Mums the word: Boost target areas

The Mother of The Bride is an important part of any Wedding.

We may sound like a broken record in some of our blogs but we are strong believers in working on the skin before you start injectables.

If the skin is not at its healthiest you will not see the best and optimal results of your injectable treatments.

Mother of the bride, mum, it’s probably the most important day/role of your life, unless of course you had a wedding day of your own.

Regardless of your age we don’t recommend performing any harsh or drastic procedures without a clear plan and target areas. This plan can be created in your cosmetic consultation, read about our cosmetic consultation process HERE

For the big day we Face Plus Medispa have created a 1 month package that will have you glowing on the day! Skin will be smooth, plump and make up will glide on, on the day.

What does the plan include?
We have chosen to include two Herbal Hydration with LED Light add ons, these two pack a punch but ZERO down time.

The Herbal Hydration is anti-aging, brightening, firming, activates the skins repair mechanisms and is an effective regenerative treatment. You can read more about the Herbal Hydration Peel HERE 

The LED Light therapy treatments are probably one of our most simple yet highly effective and results driven treatments. There are three lights and each light will target varying areas of concerns.

Yellow light – Softens fine lines and improves skin tone and texture

Red light – Plump, hydrate and lessen the appearance of fine lines

Blue light – Designed specifically to target bacterial presence in the skin. Perfect for anyone who might be seeing redness or a sudden break out.
You can read more about the treatment HERE

In addition to the Herbal Hydration Peel and the LED Light Therpay, this one month package includes the all-important final facial, this facial will have you event ready!

The Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial with an LED light add on is perfect prior to any event, the facial will be effective 5 to 1 day prior to the big day.!

Following the facial you will instantly gain smoother, brighter and energised skin! Your wrinkles and fine lines will also appear less visible. Find out more about the facial HERE

Have a little more time?
If you have about three to six months you can opt for procedures such as the “Liquid Face Lift”, read more HERE or “Sculptra”.

Sculptra is a revolutionary treatment that has been available across Face Plus Medispa clinics since 2015. This injectable treatment isn’t just for those over the age of 40 but we have primarily been treating those over the age of 40.

Sculptra isn’t just like any other injectable, Sculptra works by restarting the natural process of producing collagen. This isn’t like other injectables that are quick fixes and last between 6 months to a year, you don’t see the results immediately, but see improvements in approximately four to six weeks.

During this time, you skin will appear fresher, features more youthful as unwanted deep lines, wrinkles and sunken areas gradually diminish!

Most areas of the face can be treated:
– Naso labial folds
– Cheek bone
– Hollow Cheeks
– Temple area
– Décolletage
– Accordion lines
– Chin
– Marionette lines
– Jaw line

Are any of the above listed areas concerning you?

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Pep talk: HydroPeptide Range

The DNA in our cells holds key information necessary for life, it also determines why we age.

Let’s talk about the basics of ageing:

1. Our aged cells no longer respond to normal cues

2. Collagen production slows down, right down

3. Cell turnover is less efficient. Read about the rate of cell turn over HERE

4. Skin thins, Dermal Epidermal Junction flattens, wrinkles form and deepen

5. Cellular health is compromised
The HydroPeptide range is dedicated to creating solutions to all of the above concerns and at the centre of the solution is “Peptides”.

Peptides have the ability to improve skin without negative effects. Peptides are short chains of amino acids or protein fragments that act as cellular communicators to signal the skin to act in a healthier, younger-looking way.

Now, who doesn’t want to have healthier, younger looking skin?
Anyone over the age of 30 should be reaching for the HydroPeptide range, head to toe!

Of course, that is being quite greedy so here are the key products that you should consider:

Exfoliating Cleanser, HydroPeptide, $69
You can read about the cleanser HERE

Pre-Treatment Toner, HydroPeptide, $69
You can read about the toner HERE

Eye Authority, Eye Cream, HydroPeptide, $120
You can read about the eye cream HERE

We won’t recommend a cream, this will very much depend on your key concerns and your skin type.

The next product is a nice to have but one you could use prior to a big event if you haven’t had a chance to have a face with Face Plus Medispa.
5X Power Peel, HydroPeptide, $99

Read more about the peeling treatment pads HERE

Ready to make the switch? Did the pep talk work?

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40 and over: Perfecting your look, the secret

How to achieve an age defying look without over doing it.

As you get older you need to come up with tricky highlighting techniques and putty to ensure the makeup doesn’t crease into those lines that seem to be getting deeper daily.

One the most important things that must be included during the makeup application process is PRIMER! There are many primers available on the market but as you age it’s important find one that is suitable for your needs.

Our Bondi Beach location stocks the beautiful Curtis Collection By Victoria Curtis, Hydra Primer ($79).

This particular primer would fall into the “Cream Formula Face Primer”, this wouldn’t not be suitable for everyone as it usually has a thicker consistency and would be most appropriate for those with dry skin.

We highly recommend a “Silicone-Based Face Primer” for mature skin as it has a smooth and silkier consistency, when applied to the skin it leaves a velvety finish. Some will find that a silicone based primer may dry the skin, prior to applying you must ensure you have used a rich moisturiser.

