Care and Repair: 40 the new 20!

“Life begins at Forty”- W.B. Pitkin

At 40 it isn’t too late to try some of the treatments we have recommended for the 30 somethings, read more here

It is true, you do start to see a change when you hit 40 but don’t be afraid.

Most of our patients in their 40’s complain about the appearance of their neck and hands.

Let’s start with the neck and other areas of loose skin.
There are a number of treatments that can work to tighten and rejuvenate this area.

Firstly, PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are a great alternative for those who are not looking to do inject any “foreign products” into their body.
PRP has been used in the medical industry for a long time and is now an incredible tool we use in our Face Plus Medispa clinic for cosmetic rejuvenation.

Extracted from your blood, platelets have many functions and contain growth factors that, when secreted are responsible for tissue regeneration and most importantly increasing collagen production. You can read about the extraction and treatment process here

Following a PRP treatment people patients will discover their skin is plumper, bounces back a little faster and is lifted. A total of 3 treatments are recommended for optimal results. Most of our patients see results following just one treatment.

We often combine PRP with other facials and lasers to achieve phenomenal, lasting results. PRP is effective but not for everyone. Another option that many of our 40 plus patients opt for is “Sculptra”, if you follow our blogs you may have read about this treatment in our

Mother of the Bride series. Sculptra us an injectable collagen stimulator that encourages your body to gradually rebuild its own collagen that has been lost over time.

This is a treatment perfect for those looking for gradual, long lasting results to freshen their look in a holistic comprehensive manner.
You can read more about the treatment here

In your forties, it is not too late to start treating pigmentation. Read some of our treatment options for 30-somethings here, there are some tips of pigmentation you may find interesting

If you are lucky enough to have great “springy” and “plump” skin, all you need is a monthly facial to help it along the way. We recommend this as when you hit 40 your lymphatic system begins to slow.

Lymphatic drainage is how your body removes toxins from your body and the lymph gland break down often resulting in puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. A monthly facial will assist in the drainage process, facial such as a Plumping Collagen Facial is perfect option, read more about the treatment here
The Plumping collagen Facial is also great for that extra boost of moisture needed with the dramatic reduction in sebum production and oestrogen.

Rich and nourishing is what you are looking for to best care for you skin, you can read our product recommendations for your forties here

Following the below links for other non-intrusive treatments perfect for the 40’s:
LED Light Therapy
Laser Genesis
Titan, skin tightening laser

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Absorption: Oil based creams

Have you ever compared your skin from areas of the body that have been protected from the environment?

If you compare your skin on your face, neck and hands to other areas of the body you might just see a difference. Unfortunately, there are no magical products or treatments out there that will make you look as you did in your teens again.

But there are quite a few that can visibly improve the way your skin looks and feels. We love the Dr Spiller and HydroPeptide range and their philosophies, you can read more about HydroPeptide here 

The Dr Spiller range is truly unique due to its HY-TEC emulsion system. Most skin care is either water or oil based but Dr Spiller in neither in that it is water in oil emulsion, something the clever founder, Dr Horst Spiller formulated!

Dr Spiller developed a technology that allows him to produce super light oil based creams that apply like a water based cream with the advantages of a long-lasting hydration and superior delivery of an oil based cream.

As you age you will find that your skin becomes drier and requires more moisture. The Dr Spiller creams replenish and reinforce the skins natural protection against moisture loss. The hydration will last all day long, trust us it works! That middle of the day dryness, won’t happen. You will find that water based creams are no longer appropriate for aging skin, they evaporate too quickly, leaving you skin dry.

The Dr Spiller range contains natural or nature-identical ingredients that perfectly mimic the natural mechanism of the skin.
The range is gentle on the skin excluding fruit acids, AHAs and glycolic acids.

The products are formulated to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping away the natural oils present. As we age, the more we can do to maintain the oils on our skin the better!

When we begin to produce less sebum the protective outer coating of the skin makes us more vulnerable to environmental conditions such as pollution and other free radicals.

Here are some of our favourite Dr Spiller products for aging skin:
Care and Repair mask, $131

You can read more about the product here
Collagen Cream, $126

You can read more about the product here
Hydro-Marin Cream, $251

You can read more about the product here

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Beauty: How to: Look good in your 40’s

It’s not Forty it’s Thirty-Ten!

J Lo, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner and Sandra Bullock are all in their 40’s and looking great! Check out our treatment options for you, read more here

When you read articles about some of the mentioned celebs they are pretty consistent when it comes to their beauty and health regime, we think they might just be on the right track!

