Clear as day: Ultraceuticals, Ultra Clear Range


Help control Acne with the correct products without excessively drying the skin.

DISCLAIMER: If you have acne, please do not rush out to purchase the below products without having a professional assess your skin!

It is estimated that 85% of Australians aged between 15 to 24 years old suffer from acne. It is one of the most common skin concerns treated by skin professionals.

When there is an overproduction of sebum in the glands acne occurs. Acne is more evident during high hormonal period such as puberty and pregnancy as hormone levels increase in the body, the skin responds by producing more sebum through its oil glands.

 The build-up of sebum and an accumulation of thickened skin in pore openings causes blockages, and the excess sebum becomes trapped in pores. This combined with lack of oxygen within the pores, creates an unfavourable environment in which the growth of a bacteria (called P. acnes) is accelerated which leads to the formation of pimples.

At this advanced stage, sebum continues to accumulate within the pore, and oxidises causing further inflammation on the surface of the skin – a process known as lipid oxidation.

When acne is present within the skin it can be made worse by a number of external factors;

  • Stress
  • Diet – High GI and high dairy diets can produce inflammation
  • Pollution – smog, chemicals, toxins
  • Free radical damage – oxidation
  • Incorrect skincare products (e.g. oily cosmetic products)

The Ultraceuticals, Ultra Clear Range targets the acne in a multi-step approach, targeting the entire acne development cycle, reducing the sebum production, clearing congestion, controlling lipid oxidation and of course, soothing irritated skin resulting in clean, refreshed blemish free skin (hopefully).

The four key products in the range include –
Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser, $52 – Removes dirt, excess oils and unclogs pores.

Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion, $89 – Targets congestion, clears blemishes and helps prevent future formation.

Ultra Clear Spot Treatment, $37 – Quickly calms flare-ups and helps prevent future breakouts.

Ultra Clear Purifying Mask$69 – Bi-weekly at home treatment mask designed to mop up excess sebum and boost results of Ultraceuticals Acne Management System.

There are four key ingredients included in this range that help combat acne development –
Salicylic Acid & Mandelic Acid: Potent exfoliating ingredients which work together to deeply exfoliate and unclog pores, removing a buildup of dead skin cells. Reduces the appearance of blemishes.

Clove Oil: A powerful antioxidant which may prevent the process of lipid oxidation in the acne development process.

Niacinamide: Niacinamide (or Vitamin B3) works to reduce the excess sebum production which can lead to the formation of acne.

Skin Conditioning Ingredients (Vitamin E Phosphate, Allantoin & Aloe Vera): Special skin conditioning ingredients that work to soothe and calm the skin whilst minimising visible redness associated with acne.
Home care and inner health are as equally important and vital to management of acne.

Interested to see if you’re a good candidate to permanently destroy pimples? Read about the SGA treatment here

The Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Range is currently available from our Bondi Beach clinic. For a, thorough skin assessment: 
Call: 02 8897 0077
Email: [email protected]


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