Skin food: Products designed for acne

Having acne can be tough. You’re in this constant battle with your skin because you want to cover it up but you dislike applying makeup onto your, often sensitive, red and dry skin.

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Skin food: Products designed for acne

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Having acne can be tough. You’re in this constant battle with your skin because you want to cover it up but you dislike applying makeup onto your, often sensitive, red and dry skin.
Makeup when used is usually used to enhance certain assets you have but more often than not it is more commonly used to create a look or cover up!
Unfortunately, makeup can cause acne and make inflammation worse. Makeup clogs the pores and oil prone areas such as the T zone are susceptible, especially when concealers and powders are used in excess to cover up.
Those with acne can still wear makeup but you need to be very aware of your own triggers. When purchasing products look out for ingredients that make your skin look and feel worse. The type of words on a package you want to look out for are;
Noncomedogenic – Less likely to clog the pores, reduce oil and bacteria build-up, reduce inflammation and scare.
Hypoallergenic – Ingredients are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
Fragrance free – The product does not contain perfume which can often be an irritant or trigger.
There are many reasons why we carry the Jane Iredale range in our Face Plus Medispa clinics but one of the key reasons? They are designed with skin concerns in mind. Jane Iredale have also created products specifically for those who are looking to cover breakouts. One of our favourites:
Jane Iredale, Disappear Concealer, $58

The Disappear Concealer won’t just cover breakouts but it will also help them to disappear permanently.
It is a matte, oil free, opaque concealer that camouflages distractions such as acne, scars and redness and it containers ingredients that may help clear blemishes.
The key ingredients include:
Superoxide Dismutase: Protects
Green Tea Leaf Extract: Calms, protects and provides bacterial protection
Vitamin C: Helps to reverse UV damage, protects and suppresses melanin formation.
Another beautiful cover up and transformation using our range of Jane Iredale products.
Need to know more? Read our blogs on the range of Jane Iredale products have on offer here
The Jane Iredale range is currently available through our Bondi Junction clinic.
For a, thorough skin consultation or a colour match with an experienced team member:
Call: 02 8897 0000
Email: [email protected][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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