The Power of Herbs: Herbal Treatments


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein

There is a misconception that harsh laser peels, chemical peels and microdermabrasion’s are the only way to clear and resurface your skin.

There are other much safer ways to achieve the same if not BETTER results with herbal, natural plant based ingredients, we think our before and after images speak for themselves.

The Face Plus Enzyme Peel is a beautifully refreshing, hydrating and light exfoliating peel. The Face Plus Enzyme Peel is our signature facial and a go-to treatment for anyone looking to brighten and get a thorough exfoliation for their skin.

A great treatment for anytime of the year and even beneficial for pregnant women.

The plant phyto enzymes are activated when water is added and have a dissolving effect on the surface of the skin.

The enzymes are further activated under steam and we leave the mask on for about 10 to 15 minutes, during this time your therapist will offer you the option of a shoulder or hand massage, lush! You can find out more about this treatment here 

The next step up from the Face Plus Enzyme Peel is the Herbal Hyrdation Peel, also referred to as a B Peel. As the name would suggest it is a super hydrating peel but it also targets many other skin concerns.

Like the Face Plus Enzyme Peel there is no downtime associated with this treatment. It is completely free of chemicals, synthetic binders and abrasives and therefore there are not toxic side effects.

The blend contains proteins, carbs, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins and trace elements to kick start and regenerate the skin just one day following the treatment.

We can tailor this treatment to the individual to target their main concerns. We specially mix the herbs for the following options:
Clearer: Impure
Calmer: Sensitivity
Younger: Aging
Hydrated: Dehydrations
Brighter: Pigmentation

It’s a versatile effective treatment for those who need something a little deeper without the downtime. Read more here. 

Ready to take things a little further? The Herbal Phyto Peel is the next step up. This peel is the second most popular treatment in clinic following the Face Plus Enzyme Peel. The Herbal Phyto Peel like the Herbal Hydration offers many variations to target your key concerns. This is a deeper facial and some will experience flaking following a treatment.

The Herbal Phyto Peel is similar to a strong micro-dermabrasion procedure. There is a key different; no harmful micro-injuries are inflicted onto the delicate acid mantle of the skin, that means no irritation or sensitivity.

Following the treatment patients are a little flush but that can easily be covered with makeup, also some may experience a tingling sensation when they move or touch the skin, this tingle is a very good thing! Means the herbs are doing their thing. Read in detail about the treatment here. 

Finally, we have the Herbal Aktiv Peel. There is downtime required in this treatment, a total of 5 days. But check out these results:

The Herbal Aktiv Peel is a great treatment that can be performed any time of year but it is a treatment ideal for the cooler months where you won’t be experiencing too much sun exposure.

The Herbal Aktiv Peel is a skin resurfacing treatment based on natural botanicals. This peel cannot be performed on the skin immediately, the skin must be strong and healthy to take the strength of the peel.

Our dermal therapists often advise the patient to have a few enzyme or phyto peels before the Aktiv peel.

Read Kim’s Herbal Aktiv Peel journey and check out her incredible results HERE.
We also have other fruit based treatments too! Check them out here.

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‘Allo Aloe: Dr Spiller, Aloe Cleansing Gel Sensitive

Aloe Vera is one of those magical ingredients that seem to be good for so many things.

You can apply it to your skin, you can eat it and believe it or not, apparently you can also use it as a natural hair conditioner!

Aloe Vera is a key ingredient in many of the products we use in clinic and offer to our clients for home care.

The Aloe Cleansing Gel Sensitive by Dr Spiller is by far one of our most popular cleansing product. The gel formula is perfect for people who like the sensation of “suds” building up on their skin, some of our patients who use a milk based cleanser often miss that “soapy” sensation as they clean their skin.
Aloe Cleansing Gel Sensitive by Dr Spiller, $68

It is water soluble foaming gel that cleansing the skin, of course without drying. This is one of our more versatile products that can be used both on the body and face.

The organically sourced Aloe Vera is an intensive moisturiser and antioxidant rich in avonoids, polyphenols, vitamins A, B, B2 ,B3, B6, B12 and zinc.

The Aloe Vera soothes and smooths reactive skin whilst reducing any visible redness.
The foaming gel formula effortlessly dissolves impurities and makeup without stripping or drying.

The skin friendly Ph restores the acid mantle without irritation. It is also a hypoallergenic and will not aggress sensitised skins.
The cleaning gel is suitable for oily or combination skin and can be used morning and night.

A double cleanse can be performed if heavy makeup needs to be removed.

