Developed over 50 years ago, Alex Cosmetics BB Cream is rich in history and continued research and innovation.

BB creams were first created in Germany, to soothe and conceal skin whilst undergoing treatment for acne and/or laser treatment. The formula proved to be so popular that it soon became the must have product.

The Alex Cosmetic BB Cream is ideal for blemished, sensitised skin, or any skin type that requires that little extra care. The formulation offers amazing coverage, care and protection.

The BB Cream will provide you with more than just balanced and flawless skin.

Your skin function will become normalised, what does that even mean? It means that your skin will become healthier and bring the balance back to your skin.

The BB Cream can also reduce efflorescence’s and foster the healing process.
You only need to apply a thin layer for it to do its job! The BB cream can be applied serval times a day or even morning and evening.

Applying throughout the day will calm, comfort and protect the skin if you have inflammation or have received a peel.

The BB cream is excellent as a cover-up for skin irregularities such as acne and rosacea. If your skin is irritated after shaving for example, you can also apply the BB directly to the area.

BB Cream, Alex Cosmetics, $63 to $119.50 (varies sizes available)

Filled with plant extracts, this product is available from all Face Plus Medispa clinics and can be purchased in three shades.
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