In the moment: Simple ways to introduce mindfulness into your day

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In the moment: Simple ways to introduce mindfulness into your day

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The act of mindfulness is summed up by being in the ‘present moment’. That is, not worrying about the past or day dreaming about the future; focusing on the task at hand and just ‘being’.

Easier said than done.

In a world of instant gratification and constant stimulation – be it social media, our phones, television, advertising, and the list goes on – we are constantly being bombarded with signals and noise and chatter, that switching off and just ‘being’ is a LOT harder than it sounds. That being said, mindfulness does wonders for your mental state, especially if you are susceptible to anxiety which is often stimulated by a fear of ‘what if…’. When you are truly present and mindful, what if doesn’t exist.
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Here are some easy ways to start incorporating mindfulness into your day:


Brushing your teeth

This is an easy one. Start by picking up your toothbrush and noticing how it feels. Take in the colour and the state of the bristles. As you squeeze out the toothpaste, watch the shape it forms. Smell it if you like. Lather up the water and really notice how brushing your teeth actually FEELS. What does it taste like? How hard/soft are you brushing? If your mind wanders, try and direct your attention back to the simple act of brushing your teeth.



Mindfulness while eating is a wonderful way to manage binge eating and control how much you eat – you are far more likely to stop eating once you are satisfied as you will notice that ‘full’ feeling much earlier. Take time to chew your food, paying attention to the flavours, and even smelling your food before you take a mouthful. Sit between mouthfuls – even place your fork down if you have to. This controlled way of eating aids digestion and leaves you feeling far more satisfied.


On your commute

Try to take in the sights and sounds around you on your morning commute. Switch off the phone and just ‘be’. People watch, but try not to get too caught up in your head around the ‘stories’ we make up about other people. Just watch, observe, notice smells, sights and sounds – and tune into simply being in the present moment.



Incorporating an evening walk into your daily routine is a wonderful way to add mindfulness to your day, as well as additional body movement. It needn’t be longer than 10 minutes. Leave the headphones and phone at home, and just walk wherever you feel pulled to that day. Look around you, take in the sights and sounds and focus on deep belly breathing for added relaxation.



State of flow activities

 State of flow activities are those hobbies you participate in that require a level of focus, where there is no concept of time, and you genuinely enjoy the activity at hand. Things like surfing, golf, meditation, yoga, cooking and reading are all wonderful state of flow activities that also incorporate an element of mindfulness.
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How do you work mindfulness into your day?
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