Always use lukewarm water on the face as hot water will strip the acid mantle and increase reactivity. Avoid removing the cleanser with abrasive or aggressive wash-clothes.

Be sure to avoid the eye area, as it was not designed for use around the eye contour area. We suggest using an eye makeup remover.

The Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Gel leaves the skin feeling fresh and radiant.
For that extra radiance, it’s really important you incorporate an exfoliant in your weekly routine at least 2 to 3 times a week. Check out our exfoliant options and benefits here.

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Trends in action: Your time to shine

What is trending this Spring?

We discussed 2017 Spring colour trends in our previous blog, read here.

We provided some tips on how to incorporate the colours into your beauty but in this blog we delve a little deeper.

We’ve been seeing some serious 90’s throwbacks in fashion the last few months but were going back another decade and they want you to get ready for the 80’s.

If you read our Spring colour trends blog we really encouraged pops of colour in your makeup, fashion and accessories. The trend this year is really about the idea of creating colour shock!

For the hair, throw it into a side part! Make it a deep side part. Another hair trend that has been around for a while but sticking around are tight braids. You can combine the deep side part and braid trend.

A quick survey around the office found that a large majority of team members did not know how to BRAID!!
So, we have created this video for you, enjoy…


To recap, the key braid trend is to make them tight, whether they are braid, Dutch braids, plaits or corn rows.

Sorry we’re not hair pros but we thought we did a pretty good job, right?

One topic we know back to front, inside and out is our most favourite trend, CLEAN SKIN! The braids, hair parts and pops of colour should contrast the clear, bright and healthy skin.

Creating the BOLD element in your overall look hinges on the all-important element of clean skin.

This Spring, Face Plus Medispa’s mission is to get to you reveal your clean skin. As some of our reptiles do as things heat up, shed that old skin!

The first step in to visit Face Plus for a consultation. Does the idea scare you? Read about our consultation process here.
The consultation process is not a scary but an exciting journey to discovery.
Following a thorough skin consultation your dermal therapist will prescribe a treatment and homecare program. Time and money is always taken into consideration when setting #SkinGoals.

It’s your skin’s time to shine!

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Grateful: Stop and smell the roses


“Wherever you are, be there totally”- Eckhart Tolle

When was the last time you stopped in your tracks to smell a flower?Or gazed up at the night sky in awe of the stars?

It’s a shame these simple acts have a somewhat ‘hippy’ connotation to them, because the simple act of stopping and being is FAR more than what it can sometimes be made out to be.

In fact, mindfulness is an extremely important part of living a happy, healthy and relaxed life.

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness refers to being fully in the present moment. Often we are thinking ahead – about things that lie before us (our future), or dwelling on past mistakes, and things that have happened to us before (our past). It is rare in this day and age to practice full presence – that is, focusing our mind on the here and the now.
Mindfulness allows us to do this.

Why does mindfulness matter to our wellbeing?
Mental health is a significant component to overall wellbeing (it is MIND, body and soul, after all). Our mental wellbeing is significantly impacted by our thoughts.

When we are not consciously aware of our thoughts and that we actually can control our mindset, we can end up feeling far more stressed, worried, anxious and depressed than necessary.

There is a saying that goes: when you live in the past, that is depression. When you live in the future, that is anxiety. When you live in the present, that is peace.

Mindfulness is exceptionally important to our wellbeing as it allows us to consciously focus on the here and now. And when we are truly in the present moment, worry and stress do not exist.

How can you be more mindful each day?
Mindfulness really is as simple as stopping to smell the roses. It is about truly BEING in the moment, focused on what you are doing at that exact point in time.

A lot of the time people are resistant to mindfulness as they believe they cannot “turn off their thoughts”. This isn’t what mindfulness is about. It is, though, about CATCHING you mind when it wanders, and gently brining it back to the present moment.

For instance, when you are brushing your teeth – rather than worrying about the day ahead or thinking about something that happened yesterday, direct your mind to the simple act of brushing.

What do you feel in that moment? How do the bristles sound? What do you smell?
An easy way to connect with the present moment is to rally off your 5 senses:

  • What do you see?
  • What can you smell?
  • What can you taste?
  • What do you hear?
  • What can you feel?

In connecting with your physical senses, you are directing your focus back to the present moment, and your mind has nowhere to be but here and now.

Try it. Next time you catch yourself worrying or stressed about the past or the future, bring your senses back here. Stop and smell the roses.

Literally! And watch how easily stress melts away, and life unfolds for you.
More simple ways to introduce mindfulness in your day can be found here.

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