Trends in action: Your time to shine

What is trending this Spring?

We discussed 2017 Spring colour trends in our previous blog, read here.

We provided some tips on how to incorporate the colours into your beauty but in this blog we delve a little deeper.

We’ve been seeing some serious 90’s throwbacks in fashion the last few months but were going back another decade and they want you to get ready for the 80’s.

If you read our Spring colour trends blog we really encouraged pops of colour in your makeup, fashion and accessories. The trend this year is really about the idea of creating colour shock!

For the hair, throw it into a side part! Make it a deep side part. Another hair trend that has been around for a while but sticking around are tight braids. You can combine the deep side part and braid trend.

A quick survey around the office found that a large majority of team members did not know how to BRAID!!
So, we have created this video for you, enjoy…


To recap, the key braid trend is to make them tight, whether they are braid, Dutch braids, plaits or corn rows.

Sorry we’re not hair pros but we thought we did a pretty good job, right?

One topic we know back to front, inside and out is our most favourite trend, CLEAN SKIN! The braids, hair parts and pops of colour should contrast the clear, bright and healthy skin.

Creating the BOLD element in your overall look hinges on the all-important element of clean skin.

This Spring, Face Plus Medispa’s mission is to get to you reveal your clean skin. As some of our reptiles do as things heat up, shed that old skin!

The first step in to visit Face Plus for a consultation. Does the idea scare you? Read about our consultation process here.
The consultation process is not a scary but an exciting journey to discovery.
Following a thorough skin consultation your dermal therapist will prescribe a treatment and homecare program. Time and money is always taken into consideration when setting #SkinGoals.

It’s your skin’s time to shine!

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Grateful: Stop and smell the roses


“Wherever you are, be there totally”- Eckhart Tolle

When was the last time you stopped in your tracks to smell a flower?Or gazed up at the night sky in awe of the stars?

It’s a shame these simple acts have a somewhat ‘hippy’ connotation to them, because the simple act of stopping and being is FAR more than what it can sometimes be made out to be.

In fact, mindfulness is an extremely important part of living a happy, healthy and relaxed life.

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness refers to being fully in the present moment. Often we are thinking ahead – about things that lie before us (our future), or dwelling on past mistakes, and things that have happened to us before (our past). It is rare in this day and age to practice full presence – that is, focusing our mind on the here and the now.
Mindfulness allows us to do this.

Why does mindfulness matter to our wellbeing?
Mental health is a significant component to overall wellbeing (it is MIND, body and soul, after all). Our mental wellbeing is significantly impacted by our thoughts.

When we are not consciously aware of our thoughts and that we actually can control our mindset, we can end up feeling far more stressed, worried, anxious and depressed than necessary.

There is a saying that goes: when you live in the past, that is depression. When you live in the future, that is anxiety. When you live in the present, that is peace.

Mindfulness is exceptionally important to our wellbeing as it allows us to consciously focus on the here and now. And when we are truly in the present moment, worry and stress do not exist.

How can you be more mindful each day?
Mindfulness really is as simple as stopping to smell the roses. It is about truly BEING in the moment, focused on what you are doing at that exact point in time.

A lot of the time people are resistant to mindfulness as they believe they cannot “turn off their thoughts”. This isn’t what mindfulness is about. It is, though, about CATCHING you mind when it wanders, and gently brining it back to the present moment.

For instance, when you are brushing your teeth – rather than worrying about the day ahead or thinking about something that happened yesterday, direct your mind to the simple act of brushing.

What do you feel in that moment? How do the bristles sound? What do you smell?
An easy way to connect with the present moment is to rally off your 5 senses:

  • What do you see?
  • What can you smell?
  • What can you taste?
  • What do you hear?
  • What can you feel?

In connecting with your physical senses, you are directing your focus back to the present moment, and your mind has nowhere to be but here and now.

Try it. Next time you catch yourself worrying or stressed about the past or the future, bring your senses back here. Stop and smell the roses.

Literally! And watch how easily stress melts away, and life unfolds for you.
More simple ways to introduce mindfulness in your day can be found here.

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Expressive: Reveal the right expression


“Age is not important unless you’re cheese”- Helen Hayes

Ever get told you look sad, angry, scary or intimidating? One usually has to field these questions if they have hooded lids, frown lines and other prominent lines.

The most common lines that most are concerned about are the “11” vertical lines between the brows and horizontal lines that go across the forehead.

