Skin booster: Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial

Looking to gain smoother, brighter and energised skin after just one treatment?

The HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial will do just that. Following the facial you will also notice your wrinkles and lines are less visible.

This one facial will give your regular exfoliation routine the BOOST that it needs. Why you ask? Well let’s talk about the importance of cell turnover, this is the process where our skin produces new skin cells that from the lower layers of the epidermis to the top layer as skin sheds off, exfoliation assists this process.

As we age the rate of cell turnover slows:
Babies: 14 days
Teens: 21 to 28 days
Middle age: 28 to 42 days
50 years and up: 42 to 84 days

Enter the HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial. This professional facial is an instant resurfacing treatment that leaves skin smooth and refreshed with ZERO downtime.

The facial contains six botanical stem cells working to protect from external stressors while the peptides rejuvenate and revitalise.
During the 60-minute facial, you will receive a manual exfoliation, active masks and serums.

The facial will still be tailored to your skins needs to ensure you get the desired results. Your dermal therapist will assess this during the consultation process, read about our skin consultation process here

We offer this incredibly powerful facial as a package with an LED light. Read more about the LED Light Therapy treatment here 
You will leave with wanting more, we know it!

The HydroPeptide, Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial is available across all clinics. Call your nearest clinic for a skin assessment:
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
Email: [email protected]


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