Garden Fresh: High performance masks

Ten, there are a total of TEN fruit and veg related masks available at face Plus Medispa, did you know that? We have separated them out based on their brand name and not who and what they are best suitable for.

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Garden Fresh: High performance masks

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Ten, there are a total of TEN fruit and veg related masks available at face Plus Medispa, did you know that? We have separated them out based on their brand name and not who and what they are best suitable for.
Here are the Dr Spiller range of fruit and vegetable masks:
Fresh & Fruit Spiller
This mask includes papaya & pineapple enzymes and mango. This is a refreshing and revitalising gel mask with energising fruit extracts that awakens tones and cools the skin.
Azulene Mask
Ingredients include avocado and soybean oil. The Azulene mask is a visible repairing cream with smoothing emollient sot reduce the appearance of redness and irritated skins prone to reactivity.
Papaya Lift off Mask
The fruit enzyme waken tone and smooth the skin, digesting excess dead skin and smoothing the texture. If you haven’t guessed already this mask contains papaya, arginine and calcium sulfate. Not one of the most aesthetically pleasing, high performance masks!

Avocado and Aloe Mask
Rich in humectants (the ability to attract moisture into the skin) and emollients suitable for environmentally exposed skins prone to dryness and dehydration. The key ingredients include Aloe Vera and Avocado oil.
Jojoba Peeling Mask
This is a mask that can be used at home a few times a week. It buffs, softens and removed dead skin whilst the enzymes help to brighten the skin complexion. This mask contains pineapple, papaya and jojoba.
Our delicious HydroPeptide masks include:
Blueberry Mask
Specifically designed for irritated, red, reactive, dry or photo damaged skins. This mask containing blueberry and botanical stem cells promote a hydrated complexion with minimal redness. Probably one of the most deliciously, scented high performance masks!

Apple Peel 1
Containing Apple stem cells this is a medium to intense skin peel ideal for rough, dull and leathery skins. The apple stem cells nourish and protect the skin whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Pumpkin Peel
If you’re an acne or breakout sufferer you are probably aware of the benefits of pumpkin. Containing pumpkin enzymes this mask brightens and promotes a more even, clearer and smoother complexion. This mask is also great for sun damaged skin, dull and ageing skin. A highly results driven, high performance mask! You can feel this one working it’s magic immediately on the skin.

Soufflé Mask
A brightening mask for pigmented, dull dry skin this mask will leave your skin feeling nourished, brighter, even and firmer. The soufflé mask contains apple stem cells and papaya enzymes. Sorry, you can’t eat this high performance mask following your treatment!
Anti-Stress Mask
Containing cranberry and pomegranate this is a mild to medium peel, ideal for stressed skin, dehydrated or aging skins. This mask works to delay the signs of aging, soothes and comforts.
Add one of these HIGH PERFORMACE masks onto your next treatment with us! Take a look at your facial options HERE
All mask add ons are available across all clinics. Call your nearest clinic for a thorough skin assessment:
Bankstown: 02 9796 7007
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Bondi Junction: 02 9386 4411
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