Golden Jubilee: Fit and fifty

Welcome to your fifties beautiful.

Not only are you wiser than your twenties, but chances are you are stronger and more beautiful than ever before.Then why don’t you feel like it?

For women reaching middle-age, hormones play a huge role. Menopause is a biggie (and not something often spoken about). Emotions run on haywire.

If you have children, they have most likely grown up, leaving you and your partner (if you have one) as empty nesters.

Like any age bracket, there are the challenges that come with it – but also the opportunities. Fifty is a remarkable time to reclaim life as your OWN. At the risk of stereotyping, chances are if you are a female reaching 50, you have spent the good part of half of your life putting everyone before yourself – children, partners, friends, parents.

NOW is the time for you to reclaim your health, conquer your passions and really start living for you.Here are some simple ways to kick arse as a fifty-year-old:

Know your hormones
Chances are if menopause hasn’t yet hit, you will be going through the motions soon. Be sure to engage the help of a health care team – this could consist of your GP, a trusted gynaecologist and a naturopath.

Remember support IS available and invaluable during this time. If emotions feel overwhelming – share them with a psychologist, therapist or even girlfriends going through a similar time.

Remember this is all normal and you will be okay. Take ownership of what is going on with your body and you will have a much easier time hormonally.

Re-engage with hobbies that bring you joy
Hobbies aren’t just for the kids. As we age, we lose sight of doing things just for fun. What did you used to enjoy doing when you were younger? Was it dancing? Did you play a musical instrument?

Maybe there is a language you have always wanted to learn, or you want to hone in on your cooking skills? Whatever that desire is, NOW is the time to sign up to classes and invest in your passion. State of flow activities like these have a remarkable effect on your emotional wellbeing, resulting in an increase in happiness and joy. And who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to sign up to a boot camp or engage in any activity that you resent. In fact, I would advise NOT to do any of that. Find a form of exercise that you truly look forward to.

Maybe it is a nature walk once a week with your partner or friends. Maybe it is a yoga class or a gym membership or an indoor netball team.

Whatever it may be, keeping your body active and fit has a remarkable effect not only on your physical health (obviously) but your mental state too.

Sleep can become really impacted as you go through the motions of menopause (hot flushes anyone?) There are some wonderful herbal teas and supplements available that your naturopath will be able to recommend you to support this.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep – use lavender essential oils, dim lighting with candles, and read your favourite book before shut eye (no scrolling on your phone in bed!) And obviously invest in a bedside table fan if the hot flushes get too much!

Have you worked out a sleep routine? Read some of our tips here
While you’re there read our tips for a morning routine here

What is your favourite part of being 50?

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