1. Invest in some great products for your skin and body. Read a few product options appropriate for 40 somethings here

2. Invest some time and money into the right make up for you and your skin. Pick up some tips from a makeup artist so that you can create an everyday look that emphasises your features. Invest in some bright colours and find the perfect red lippy for your tone, read more here

3. Quit smoking and sugar! Refined sugar draws precious minerals from the body and deteriorates skin health due to its collagen damaging effects.

4. We know you’re going to love this one. Drink one glass of red a day, preferably a cabernet sauvignon as it contains the highest concentration of antioxidants with a lot of anti-ageing qualities. But no more than a glass as that can have negative inflammatory effects.

5. Exercise daily and keep those aches and pains at bay. But most importantly make sure you are taking care of your back and feet when you do exercise.

6. Sort your brows out! Hair volume is a sign of youth and brows thin as we age. Use a powder to keep brows looking at their natural fullness.

7. We’re not telling you to crash diet here but do a cleanse every now and then. This will assist with your digestion, bloating and make your skin glow.

8. Keep an eye on your teeth. As you get older, teeth become more porous and prone to discolouring.

9. Go get a bra fitting and find yourself a really good bra. Don’t forget a really supportive sports bra is vital.

10. Get your beauty sleep. Read some of our wellness tips HERE

That’s it, our top ten tips. There are so many more tips but we don’t want to overwhelm you.

We have created lists for the other age groups that also still apply to you, read more via the supplied links:
How to look good in your 20’s
How to look good in your  30’s

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Awesome foursome: Feelin’ Forty

Hello to 40!

Welcome to your forties! An age synonymous with family life (juggling children, a partner and/or extended family and ageing parents), career developments (really making a name for yourself) and sometimes, when the off-chance arises, finding even a glimmer of hope to look after yourself.

Okay, who am I kidding, juggling all of these things is HARD WORK. Is it really possible to “have it all” in your forties? Chances are, especially if you have children to look after, and a partner to support (be it financially, emotionally, romantically or all of the above) somewhere along the way you have forgotten to look after yourself. And how can you POSSIBLY put yourself first and up your self-love when you have mouths to feed, soccer practice to attend, and a job to maintain?!

Too often we get caught up in the tick-boxes of life, moving from one thing to the next, and hardly taking a breath for ourselves, until it is too late. We become bitter or disappointed or, worst of all, unwell, because we have been second best after all these years.

Jada Smith NAILS it in this YouTube clip:

In order to be the BEST wife and mother, you must be the best version of you. And to be the best version of you, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to put yourself first. To really look after yourself, to love yourself enough to feel completely worthy of your own love. (Not to mention the beautiful example this leaves for your children.) Tips of self-love can be found here

Here are some quick and simple ways to start putting you first:
Keep one week night free
Pick one night a week that is your time to do whatever you feel like. This might be an early night in bed with a cup of tea, or perhaps it’s dinner out with your friends.

Whatever it is, ensure it is the same night each week – so it becomes a habit and something you truly look forward to. If you have children, ask your partner or a family member to look after them. If this isn’t possible, incorporate them into your evening – have a dinner in with friends, or read a book with a tea while your children to their homework. There will

ALWAYS be obstacles and opportunities – if you say “I can’t” then you are right. Start to look for the opportunities and notice the space you have in your week for you-time.

Treat yourself
Too often we wait for ‘reasons’ to treat ourselves to a manicure or a bubble bath. Start to treat yourself just because! Run yourself a bath with candles and oils on a Saturday night while hubby is with the kids.

Book yourself in for a facial or massage for no other reason than it is going to make you FEEL good – and because you deserve it!
Here are some treatments you could consider in your forties 

Start a journaling practice
Journaling allows us to get out of our mind and onto the page, tapping into our emotions at a soul level we sometimes dismiss. Before you close your eyes at night, write a quick reflection of your day. Get it all out onto the page – your stresses, your emotions, your gratitude’s – everything. Start to connect with how you are truly feeling, so you can make the appropriate changes to really look after yourself.

Practice presence
When we are caught up in the motions of life, we find ourselves in auto-pilot – rushing from one thing onto the next, with barely any breathing room. Start to notice the gaps in your day that can really bring you back to the present moment.

It may be practicing deep belly breaths while waiting at a red light. Maybe it is walking a lap of the oval while your children train for sport. It could even be pumping up your favourite music while cooking dinner for your family. Start to notice ways you can make little moments more enjoyable for you, to really BE in the moment, enjoying the littlest things.

How do you manage your own wellbeing while juggling family and a career?

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