Shrinking: Products designed to target pores

When the appropriate homecare products are used in conjunction with in clinic treatments your pores will shrink in fear!

There are a few in clinic treatments that are suitable for minimising pores, check out our “Pore, no more” blog.

There are an endless number of products available on the market that claim to assist with pore size. The first step is to identify the reason why your skin maybe experiencing large pores.

This is why it is important to receive a thorough skin consultation followed by a treatment place and homecare package, read about our skin consultation process here.

There are a few tips that are relevant to all who are looking to minimise pore size:
1. Exfoliate your skin!! In winter we recommend you exfoliate your skin 3 times a week and during summer 2 times.

Need to know why and with what? Read here

2.  Find a toner matched to your needs. Toners are an integral part of shrinking pores as they tighten your pores following your cleanse process.

Over the counter toners interrupt the PH levels in your skin and can often cause more damage to the skin. The Dr Spiller, Cucumber Toner is usually our go to, read more here 
The Dr Spiller, Cucumber Toner, $68

We are going to are going to breakdown the product recommendations into two sections:

A) Oil based: you’re probably thinking “What?? Oil based? I have large pores because I produce too much oil!!”. You’re likely too dry and you’re not using the products so the pores are being clogged up by dead skin cells and leading to an over production of oil.

B) Acid based: The skin must be appropriately prepared before proceeding with acid based products. These range of products may be too strong for some skin types.

All products recommended can only be prescribes by a skincare professional.
1. A) Oil based recommendations:
Dr Spiller, Vitamin A Night, $183

Dr Spiller, Vitamin A Day, $167

The two Dr Spiller, Vitamin A products are designed for dry to combination skin. It is designed to restore and normalise the moisture balance and visibly improve the skin’s resilience resulting in a smoother complexion.

1. Dr Spiller, Royal Jelly Cream, $94

The royal Jelly cream is a light cream that has been designed for young problematic complexions prone to breakouts and open pores. More details about this product can be found here.

1. B) Acid based recommendations:
Ultra MD, Ultimate A2 Anti-ageing Serum, $179

Containing two of the most potent prescription Vitamin A available, this product is designed to support the skin’s cell regeneration cycle, the serum will help dramatically transform the skin.

1. Ultra MD, Ultimate A Refining Serum, $155

This product has been developed to support the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. The Ultimate A Refining Serum has been clinically tested and shown to refine and improve the appearance of skin clarity, texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and other imperfections.

To find the perfect products tailored to your needs visit one of our beautiful clinics for a thorough skin assessment, treatment plan and homecare package.

For a, thorough skin assessment:  
Call: 02 8897 0077
Email: [email protected]


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