Cocooned: Supple skin, break free!

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Cocooned: Supple skin, break free!

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Most of us all started with soft supple skin, right? What changes?
Being out in the Australian sun, environment, food, drinking, and more!
Men in particular are guilty of being a little rough with their skin and not treating it like you would some other organs. Don’t forget, the skin is a living, breathing organ that protects your other internal organs from the world!
It’s not just men but men in general HATE doing more than the bare minimum, right? We have a solution, what if we combined a 75 minute massage with an exfoliation?
Massage as some of you may know increases circulation, detoxifies and helps the skin become suppler. But the exfoliation is where it’s at when you’re looking to break free from your hard shell of a cocoon.
Tania Dobbie, Face Plus Medispa, Master Massage Therapist and Reiki healer, explains “The body cocoon is a full body exfoliation which includes the application of a detoxifying French clay body mask, and a refreshing mini facial”.
You can read about the benefits of facial massage here
Sound good so far?
Face Plus Medispa use a range of products rich in botanical extracts and essential oils. This full body exfoliation treatment is especially beneficial during the winter months if you are suffering from rough, dehydrated and/or congested skin.
I bet you’re wondering “How often will I need to do this??” Not to worry Tania advises you only need to book in for this treatment every 3 months, so that your skin remains soft hydrated and more receptive to the application of skincare products during the season changes.
Shall we continue? After a full body exfoliation, your therapist will apply a luxurious crème body wrap. The wrap includes a blend of French clay, Australian blue cray, organic oils and botanicals.
The products will then be removed with hot towels which increases the circulation and promotes toxin removal. Finally, a botanical oil blend will be applied to soften and revitalise your skin.
There is no need to live with itchy, dry and rough skin. Simply, sacrifice 75 minutes of your time, once every three months and $200 and you won’t have to worry about exfoliating your whole body.
For those of you who use fake tan, this body treatment should also be integrated into your fake tan routine. This cocoon will allow for better application, smooth even finish and clear out blocked pores! Read more here
To book a treatment with Tania:
Call Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
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Smooth & Soften: Vitamin Skin Function Oil

Rough, dry and stripped skin conditions can appear anywhere on the face and body.

The Vitamin skin function oil by Dr Spiller is a versatile face and body oil that smooths and softens rough, dry and stripped skin conditions. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that restore the moisture barrier function and will visibly promote skin resilience.

The formula is rich in lipid formula that rapidly restores moisture barrier function.
User will see an increase in hydration efficacy and moisture protection.

Antioxidants and a cocktail of vitamins (A, C, E, D & K) visibly restores moisture and repairs the skin.

Key ingredients:
Soybean oil: A botanical oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, squalene and lecithin.

Sunflower & corn oils: Both nourishing botanical oils containing vitamins D, E & K.
Vitamin E: A skin identical potent antioxidant naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland for moisture and protection from free radicals.

Retinyl palmitate: a derivative of vitamin A that helps renew the appearance of skin. It is an effective antioxidant that boosts the activity of vitamins C & D.

Lanoline: A natural wax containing biomimetic wax esters to provide superior moisture barrier function.

St John’s wort: A potent antioxidant rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins.

Beta carotene: An antioxidant rich in pro-vitamin A.
Vitamin C: Potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supply appearance.

Following use, you should see a reduced appearance of redness. The versatile and multitasking formula can be used as a face and boy serum and massage medium or as an intensifier missed in with a moisturiser or mask.

The Vitamin Skin Function Oil can be used once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed. For the full face and neck you will only need to apply 1 to 2 drops.
Read our tips for a self-facial massage here

So versatile, it can also be used as a bath oil! Simply add 5 to 10ml’s of the oil to running water.
Vitamin Skin Function Oil, Dr Spiller $79

Book a thorough skin consultation with our experienced team of dermal therapists: 
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Manscape: Beauty routine for men

Manscaping has come a long way!

We are seeing a lot more men taking care of their appearance visiting our Face Plus Medispa clinics for a variety of laser and injectable treatments.

The most popular male treatment in our clinics is the Full Face, Laser Genesis treatment. Men love this treatment because it’s quick, easy and highly effective!

The most popular injectable treatment we see for men is Botox or otherwise known as “Brotox” for the men.
Outside of the clinical treatments there are a few easy things men can incorporate into their routine to maintain a youthful appearance.

1. Exfoliate: If you’re still that guy using the bar of soap or the same body wash for the whole body, we really need to have a chat!

If you find yourself with in grown hairs as your share, it is likely you don’t exfoliate enough. Exfoliating your skin before a shave will ensure a clean and clear finish. Read more tips on shaving here 

2. Eye cream: Use an eye cream and those dark circles and puffy eyes will magically disappear. This addition will have you looking healthy, well rested and more youthful. Eye cream tips can be found here

3. Moisturise and SPF: It’s annoying having to apply so many creams in the morning right? We know this can be frustrating when you need to moisturise and apply a sunblock.

Find a cream with an SPF, a two for one! We recommend the creams available in the Ultraceuticals range:
a) SunActive SPF 50+ face & body lotion by Ultraceuticals, $59

b) Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF, Hydrating by Ultraceuticals, $79

If you’re onto into doing the bare minimum than the inclusion of the above three items will really make quite a difference to your skin.

