Keep it clean: Cleaning your make-up brushes

There are many reasons you need to regularly clean your make up brushes.

Here are the four main reasons why:

1. It will improve the performance of your brushes

2. It will prevent the growth of bacteria, oil build up and transfer

3. Cleaning the brushes will also extend the life of your brushes.
Ideally, you should be cleaning your brushes once a week. We know this is often difficult to do so aim to do it as often as you can!

Follow the below steps for squeaky clean brushes:

1. Saturate the hairs on your brush only. Don’t soak your brushes as this will ruin them.

2. Please a pea sized amount of a mind shampoo, into the palm of your hand and massage into the hair of the brush.

3. Rinse the brush thoroughly until the water runs clear.

4. You can repeat step three if necessary.

5. With your fingers, apply gentle pressure and remove the excess water, maintain the brushes shape.

6. Place your brush on a dry towel and lay it flat to dry. Never dry your brush in an upright position as it will loosen the glue that binds the brushes and lead to hear loss.

Final tip – Never place your brushes in a sterilizer, it will permanently damage it.

Jane Iredale, Botanical Brush Cleaner, $42
These handy tips, thanks to Jane Iredale, you can read the original blog here

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Skin booster: Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial

Looking to gain smoother, brighter and energised skin after just one treatment?

The HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial will do just that. Following the facial you will also notice your wrinkles and lines are less visible.

This one facial will give your regular exfoliation routine the BOOST that it needs. Why you ask? Well let’s talk about the importance of cell turnover, this is the process where our skin produces new skin cells that from the lower layers of the epidermis to the top layer as skin sheds off, exfoliation assists this process.

As we age the rate of cell turnover slows:
Babies: 14 days
Teens: 21 to 28 days
Middle age: 28 to 42 days
50 years and up: 42 to 84 days

Enter the HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial. This professional facial is an instant resurfacing treatment that leaves skin smooth and refreshed with ZERO downtime.

The facial contains six botanical stem cells working to protect from external stressors while the peptides rejuvenate and revitalise.
During the 60-minute facial, you will receive a manual exfoliation, active masks and serums.

The facial will still be tailored to your skins needs to ensure you get the desired results. Your dermal therapist will assess this during the consultation process, read about our skin consultation process here

We offer this incredibly powerful facial as a package with an LED light. Read more about the LED Light Therapy treatment here 
You will leave with wanting more, we know it!

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Control: Simple tips to manage your anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety? 

According to Beyond Blue, in any year more than 2 million Australians experience anxiety at some point. It is the most common type of mental illness in Australia, however seems to be less talked about than depression – perhaps because it is not as easy to understand.

While some people consider anxiety to be the feeling of stress or worry, as a mental illness, it is in fact far more than this. Anxiety is a sense of foreboding, often feeling like you are going to die, or that something terrible is going to happen, regardless of your life circumstances.

For a person with anxiety, everything could be perfect in their life, and yet that sense of anguish and worry still exists. As someone who has personally experienced both Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder, I have come to learn how to manage my anxiety every day.

While some days are easier than others, I have found the following simple tips have helped me significantly (as well as my clients who also experience anxiety). 

Deep breathing
When you are in an anxious state, your breathing automatically shallows, as your body shifts into the fight or flight response.

To counteract this, deep breathing is SO important, as it instantly relaxes your nervous system and sends messages to your brain that you are safe.

Daily meditation is wonderful for this, however if you are just starting out, focus on mindful breathing. Breathe in your nose, right into the pit of your belly, hold for 4 counts and then breathe out for as long as possible. The longer your exhale, the more relaxed your body will become over time.

For a lot of people with anxiety, the feeling of thoughts racing, and so much activity going on in their head, can be too much to bare. A regular journaling practice will help get thoughts out of your head and onto the page.

Each morning, as soon as you wake, write a ‘brain dump’ of every thought in your head. Notice how ever time your head becomes clearer and clearer by doing this.
Talk it out
Psychologists, therapists and coaches are trained in assisting people experiencing mental illness. Talking it out with an external third party can be the biggest stress relief you will find.

My psychologist helped me immensely through a particularly anxious period, and I am grateful to be able to help my clients now, alongside their own psychologists, as their wellbeing coach.
Feel whatever comes up
Try not to label your emotions as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Acknowledge if you are feeling stressed or tired. Learn to read how your body feels, and then allow yourself to create the space to feel them.

If you feel exhausted, create space in your day to rest without guilt. If you feel sad, allow yourself to cry. It is okay not to feel okay every single day.

Exercise is a wonderful means of releasing built up stress, energy and you also get the added benefit of endorphins. If your anxiety is affecting your sleep, try exercising in the morning rather than before bed.

Find an activity that you genuinely enjoy doing and look forward to rather than one that feels like a chore.
Steer clear of sugar, caffeine and processed foods
This is a tough one. If you are prone to anxiety and panic attacks, try to minimise as much caffeine and sugar as possible – yes, that means no coffee. I even have some of my clients minimise the green tea they drink.

Caffeine peaks adrenaline which encourages the fight or flight response, which fuels anxiety. Opt for herbal teas and natural sugars (like in berries) instead.
On the topic of food, be conscious to eat every couple of hours. Anxiety can peak when blood sugar levels drop, so ensure you are getting an adequate amount of protein with every meal and even your snacks. Click here for some healthy snack alternatives  

Natural supplements
My naturopath has helped immensely with managing my anxiety levels and nervous system. Medications are also available through your GP.

However if this is not for you, and you would prefer a more natural route, speak to your naturopath about holistic options.

Manage your sleep
Anxious people need more sleep than most – all of this running on adrenaline over time can lead to serious burn out and fatigue (trust me, I have been there, and it isn’t fun). Start a nightly ritual allowing you to really switch off and wind down an hour before bed.

Use lavender essential oil to relax and aim for 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night or our favorite sleepy tea, read more here
How do you manage your anxiety? If you are feeling anxious, remember there is always help available. Contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, or schedule an appointment with our wellness coach.

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Product of the week: Dr Spiller, Care & Repair Mask

Has your skin been feeling a little parched? Sensitive? A little irritated or red?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you can’t get into your nearest Face Plus clinic then, this mask MUST be added to your weekly skin care regime.

The Care & Repair Mask will visibly repair the above-mentioned skin concerns.
Let’s talk about the magical ingredients –

Grapeseed oil: An emollient botanical oil RICH in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E. Grape seen extract is rich in OPC antioxidants, which have some magnificent protective and repairing capabilities.

Lecithin: Biomimetic protectant found naturally in the acid mantle to protect against trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). TWEL defines measures the quantity of water that passes through the epidermal layer.
Vitamin E & C will visibly restore moisture and skin repair –

Vitamin E: A skin-identical potent antioxidant, naturally produced by the sebaceous gland for protection from environmental moisture protection

Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that encourages and nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more youthful and supple appearance
The following ingredients increase hydration effectively and moisture protection –

Soybean oil: Protective botanical oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin and squalene.

Shea butter: A botanical rich emollient rich in biometric triglycerides and fatty acids.
Use the mask as often as required, it takes just 10 to 15minutes. Be generous applying around the eye contour also.

The greatest thing about this mask? You don’t need to wash it off, just use a tissue to remove any excess product or you can even just leave it on, before you go to bed.
Want to know what else you should be daily? Read more here

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