IV’s are generally associated with hospitals and hang overs.

In recent times, some celebrities have been known to have an IV treatment before and event, of course for that much-needed energy they provide but also the added bonus of beauty benefits.

We asked Susi Garrett our IV expert and registered nurse the how’s and why’s?

What is in the IV treatment?
Depending on the IV treatment the vitamins and minerals added will vary. In this Q&A we will focus on the “Bondi Rescue” IV treatment.

The Bondi Rescue contains the following ingredients –
Hartmann’s solution but can be any carrier such as water for injection or normal saline.

High dose Vitamin C
B dose which is B1,2,3,5&6

Also, an LED Light Therapy treatment is included or at an additional cost a full facial from our treatment menu can be provided.

Who would this treatment be suited for?
Anyone who is starting to see signs of aging.
For those seeing a loss of collagen, Vitamin C activate the production of collagen.
Vitamin B helps fight pigmentation. If you have been noticing some spots appearing, make sure you let your nurse or doctor know to ensure this is added.

Vitamin B & C counteract damage done by free radicals, they are antioxidants

Zinc is an essential element for immunity. Especially important for clear skin as it assist with cellular growth and production.

Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant, assist in lightening pigmentation. It also detoxifies harmful compounds and waste. It can also prevent acne, wrinkles and crow’s feet by detoxifying the skin and body.

It is also suitable for anyone who is fatigued, got glandular fever, or suffering from a chronic infection that they cannot shake.

When would someone see results?
Very dependent on what actually is the problem. Usually within a few hours and can last a few days.

How much?
The IV price ranges from $145 to $350.
Need to know exactly how it works? Read here

The Bondi Beach clinic also offer a unique dose of an activated vitamin B12 shot to give you that, up and go!

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