Dolphin Skin: Tans, make them last!

Cell turnover is a very important factor when discussing aging but also tanning.

Whether you’re a self-tanner or a regular at Tan Temple attendee, a thorough exfoliation is a must.

Exfoliators help remove and strip dead skin from the surface, the result is a more even tan and healthier looking skin. Some do go overboard, read some of our home exfoliation techniques here and here

A professional scrub is highly recommended, once a month especially if you are a regular tanner.

Winter is the prime time as skin will be drier and your body will be yearning for a refreshing turnover of dead skin cells.

Home exfoliation should not be practiced more than once a week. This allows fresh new skin cells a chance to grow and skin time to replenish and rehydrate.

Over exfoliation can have a negative effect, it can cause wrinkles, dry skin and could even scar. When over exfoliating, you may be scrubbing away skin cells that are trying to heal and grow.

Tan has the tendency to stick to both dead skin and dry skin, this causes patchy looking spots due to the high concentration of pigment. You may notice that sometimes your hands, feet, knees and elbows tend to turn darker than the rest of your body.

A professional exfoliation prior to a big event such as your wedding day would allow for a patch free, well moisturised and even tan.
Our “Body Smoother” treatment is a 45-minute treatment designed for those who are looking for smooth, moisturised and dolphin skin.

The scrub consists of an intensely nourishing hydrating body polish. The walnut infused French clay and papaya enzymes dissolves dry skin providing a smoothing exfoliation. Natural ingredients help naturally polish the skin preventing drying and flaking.

The exfoliator we use for tan prep is a cream based product. Avoid sugar or salt based exfoliants as some of them tend to leave a residue on the skin, which makes it difficult for the tan to adhere to the skin. Products containing oil also leave a residue behind on the skin surface and can block proper penetration of the tan, this is when you will see streaks.

If you have sensitive skin we strongly careful exfoliation is paramount and should visit for a professional exfoliation at least once a month.
You can add the smoother to any of your facials or one of our bridal packages

Body treatments are currently available from the Bondi Beach clinic. To book:
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Brighten & Correct: Even Out

Even beautiful skin tone, that’s what we all aim for.

For those who suffer from pigmentation have probably tried a number of options. We have in the past shared some real results driven treatments and products:
Treatment options can be found here
Homcare, cleansing product by Ultra MD

Prevention is key, read here
Even Out by HydroPeptide is a drug free hyperpigmentation corrector aimed to safely brighten your complexion.

An amino acid sequence known as the beta white peptide and the skin lightening molecule.
Features of this product:
3 Peptides that work to brighten and preservative peptides, inhibit tyrosinase and decreases other proteins involved in the pigment process. You skin will appear brighter and reduce unwanted pigmentation.

Chroma bright, Vitamin C and Liquorice reduces melanin production similar to hydroquinone but with no cytotoxicity. This will safely lighten skin without irritation.

5% Lactic Acid, gently exfoliates, increases cell turnover and breaks up the pigmentation. Lactic acid promoted glowing, smoother and clearer skin.

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant protection and strong anti-inflammatory and increases telomerase activity. This will delay signs of aging while helping cells to stay more youthful for longer.

Niacinamide, inhibits transfer of melanosomes. This key ingredient improves even tone and increased radiance.
Even Out by HydroPeptide is appropriate for all skin types, hyperpigmented, sun damaged, and aging skin.

This is a product that is safe for daily, long term use.
Even Out, Skin Brightening Pigment Corrector, $199

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Matchy matchy: The right foundation for you

The right foundation for you will depend on the look you are wanting to achieve.

We’re going to be focusing on our Jane Iredale collection, we don’t need to further complicate by adding our other makeup ranges!

If you’re after a dewy look with sheer to full coverage we recommend the
Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, SPF 20, Jane Iredale, $83

This is perfect for anyone that has normal to dry skin.
For a sheer to medium coverage but still would like a dewy look try the Liquid Minerals, $91

Ideal for mature skin, the Liquid Minerals foundation is an anti-ageing foundation that doubles as a powerful skin treatment. Containing a hydrating serum with pigment it helps soothe the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores and evens out skin tone.

