Everyone loves wearing red lippy but are you wearing the right shade for you?

There are also a lot of people who say “I can’t wear red lipstick”. It comes down to finding the right colour and texture that is right for you!

The first step is to find the right shade for your complexion. Need help figuring out what complexion you are? Check HERE

What’s your match?

Those who have a cooler complexion it’s best to wear classic blue based reads.

If you have a warmer complexion you will best suit reds infused with orange hues such as deep oranges and bright corals.

If you fall into the category of porcelain complexion with dark hair lean towards deeper shades of wine and berry reds.

Medium to dark
Medium to dark complexion can rock deeper classic reds!

Find that your shade doesn’t last the distance? Pop over to our “Last the distance” blog for lip care tips! CLICK HERE 
Read the original blog with product recommendations HERE

Visit one of the Face Plus Medispa clinics for a colour matching session or a make-up look for any occasion:
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Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007


Wellness: How to establish the ultimate morning routine

If you were to review the daily habits of most successful people, chances are they have a morning routine down pat. Obama, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Anna Wintour, Benjamin Franklin and Oprah are just a small handful of influential people committed to a morning routine.

Morning routines are the perfect way to set yourself up for a good day. The way you start your day tends to mirror the type of day you have – so when you manage your morning with a few regular positive habits, that leave you feeling energised, and ready to take on the day, the benefits are paramount: including increased productivity, happiness and feeling energised.

Here are some simple tips to develop the ultimate morning routine for you:

Set a realistic wake up time and get up as soon as you wake up
Set your alarm at a realistic time each morning, in order to have plenty of time for your routine. If that means 15 minutes earlier, so be it.

Ditch the snooze button – set your alarm on a nice, relaxing tone rather than anything loud or aggressive. Slowly wake up to the beautiful sound, and as soon as you are awake, hop out of bed. Tossing and turning and snoozing just makes you more tired.

Once you are awake, get up and out (and turn on all the lights to reduce your melatonin levels – the sleep hormone).

Move your body
Think about an easy way to incorporate movement into your morning. For some of you, training in the morning is easy and that is wonderful.

For those of you who don’t like training in the morning, consider a walk around the block or, even easier, light stretches or yoga poses on your bedroom floor. Get your blood pumping and your body energised!
Read some of our tips on diet and exercise HERE

Your body has gone for at least 7 hours without water – time to drink up! Add a squeeze of lemon and apple cider vinegar to help alkalise and detox the body.
Read about the importance of water HERE and HERE 

Consider a gratitude practice, where you write 3 things you are grateful for that day. If you are a person who wakes up with a million thoughts swimming through your head, keep a journal by your bed.

As soon as you wake up, jot them all down. Get them out of your head and onto the page, and notice how much space this clears in your thinking for the day ahead.

Get grounded
Think about one thing you can do each morning to relax yourself and help you enter your day with a clear head. For some of you this may be meditating and deep breathing. For others, maybe it is listening to a podcast while waling outside.

Or maybe it is having a coffee at your favourite coffee place before work. Whatever it is, make it a habit, and allow yourself to slow down fully before starting your day.

For example, this is my current morning routine:

  • Wake up
  • Complete a 10 minute meditation in bed
  • Journal for 10 minutes
  • Write down my 3 gratitudes for the day
  • Have a big drink of water with lemon, honey and ACV
  • Make my smoothie and dance around the kitchen while I do it
  • Drink it outside with my feet on the grass

The above takes me 30 minutes max and leaves me feeling content, relaxed and ready for the day ahead.
Read a few other grounding techniques HERE

What is your morning routine?

To make an appointment with our Wellness Expert:

Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Email: [email protected]


Keep it clean: Cleaning your make-up brushes

There are many reasons you need to regularly clean your make up brushes.

Here are the four main reasons why:

1. It will improve the performance of your brushes

2. It will prevent the growth of bacteria, oil build up and transfer

3. Cleaning the brushes will also extend the life of your brushes.
Ideally, you should be cleaning your brushes once a week. We know this is often difficult to do so aim to do it as often as you can!

Follow the below steps for squeaky clean brushes:

1. Saturate the hairs on your brush only. Don’t soak your brushes as this will ruin them.

2. Please a pea sized amount of a mind shampoo, into the palm of your hand and massage into the hair of the brush.

3. Rinse the brush thoroughly until the water runs clear.

4. You can repeat step three if necessary.

5. With your fingers, apply gentle pressure and remove the excess water, maintain the brushes shape.

6. Place your brush on a dry towel and lay it flat to dry. Never dry your brush in an upright position as it will loosen the glue that binds the brushes and lead to hear loss.

Final tip – Never place your brushes in a sterilizer, it will permanently damage it.

Jane Iredale, Botanical Brush Cleaner, $42
These handy tips, thanks to Jane Iredale, you can read the original blog here

Visit one of the Face Plus Medispa clinics for a colour matching session or a make-up look for any occasion:
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Skin booster: Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial

Looking to gain smoother, brighter and energised skin after just one treatment?

The HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial will do just that. Following the facial you will also notice your wrinkles and lines are less visible.

This one facial will give your regular exfoliation routine the BOOST that it needs. Why you ask? Well let’s talk about the importance of cell turnover, this is the process where our skin produces new skin cells that from the lower layers of the epidermis to the top layer as skin sheds off, exfoliation assists this process.

As we age the rate of cell turnover slows:
Babies: 14 days
Teens: 21 to 28 days
Middle age: 28 to 42 days
50 years and up: 42 to 84 days

Enter the HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial. This professional facial is an instant resurfacing treatment that leaves skin smooth and refreshed with ZERO downtime.

The facial contains six botanical stem cells working to protect from external stressors while the peptides rejuvenate and revitalise.
During the 60-minute facial, you will receive a manual exfoliation, active masks and serums.

The facial will still be tailored to your skins needs to ensure you get the desired results. Your dermal therapist will assess this during the consultation process, read about our skin consultation process here

We offer this incredibly powerful facial as a package with an LED light. Read more about the LED Light Therapy treatment here 
You will leave with wanting more, we know it!

The HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial is available across all clinics. Call your nearest clinic for a skin assessment:
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
Email: [email protected]