Advanced: Smart care

Take extra care of your skin when you hit your fifties.

Mature skin is not only more fragile, it is physically less sensitive, therefore, more vulnerable to bruising, tearing and free radicals.

If you take our advice there is no reason why we can’t have your skin looking clear and healthy.

Monthly in clinic treatments area a must, check out your treatment options here
At any age we need to be smart about our care but mature skin but you should have a clear skincare regime down pat.

Your routine should in the following:
Sunscreen: read why and what here

Moisturiser: Day and night, we recommend this one
Cleanser: Go for a milk cleanser, this will not only moisturise but it won’t strip the skin of the oil you need

Toner: Find a good one! It will replenish your skin barrier following a cleanse and prep your skin for makeup application.
Serum: Serums can provide the additional oils and nutrients you need in the skin.

Lastly, a mask! Masks are commonly added to a regime to target specific concerns but in your fifties masks can be added to your weekly beauty routine.

We recommend the Purifying Mask by HydroPeptide, $135

Appropriate for all skin types this mask is made for aging, dehydrated and sensitive skin, all things you will agree you need to target in your 50’s.

The mask will instantly create a more youthful radiant glow, extract impurities and minimise the appearance of pores as purifying clays, peptides and hyaluronic acid lift, firm and hydrate the skin.

Key ingredients –
6 Peptides: Improves the collagen and elastin, reduces collagen breakdown restores collagen organisation, improves hydration and reduces repetitive muscle contractions.

Your fine lines and wrinkles will appear reduced, instead you will see your skin lift and hydrate.

Enzymes + Sugar Extracts: Digest dead skin cells and increase the skin cell turnover, you know how important this is right? The is promote smoother, brighter skin and allowing for active ingredient penetration.

Kaolin + Bentonite Clay: Controls excess oil and extracts impurities. This will leave you with a purified and clear complexion.

Green tea, caffeine, Coenzyme A + Bupleurum Falcatum Root: For those of you playing at home, Falcatum Root is a Chinese root. These ingredients actively destroy free radical’s ad acts as an anti-inflammatory while also stimulating and purifying the skin. The signing of aging will be delayed whilst lifting and firming the skin.

Yes, one product does all of this and all you need to do is apply a thin layer to a clean face and remove with a warm damp cloth or just warm water after 10 to 20 minutes.

What are you waiting for?

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