The vertical lines that appear are commonly referred to as frown lines. If these lines are prominent they can give the appearance of being angry and intimidating.

The horizontal lines across the forehead, can give the appearance of being tired and older than you are!

These lines are usually caused by repeated facial expressions over time, and these will appear as early as your mid 20’s.

Hooded lids can begin to appear as early as your mid 20’s and it is usually hereditary. Hooded lids can give the appearance of being tired, sad and it is an aging feature.

All of these minor concerns can easily be corrected with muscle relaxants. Face Plus Medispa carry two brands of muscle relaxants, the most commonly known brand is “Botox” and the other brand we carry is “Dysport”.

Botox if offered at $16 per unit and Dysport at $5.50 per unit. This cost variant is due to the strength of the product. Which brand your nurse would prefer to treat your concerns will be determined at a thorough cosmetic consultation.

A cosmetic consultation is a great opportunity to discuss why and how your aging concerns have appeared. Your nurse will provide a clear treatment plan to target your concern and a realistic timeline to achieve your goals.

Patients who are specifically treating frown lines and forehead lines see a huge change in mood and how others engage with them.
The same can be said for those targeting hooded lids.

Muscle relaxants are not a permanent solution for hooded lids but a great temporary option for those who are not yet ready for a surgical procedure.

You can find out more about the injectable brow lift treatment here.

Muscle relaxants last approximately 3 to 6 months depending on the strength of your muscles and the dosage provided within your budget. Your cosmetic nurse will always provide you with options considering your budget.

For those of you who are concerned you may look frozen and expressionless, do not fear! Face Plus Medispa’s team of cosmetic injectors have 1000’s of hours of experience between them.

Read the benefits of muscle relaxants here.

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Spring glow: HydroPeptide Purifying Mask

Dull skin is never really acceptable but we are always looking for that extra glow as the temperature rises.

There are many factors that impact the glow of your skin; diet, overall health and skincare regime.

We have covered diet and overall health in our blog in the past:
Glow: From the inside out
Eat & glow: Can food help dry skin?
How to glow this winter: Foods to keep that Summer glow

We have covered this from a wellness perspective too! Happy mind and soul reflects to the outside too, right? Read here

If you would like to improve the overall health and glow of your skin you inner health, mind and diet must be well managed in conjunction with the right skincare.

There are many steps involved in skincare and an important stage to glowing skin is cell turnover. Cell turnover is the process where our skin produces new cells, exfoliating your skin is key to this process.

Read our exfoliation tips here.
When you have problematic or sensitive skin it can be scary to exfoliate or apply anything you fear may make your skin worse.

The Purifying Mask by HydroPeptide is perfect for problematic, uneven skin tone, dehydrated, sensitive and aging skin.
Purifying Mask by HydroPeptide, $79

Using this mask once a week will promote smoother, brighter skin and active ingredient penetration.

Only a thin layer needs to be applied to a clean face for 10 to 20 minutes for the purifying results to be visible resulting in a clearer complexion.
Bonus – it will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; lift and hydrates.
For more detail read more via our blog here.

Interested in a slightly strong peel? Try the Polish and Plump Peel by HydroPeptide.
Home skincare is equally as important as in clinic treatments and your overall health and wellbeing.

Our dermal therapists conduct thorough consultations that will cover all factors that impact your skin. You can read about our skin consultation process here. 

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Colour Report: 2017 Spring trends

Don’t you just love love love this time of year?

The temperature is slowly beginning to rise and morning are brighter. This is the time of year people start to gain a little inspiration to start getting ready for summer.

What does Spring look like this year? We’re going back to nature. We are all appreciating the colours found naturally in NATURE!

The colours popular this season evoke emotions to memories associated with these particular colours.
The primrose yellow reflects warm sunny days, can you picture that moment now?

Do you recall those crystal clear blue waters from your trip to the Greek Isles or your Instagram feed? Island paradise is another colour in the top ten this spring capturing our desire to escape to pristine waters.

Spring is the time of year our country goes from brown to green! All Australians in recent times have grown to love kale, but kale is also a trendy colour of this season, invigorating the feeling of breathing in fresh air, picture an endless valley of luscious green leaves.

Are you excited about spring?
Here is the full list of top colours of Spring 2017:

Niagara: Classic denim like blue. Double denim seems to be sticking around but don’t be afraid to add a pop colour eyeliner!

