Love you Mum: Show Mum you care

Mamma I love you!

The Spice Girls really nailed it when they sang:
“I never thought you would become the friend I never had…. So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love.”
(Anyone else tearing up over here?)

Contrary to popular belief, MOTHERS are a girl’s best friend (followed closely by diamonds). In fact, mothers ARE the diamonds in most of our lives. And the older we get, the more we tend to realise this.

This Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your Mum just how much you care. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive gift in the world to express true meaning and gratitude for the wonderful woman in your life.

Here are a few ways to really show Mum you care:
Write her a letter
Time to pour your heart onto the page! Write Mum a big letter expressing just how grateful you are for all she has done for you.

Without giving it much thought, sit and let the words flow. Maybe you end up apologising for something that has weighed you down over the years – something you said or did, but didn’t mean. Maybe you want to list all of the beautiful traits she embodies that you admire.

Whatever it is, pour your heart and soul into the letter and gift it to her with a cuddle on Mother’s day (or send it if you won’t be seeing her!)

This is a beautiful activity to do even if your Mum isn’t around anymore. Never underestimate the power of words – she is still with you, and sharing your feelings with her will feel beautiful for both of you.

Take her for a pamper day
Massages, facials, light therapy treatments…a pamper day is the perfect option for a Mum who always puts others before herself. Make a day of it and start with brunch by the ocean, followed by a beautiful pamper session at one of our Face Plus Medispa locations.

Then finish off with a beautiful tea and sunset walk. (The bonus is YOU get to indulge in the pampering too! It’s a win-win!) Check out our treatment options for Bondi Beach here

Make a scrapbook of memories
For those of you who love to get creative, a scrapbook of memories is a wonderful gift for Mum – and something she will cherish for years to come. You could start from before you were born and work your way through the years, or perhaps pick a few outstanding moments, like trips away, family weddings, births – anything that would feature in your Mum’s ‘highlights reel’.

Not only will the scrapbook capture these beautiful memories, but on gifting it to her you can sit and reminisce about all of the fun times you both shared together. So sweet!

Find a fun activity to do together
For the Mums who like to be more active, why not push the limits and find a fun activity to do together. Websites like Red Balloon are filled with fun ideas – from paddle boarding, to canyoning, to sky diving!

Make it a Mother’s Day to remember, and share an experience that you will look back and smile on in years to come.

What is the best Mother’s Day gift you have ever given or received?

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