The Walk: Isle Ready

A few weeks leading up to the wedding is not the time to make any drastic changes.

At Face Plus Medispa, we believe that all treatments should be completed in stages, read our “Bridal Ready: What and when” blog HERE

If you have followed the timeline shared in our “Bridal Ready: What and when” you will know that in the four to three weeks leading up to the big day we highly recommend you take advantage of our “Isle Ready” package (if you have not already started one of our 6 or 3 month plans).

The “Isle Ready” package includes eight LED Light treatments and one Oxygen Glow or Collagen Facial with additional LED light add on.

The “Isle Ready” package was of course, specifically designed with the bride’s time constraints in mind. Taking just 20 to 30 minutes per treatment, it is a treatment suitable for all, including those with generally healthy skin to anyone suffering from a breakout.

Not to mentioned the 20-minute power nap that can be achieved during this treatment! Available across all Face Plus Medispa clinics the LED light therapy treatment targets skin texture, fine lines and a variety of skin conditions.

Originally developed to speed up the healing process of wounds and post-surgery scars, it was also found to be an incredible rejuvenation tool for skin, too.

The cells in the skins dermis layer convert the light energy to fuel cells that work to rejuvenate the skin. The fibroblast cells in the dermis layer of the skin produce collagen and elastin, the LED feeds these cells allowing them to commence the production of collagen and elastin, as it would have in your youth(teens and early 20’s)!

You will see incredible results following your series of treatments. The complexion will appear plump with the new collagen, targeting your fine lines and new elastin that will bring that “snap” back into your skin.

Additional key points:
– No Down time
– No contra indications
– Pain free
– The light will target specific skin concerns such as acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation.
– Feels like your basking in the beautiful sun light
HERE is a link to proven studies

You will be required to attend the clinic ever second day. Following your series of LED light treatments in the final days leading up to your wedding you will have your final facial. In the “Isle Ready” package, we offer two varying facials, this is to target the varying concerns all brides face.

The most popular facial prior to the big day is the Oxygen Glow facial, this is probably most popular as brides have already completed a course of treatments with Face Plus Medispa and they simply just need that facial for that lovely natural glow on the day.

The Plumping Collagen facial is often to those who need a little extra plump and hydration. Both beautiful facials, we highly recommend you speak to your dermal therapist so they can best execute your treatment plan in the weeks leading up to your big day.

Curious to find out more about our bridal packages? They are available across all clinics but HERE is a link to the Bondi Beach packages

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Make up tips: Bridal

Get ready for wedding season with these simple tips.

If you’re beauty obsessed, you have probably thought and taken all our Make up tips: Bridal, dos and don’ts into consideration. But for those who fear they haven’t thought of everything here are our Make up tips.

Everyone knows they have to have a makeup trial before the wedding but when is the best time to do it? It’s about three weeks before the big day but no more than that.

If you intend on faking tanning for the wedding, make sure you have the exact same fake tan on for your makeup trial.

1. Get a full body scrub before your fake tan appointment! This will allow your tan to go on smoothly and evenly. The last thing you want is spotty tan on one of the most important days of your life. Read about the treatment we offer HERE

2. Start gathering some makeup inspiration for your trial. It’s also a great idea to analyse the images and pick out what you like about the particular image you have collected.

Test a few shades at home during the day and night, this will allow you to see if it’s appropriate for the whole day. It’s not the day you want to be adventurous and try something new!

3. Don’t get caught up in current trends! These images last a lifetime.

4. Wear a top that matches the colour of your wedding dress on the day of your makeup trial. This will allow you to determine if the colour of the dress matches the overall look your makeup artist has created.

5. It should be daylight when you have your makeup trial.

6. Bring your veil or try on a veil at your trial! How does the makeup feel with the veil and how does it look? Don’t forget the veil sits very close or on your face, you need to determine if your lashes will bend into the lower lashes from the weight, are your lips rubbing up against the veil?

Take a little walk around, stand there with something in your hands to see how it feels and if the veil changes shape on the face.

7. Make sure your makeup will last the day if you don’t think you’ll want to reapply throughout the day. You will need that lipstick so make sure you have the shade available for reapplication.

8. Take lots of pictures, including with flash photography! This will allow you to see how your make up will capture on the day.

9. Take note of how long your trial makeup takes, you will need the same amount of time if not more. On the day, there are many distractions and you want to make sure you allow enough time to get your hair and makeup done before the rest of your bridal party.

10. Finally, if you want your makeup to look perfect on the day it comes down to one thing… PERFECT SKIN! Read about our “The Works” bridal skin and face package HERE 

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Check 1,2,3: Final countdown

“If I get married, I want to be very married”- Audrey Hepburn

In the lead up to your big day, it can be easy to fall into the trap of ticking boxes. Venue? Check. Catering. Check. Music. Done!

While it is wonderful to be organised, it can also be difficult falling into the trap of ‘must get everything done’, rather than enjoying the moment for what it really is – planning an amazing celebration of your love!

Rather than looking back on this time as stressful and overwhelming, wouldn’t you rather look back on it with fondness and joy?
On top of this, for some brides the idea of having all eyes on them is almost too much to bare – especially if you have body image or self-love challenges.

Remember, contrary to popular belief, now is NOT the time to put yourself on any strict diets or exercise overhauls – which can just lead to additional stress, burnout and fatigue in the lead up to your big day.

Rather, take it slow and steady. Make LIFESTYLE changes, rather than drastic decisions.
Read our bridal diet advice HERE

Here are some simple tips to enjoy the lead up to your big day, and also work on your self-love, so that when it does come around you are feeling happy, confident and relaxed:

Find exercise you actually enjoy
Don’t like boot camp? Great, don’t do it. Now is the time to try a bunch of different training ideas and find one that you love. You don’t need to train 7 days a week to get your ‘bride-body’ in shape, and exercise should NEVER feel like a chore.

Exercise because you enjoy it, and for all of the amazing additional health benefits – stress relief, glowing skin, and a healthy physique.

Start a gratitude practice
There really is no time like now to start practicing gratitude for the things you have today. Each day, write down three things you are grateful for – they can be specific to wedding planning, or more general life gratitude’s. Even better is if you get your fiancé involved!

Gratitude helps you live in the moment, and alleviates stress, as you become more aware of all of the amazing things you already have in your life.
HERE are some ways to best manage your support crew and partner 

Schedule self-love time
Take time out just for YOU every single week. This is time for you to do exactly what you WANT, not what you think you SHOULD do. If that means not touching a single thing to do with wedding planning, so be it.

Put aside a half day every week to just be in your own company – book in for a massage or facial, get a manicure or just read a book in bed. Whatever makes you feel calm, content and relaxed.
Read our blog on self-love HERE

Reconnect with your partner
As the big day draws closer, it will be easy to have the wedding as front of mind. To avoid having ALL conversations with your fiancé revolving around the day, plan some surprise, special date nights, that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the wedding.

Share with them all the things you love about them, and just enjoy being in each other’s company without the stresses of the big day.
Remember that this is just another chapter in your lifetime of love together – enjoy it for what it is, the planning and all!

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