Counting sheep: Why doctors should be recommending more sleep tests

When was the last time a doctor suggested you get a blood test?

You can probably recall it, yes? Maybe it was to test your iron levels, or just a general health check-up. They probably even got you to pee in a jar just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Now – think about the last time a doctor suggested you get your sleep tested. What’s that? I think it’s fairly likely chances that this hasn’t been as common an occurrence as your blood tests.

But considering sleep, or lack of, is one of the biggest causes behind diabetes, heart failure, depression and mental health issues, and even stroke, and you can see why getting it tested is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT.

I bang on about sleep all the time, but people still don’t bat an eyelid. We make up a culture that physically thrives on 8 hours sleep, but brags about the 4 hours we got last night.

We push ourselves to the limit, then lie in bed tossing and turning, unable to switch off, but not taking it serious enough to seek help.

Saying “I can’t sleep” is as detrimental as “I can’t eat healthily” or “I can’t exercise at all ever” – sooner or later, the damaging effects will catch up with you and your health.

Sleep deprivation is SERIOUS guys. And we aren’t to know this unless we are faced with an underlying health issue that requires MORE SLEEP as a solution.
Read out tips on setting a nightly routine here

So, how do sleep tests work and where can we get one?
Well, the first thing to realise is they AREN’T expensive and, in fact, the don’t require anything from you other than a visit to a GP.

There are many sleep clinics located across Sydney and Australia, specialising in administering sleep tests for patients who have had enough of broken, unsatisfactory sleep.

Sleep tests can be bulk-billed at certain medical centres, and allow you to take home a non-invasive at Home sleep test that measures how you sleep, whether you snore/how loudly you snore, whether your breathing is obstructed through the night, and a range of other important factors that will determine exactly WHY your sleep is effected.

From there, you can work with your sleep doctor on a treatment plan – and before you know it, you could be sleeping like a baby once again.

It is literally THAT SIMPLE.
And for the health benefits you receive in the long term, my question is – why haven’t you done this sooner? If the answer is you didn’t even know you could – well, now you know.

Book the test. Get to the bottom of your bad night’s sleep and watch the impact it makes on your overall wellbeing – mind, body and soul.

In the meantime, if you’ve got those puffy eyes from exhaustion try this tea

To make an appointment with our wellness expert:
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