Not only does this foundation look attractive, it does wonders for the health of the skin.
For a semi-matte with sheer to full coverage and you have normal to oily skin the Pure pressed Based Mineral Foundation Refill, SPF 15 -20, $72

This is a perfect simple everyday look
For a full coverage, velvety look go for the Glow time, Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, SPF 17 – 25, $76

A little goes a long way with this product. Four small dots will easily cover the whole face. When we say full coverage, we mean it!
Offering a sheer to medium coverage you will achieve a light finish with the Dream Tint, Tinted Moisturiser, SPF 15, $78

The Dream Tint can be applied like a moisturiser with your fingers. It provides the skin with a soft-focus effect that helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores while protecting the skin. A great first foundation for teens!
Now to selecting the right shade…

When testing foundation shades on yourself, follow these three steps:
1. Apply a stripe of foundation on your jawline (we usually do this with two or three shades for comparison).
2. Spray it with one of the Jane Iredale, Hydration Sprays to set the minerals.
3. If it looks like it’s disappeared on your skin, that’s your shade.

Need help matching the perfect red lip? Read more via our blog

For colour match:
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Read the original blog here


Baby Love: Infant Massage

Encourage interaction and build a closer bond between you and your baby.

Infant or toddler massage has many great benefits and we are thrilled to be bringing these classes to you.

The massage class designed by our Master Massage Therapist and Educator, Tania Dobbie, have been created to allow parents to discover the many benefits that massage can provide when exercising the correct technique.

Benefits for the parent/guardian:
1. Strengthens your bond with the baby.

2. Relaxes and calms you.

3. Can decrease your stress.
Research has discovered that you will also grow your confidence when caring for the child.

Benefits for the infant/toddler:
1. Promotes and strengthens the bond between the parent and the child.
Nurturing touch between a parent/guardian and an infant enriched physiological, social-emotional and mind/spiritual/body connection for the infant being massages, as well as for the parent.

2. Increases flexibility and muscle tone.
This will assist the infant with balance and posture. Muscle tone also will encourage the child to sit independently.

3. Stimulates the immune system.
Massage has been found to positively influence physiological process and improve the immune function.

4. Calms the nervous system.
The massage supports the maturation of the nervous system, assisting the brain and body communication.

5. Increases growth hormone.
Hormones are released in the body. The growth hormone can be stimulated which helps with weight gain.

6. Can help relieve colic, constipation, and cramps.
Stimulation eliminates waste from the body, can relieve abdominal wind within minutes and speeds the natural process that assist with reflux.

7. Decreases stress.
Cortisol is released during times of stress. Message decreases cortisol levels in both the child and parent allowing blood pressure, heart rate, digestive functioning and hormonal levels to return to their normal state. High levels of cortisol can reduce immunity, impair cognitive performance reduce bone density and muscle tissue.
Read about our adult Anti-Stress Facial here

8. Promotes a restful, peaceful sleep.
As serotonin levels are increased and melatonin in secretion rhythms regulated, sleep patterns will regulate.

9. Can assist with the healing of skin conditions such as eczema.
Stress is often a trigger for eczema and other skin conditions. As stress is reduced an eczema flare can often be relieved.

10. Increases circulation.
Good blood circulation is good for all adults and children. It is difficult for small babies to increase blood circulation whilst they are immobile. Blood flow to the limed will increase physical growth and development.

This is exciting stuff, especially if any of the above is something you may be struggling with your child. Please do not rush to massage them now, you must have the correct technique.

Purchase a ticket to our infant massage class and we provide you with all of the tools to ensure you are providing your child with an effective and safe technique.

One on one classes with Tania is also available for one on one classes to target your specific needs.

To purchase a ticket to our infant massage class:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Email: [email protected]

Terms and conditions of infant massage, please read here[