For mature skin, we highly recommend the Dr Spiller, Collagen Cream ($126). The Collagen cream will provide the skin with long lasting anti-ageing protection. You can read more about the Collagen Cream HERE

As your skin begins to thin as you get older your skin will begin to appear duller and paler. A hydrating liquid foundation formula is a great way to add colour and depth to your complexion.

We encourage you to use warming colours, this will help balance out any redness that might be present on the skin.

Eyebrows are a very important part of your overall look. If they have grown sparse or faded with age it’s important that you use both pencil and powder to fill in the thin or balding areas. You can read our step by step, four step guide HERE

Loss of collagen causes your lips to breakdown, which is why they shrink and get dry. A little gloss will give them the appearance of plump hydrated lips! Applying a matte lipstick will also prevent the lipstick running through what is often called “smokers lines”, you can apply the gloss over the lipstick.

Read how dermal lips fillers can add back the lost volume and elasticity to your lips HERE

 Finally, do not make the mistake of applying powder over your whole face. Simple apply it on your nose, forehead and chin, avoid your cheeks and under area, which is where the powder tends to cake, fall and settle into those fine lines.

Don’t forget to trial the makeup look yourself! Maybe event take some selfies to see you are happy with the colours and the overall look and feel.

Follow the above tips and we guarantee you will feel and look beautiful in those wedding pictures.

Varying make up ranges are available across all three clinics. Call you nearest clinic for more information:
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Your Support Crew: Boundaries

Understand when to step in and when to step back.

Becoming a bride-to-be isn’t only an exciting time for the engaged couple – chances are, your family and friends are going to be over the moon for you both as well.

Above all other people in your life, your mother/s are going to be ecstatic – seeing their ‘babies’ grown up, committing to a life of love and a beautiful union – is what most parents dream of.

Communication is key when it comes to planning your big day with family members, especially your mums. Remember that most mums are just as excited as you are, and all of their actions are coming from a place of love.

To avoid any breakdowns between mum and daughter/daughter-in-law, here are a few tips to maintain a loving and beautiful relationship in the lead up to the big day. For the brides to be AND the mummas out there we hope you find this helpful!

For the brides:
Communicate clearly
Take your mum out to lunch to celebrate your engagement, but also use it as an opportunity to communicate where you would like her help and where help isn’t necessary.

For some of you, you will appreciate all the help you can get – and for others, you would prefer minimal involvement from your mum or mother in law to be.

Whatever the case, and remember it is your choice as it is YOUR day, be sure to outline this clearly to them as early as possible, to avoid any miscommunication.

Outline boundaries
Be very clear when it comes to boundaries – these don’t have to be seen as negative and are in fact really productive to ensure everyone is on the same page.

For example, if you and your fiancé aren’t seeking any suggestions or guidance when it comes to the big day, say so. It can be as simple as:
“Thanks so much mum for your suggestions, we love how excited you are. We have that part covered, but what do you think about *insert different idea here*.”

This is a polite and loving way of setting a boundary without hurting any feelings or making any excuses.

Also remember to compromise – maybe they can help out with an engagement celebration, or the kitchen tea, rather than the wedding itself. Involve your mum in some way, big or small, as it is the one time in her life she gets to see you get married.

Accept help graciously
If you do need the help, and it is being offered to you, don’t feel guilty for accepting it. Your mum is there for a reason – if she is offering her assistance, it is because she truly wants to help you. How special is that?

Make sure you let her know how much it means to you, and how grateful you are for her involvement.

Gift her something on the big day
 It is tradition to offer your mum, and your mother-in-law, a small gift on the day of the wedding – thanking them both for all of the work and love they have given you and your fiancé in the lead up to your special day.

Think outside the box – this doesn’t have to be an expensive gift – a photo album of special memories, or a beautiful hand written letter is sentimental and will mean the world to them.

For the mums:
Offer support
Chances are your daughter is going to be bombarded with a million ideas, stresses and people offering assistance all at once.

Choose a time to take her out for a coffee, sit down, and see where her head is at with planning. Offer your support in whatever way she needs – but try not to bombard her with your own thoughts and ideas. If she wants to know these things, remember she WILL ask you.

All she needs to know is that you are there for her.
If the stress management isn’t quite going to plan try out some of our tips and tricks READ HERE

Respect boundaries
Remember that this is HER special day, and as much as you want to help, and have plenty of ideas and things to suggest for her, respect any boundaries she puts in place.

These are not to hurt you, and should not be taken personally – they are about making things as stress free and easy for her special day.

Be there to talk it out
Chances are there may be a few stressful moments in the lead up to the big day – be sure to offer her support by way of a space for her to come and talk it out with you.

She may not even want advice and just need someone to talk to. This is when mum comes to the rescue! Check in with her every week or so to see how she is going, make sure she is looking after herself and offer any help she may need (and remember if she says no, then she means it. Don’t take it personally.)

What is your number one tip for brides to be managing their mum-zillas? How did your mum help you in the lead up to your special day?

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