Spot-less: Reduce skin discolouration

Sun damage is one of the most common problems treated at Face Plus.

Pigmentation is caused by sun exposure and specifically the UVA rays which penetrate your skin on a deeper level and cause ageing.

UVA’s stimulate pigment cells called melanocytes to create pigment called melanin. Melanin is responsible for your tan and also unwanted pigmentation.

They don’t appear overnight; these sun spots can take up to 10-20 years to develop.
Triggers for pigmentation in young women can also be the pill (contraception) and pregnancy, which alters your hormone levels. In combination with exposure to the sun this can results in dark spots, often on the upper lip and forehead.

Pigmentation can appear all over the body, any part that is exposed to the sun; face, décolletage, hands, back and shoulders.

There are a number of facials and treatments available to treat pigmentation. Depending on the type of pigmentation skin peels or laser treatments may be suggested. You can read further about the peels available here.

This blog we are focusing on the laser treatment called Limelight IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). This device was invented to combat age spots, skin redness, small veins and sun damage. IPL provides dramatic results for sun damaged skin.

Limelight is perfect for any part of the face, neck, décolletage and hands with redness, small veins or dark spots. Light brown spots that may have been difficult to resolve in the past, respond well to this treatment.

There are varying programs to customise the treatment to your skin type and type of pigmentation.

Depending on the area that is being treated it should take less than one hour. Results can be seen following one to six treatments. Conditions such as rosacea would take six treatments with regular follow up treatment. Limelight IPL treatments are spaced one month apart.

Immediately following the Limelight IPL treatment, the spots will darken, your skin may appear slightly red, be mildly swollen and this will last for a few hours or possibly a day or longer. You can always apply makeup to cover up any redness that may be visible. Within one to three weeks, the darkened spots will flake off and fade.

Redness or small veins will decrease and the mottled look of complexion will improve.

Prior to receiving your Limelight IPL treatment your Dermal Therapist must perform a patch test; a full treatment appointment can be made 48 hours following your patch test if you have not experienced any side effects.

Clients always ask if this is a permanent solution, it can be if proper care is taken. New spots and redness may appear with new sun exposure and damage.
The best care and prevention is to protect your skin from the sun. Read our sun safe tips here.
For further details on Limelight IPL visit our treatment page

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The Ultimate: Diminish with Ultra MD

If you have yet to develop fine lines and wrinkles but still see signs of aging, pigmentation is usually to blame.

Pigmentation is caused by sun damage and will begin to show as you get older and will increasingly get worse as you age and spend more time in the sun.
Prevention is the first step and you can read all of our tips here.

A prevention plan is important for everyone, even if you already have existing pigmentation, more spots and discolouration will continue to appear if you do not act on this.

To target the pigmentation, you already have there are so many product options available on the market. We strongly believe in the Ultra MD range, which is a great range of Australian products.
The Ultra MD range can only be prescribed from a Medispa like Face Plus Medispa as they use a powerful combination of ingredients to target the skin concern. When we say powerful, we mean POWERFUL!

If you can only include one more product in your regime we recommend the Ultimate A Refining Serum, By Ultra MD.
This product is our Bankstown, advanced dermal therapist, Diana Italiano’s go-to for anyone who is looking to actively treat their pigmentation.

One of the most popular products in the range, contains potent levels Ultra MD’s exclusive advanced stabilisation and delivery technology, Ultra-RetiTM Microparticles (long-life pure retinol microparticles). The encapsulation and delivery technology features retinol embedded into a soft wax protection, stabilisation and delivery system. This ensures ingredient potency and effectiveness.

Featuring pure retinol, supported by the action of pro-vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain (derived from pineapple), this serum was developed to support the sin’s production of collagen and elastin.

The Ultimate A Refining Serum, By Ultra MD has been clinically tested and shown to refine and improve the appearance of skin clarity, texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and other skin imperfections.
Users of this serum will see dramatically plump skin!

Ultimate A Refining Serum, By Ultra MD, $155

Additional treatment and product recommendations can be found here.

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Scars & pigmentation from acne: Create a natural cover up look


Natural make up tutorial for uneven skin. 

Watch our in house makeup artist, Rowena Campbell create an easy, every day look to cover up pigmentation and scarring due to acne.


Here are the Jane Iredale products Rowena used for this video:
1. Smooth affair primer, $78

2. Glow time, full coverage mineral BB cream, $76

3. Disappear, full coverage concealer, $58

4. Purepressed, base mineral foundation, $72

5. Active light, under eye concealer, $47

6. Moonglow, golden bronzer, $81



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Spot the difference: Freckles and age spots


Age Spots vs Freckles.



Age spots and freckles do have similarities but they are two different types of hyperpigmentation.
Freckles typically appear on those who have fair skin, especially people with red hair. They can often appear darker as a child but then they fade as you age, hereditary freckles are for life.

Sun exposure in these skin types will cause more freckles and existing freckles may become darker if time is spent in the sun without an SPF
Freckles are an inherited trait and if you have inherited traits like red hair and fair skin, the appearance of freckles are inevitable.

Age spots often tend to be bigger than freckles and only appear due to aging. Sometimes you may find they are slightly raised. Age spots appear on the face and hands and areas that are exposed to the elements, rather than the entire body.

Sun exposure plays a large role in the development of age spots but they also occur due to the deterioration of skin cells, a natural part of aging.
The more time you spend in the sun, the more damage is caused to the cells, this is the connection! Years of sun damage can lead to more melanin production in a certain area, developing an age spot.

The difference?
Freckles are small and can appear anywhere, at any age and are hereditary.
Age spots can occur to anyone of any skin type.
Further age spots and freckles can be prevented but only age spots can be effectively treated.

Freckles are natural and we always advise our patients to treat them as you would a beauty mark.
Embracing will give you a boost of confidence about your skin and you won’t want to wear as much make up any more to try and cover up.

Another reason to love your freckles? They’re very fashionable and on trend at the moment! They are also seen to make you look younger, unlike age spots.

Prevention & protection…
SPF is your best friend! A sun block should be applied throughout the day.
If you have the skin type to develop more freckles extra care and caution must be taken as your skin requires more protection from the sun.
As they say; slip, slop & slap. Wear protective clothing and accessories when exposed to the sun.

If you are concerned about spots appearing on your body it is important to seek the attention of a GP or a dermatologist.

Face Plus Medispa can assist in the treatment of age spots and pigmentation but freckles are a permanent gift you can thank your family for!

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