If you’re looking to really take care of your skin there is a lot more that you can do!

4. Incorporate evening products: Believe it or not, there are products for the day and night. In the evening, it is a great time to apply an additional serum for a mask.

This is highly effective for those who feel like they have itchy or dry skin. A serum is a great addition, it won’t leave your skin sticky and you don’t need to remove it. We recommend the Ultra MD, B2Serum, $99

We break it down for all the men out there via out blog.
The sensitive types usually have redness and a few dry patches here and there. The sensitive guy’s products and routine can be found here 
Tough skin? Often very dry and can even crack! Follow the tips in this blog
We also have a blog for the “no fuss guy”, he has pretty good skin and you’re thinking you might step it up a notch as you get a little older 

For a, thorough skin consultation or a clear homecare plan: 
Call: 02 8897 0000
Email: [email protected]


Tough Going: Feel the feels

If there is one underlying theme I notice in ALL of my client coaching sessions, it is a resistance to vulnerability.

Namely, if we show our true emotions, specifically sadness, then we are behaving in a ‘weak’ manner.

I knew this to be true with a lot of men prior to starting my coaching practice, but what continues to take my breath away is how prevalent this belief is among women too.
That to cry, means to display weakness.

That to show our vulnerability allows for deep-seeded fears of judgement, being disliked and heaven-forbid being perceived as imperfect, rise to the surface.

Brene Brown’s vulnerability TED talk is one of the first recommended Google searches on my laptop – that is how often I have recommended my clients watch it. Because really, it says it all.

Vulnerability, and the ability to show it fully, without filters or apologies, is a strength. In a day and age where our ‘highlights reel’ is what takes up most of the online space, it is incredibly refreshing to hear when someone has a bad day – is struggling – or even jumps on their Insta-stories crying because their puppy needs surgery (me this week!).

Because it makes these people HUMAN and allows us to feel more comfortable in our own emotion too.

There is a misconception in the personal development world that in order to be your best, healthiest and happiest self, you must never feel anger, or sadness, or any of these perceived ‘negative’ emotions.

What if I told you that there is NO SUCH THING as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions. That emotions just are, and what makes them good or bad is in fact how we deal with them? Do we suppress them, and not allow them to surface from fear? (Bad!) Or do we allow them to come up, feel them fully, and then move on? (Good!)

Here are some simple, healthy ways to embrace vulnerability, eradicate ‘toughness’ and soften into emotion as a normal human trait:

Admit you’re not perfect – and that is okay
A huge part of wanting to suppress emotion, and a resistance to vulnerability, is a fear of being perceived as imperfect. Well, guess what?

You’re not perfect. Neither am I. No one is. And that in itself is okay.
This striving for perfection is incredibly detrimental to our mental and emotional states, as no matter what we achieve, it will never be good enough. We live life with a lack of fulfilment, and not ever being our true selves because of a fear of not being ‘good enough’.

The first step to changing this up is to admit to yourself you are not perfect – and that no one is. And that this is okay. It is what makes you human and relatable. And THIS is what is loved most by others.
Key to Happiness? Find out here

Feel whatever emotion comes up for you FULLY for 10 minutes
The next time you feel an emotion you perceive to be ‘negative’ arise – notice how you respond. Do you instantly push it to the side and ignore it? Instead of doing this, allow yourself to feel that emotion, FULLY, for 10 minutes only. Literally, time it on your phone.

If sadness is the emotion, cry it out. Sob and wail until you are a snotty mess.
If it’s anger, scream into your pillow, or better yet, punch it (poor pillow!) Again, time it for 10 minutes.

Guess what? Chances are you will get to the 5 minute mark and be completely done. You have fully expressed your emotion and released it – and now can move on!

When we suppress our emotion, it builds up and comes back in all sorts of nasty ways – panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, snapping at our loved ones. How about just allowing ourselves to feel it for a good 10 minutes? Doesn’t sound that bad does it?

Journaling is a wonderful way of coming to terms with how you are feeling. I take to my journal whenever I feel sad, or angry, to really process WHY the emotion has come up, and get to the root of the trigger.

Once we can understand WHY something impacts us emotionally, we can work on improving or changing that situation. Our emotions are signposts telling us where to next. In journaling on them, we are able to LISTEN to these signs and determine the best action to take.
Read our tips on journaling here

Not to mention the act of getting thoughts out of your head and onto a page clears up mental space and is incredibly therapeutic (and costs nothing at all!)

Talk it out
If writing isn’t your thing, talking about your feelings with someone is another incredible way of practicing vulnerability and ‘getting it off your chest’. Be it a girlfriend, family member, therapist or coach, the act of being fully honest and vulnerable with another person is an incredible way to unleash any emotional blocks you have created – and also gain the perspective, love and support of another person.

As humans, we thrive on connection although so often we go through life suppressing our emotions and feeling alone. We don’t have to. Reach out to someone and ask for help – some will feel more comfortable with a stranger, others with a loved one. Find what works for you and make it a habit.

How do you practice vulnerability in your life?

To make an appointment with our wellness expert, Hollie:
Bondi Beach: 02 8897 0077
Email: [email protected]