Primrose yellow: The joyful shade of yellow. An easy colour to accessories with.

Lapis blue: An energetic colour, it is an intense blue shad.

Flame: Red based orange! A perfect shade for you lips. Remember there is a perfect red for everyone. Read our tips on finding your shade of red here.

Island paradise: A cool blue green shade, try a shadow?

Pale dogwood: Sounds a little unusual but it is a peaceful pink shade that is a subtle pink with a soft touch infuses a healthy glow. A little blush or lips would be perfect if the flame red isn’t for you.

Pink Yarrow: On the contrary is BOLD, attention grabbing and tempestuous. It is a captivating and stimulating colour that lifts the spirit and gets the adrenaline going! We say active wear, cheeks, eyes and lips! This colour inspires many options.

Kale: Reflective of beautiful great outdoors it is a natural, luscious and fertile natural green shade that is a perfect complementary background colour to more vibrant tones in the palette.

Hazelnut: If you thought Nutella, you’re wrong or was that just me? Hazelnut is a key neutral for spring. It is an unpretentious shade and effortless. This is the ideal highlighter or nude lip shade.

The key to this season? Be bold! The colours complement one another and bring a little fun and playfulness.
Mix and match!

But be mindful of your skin tone, read our tips on figuring out which tone you are and what colours would work for you here.

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Spring has Sprung: Transition from Winter to Spring mode


Smile spring is almost here!

With Spring in the air (literally, does anyone else love the smell of Jasmine?!) and warmer weather on our doorsteps, it is the perfect transitional time from wintery hibernation, to living with more of a spring in our step (had to be done).

But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Wintery, cooler months allow us to really rest – sleep-ins are favoured over early morning boot camps in the cold, warmer and heartier meals are a food staple, and nights in rugged up and watching Netflix are a go-to weekend must!

So how do we effortlessly transition from Winter comfort to Spring-time energy?
Here are some simple ways to transition your wellbeing to Spring:

Consider a cleanse
It’s normal in the colder months to be more likely to reach for a soup or curry than a fresh salad or green juice. Our bodies change their cravings based on a variety of factors, and the weather is absolutely one of these.

To transition ourselves physically from Winter to Spring, consider a juice or soup cleanse to really reset your physical body as the weather warms up.

Now that is not to say you need to go a week without solid food. Even a one-day cleanse of soups and juices is enough to give your digestive system a reboot, leaving you with a clearer mind and settled tummy.
Check out one of our bone broth tips here

Take up an outdoor activity
With the weather warming up, now is the perfect excuse to get into the sun and move our bodies while we’re at it!
Consider taking up a new physical activity that you have been ‘meaning to’ try for a while now – anything from nature hiking, to rock climbing, to swimming.

Spring is the perfect season to take your training outdoors, as there is just enough chill in the air that training doesn’t become TOO unbearable.
Grab yourself some new activewear to get your motivation peaking, and get outside!
Keen to try some yoga? Read the benefits via our blog here.

Spend time with sunshine-y people
The people you spend your time with REALLY matter – after all, we are all energetic beings, and energy is contagious! Make a conscious effort to spend more of your time with people who make you feel good!

That is, they leave you feeling light, make you laugh and feel like no effort to hang out with.
If you aren’t sure where to find likeminded people, consider joining a local women’s circle, or look up cool events in your area and go along on your own (scary yes, but also so liberating).

You never know who you could run into. By putting yourself into more situations with likeminded people, you are bound to attract your soul sisters.

Additionally, be conscious of when your energy feels drained around certain people and be conscious to create some boundaries so you are not left feeling exhausted after any social outings.

Bring the outdoors, in
Start connecting more with nature by bringing plants and flowers inside! You don’t have to wait for a partner or loved one to gift you with a beautiful bunch – head to the farmers markets each weekend and buy some yourself!

Not only will they leave you feeling happy, but the added brightness to your home definitely adds to that Spring-time feel.

Flowers not your thing? How about a lucky bamboo plant or succulent? Anything green and leafy will do!

Get your nature fix
Spring is ALL about the outdoors, so be sure to connect with nature in some way. For some of you that may look like a weekend away in the Blue Mountains filled with bush walks. For others, a coastal stroll followed by an ocean swim is a must.

Whatever it may be, make a conscious effort to get outside and connect with nature – take off your shoes, lie on the grass and soak up the sun. Your body, mind AND soul will thank you for it.

What are you most looking forward to about Spring?

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