Halloween Makeup: Beginners Skeleton

Halloween time!

Have you noticed that people are really going out of their way with their makeup in the past years? Well, we’ve noticed and it’s time to step up your game!

If you’re undecided about your costume we are a fan of the “Skeleton” look. The outfit is simple and so is the makeup. We would categories this look in the “Beginners category”.
How to: Skeleton Halloween costume makeup

1. First apply a BB to your face, neck and décolletage
Glow Time BB, Jane Iredale, $76

2. Next you will have to create a completely white base. You can use a white powder suitable for the skin on your face. We suggest an eye shadow would be appropriate for this step!

3. Use a black pencil eyeliner to contour your cheekbones. We suggest you start at the hairline and draw a line angles toward your lips on both sides of your face.
4. Then, brush to blend the line the line downward.
PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, Jane Iredale, $72

5. Use a black liquid liner to draw a triangle on the bottom of your nose with two small lines pointed towards the bridge of your nose, fill the triangle too. Next, use the eyeliner to draw a line from the end of your tips to where your contour ends. Finish by drawing diagonal lines over your lips and the lines you drew.

6. Don’t forget the brows!! Fill your brows in with your usual shade. Find our tips on brow shaping check out our “Four steps to perfect brows”!
7. Around the eyes, apply a black eyeliner from the lash line to crease, and rim the entire under eye
8. Best to set the triangle on your nose, now. With some black eyeshadow.

9. Around the eyes, apply a black eyeliner from the lash line to crease, and rim the entire under eye. Blend the liner with some black eyeshadow and more PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation.
10. To add a little extra intensity, apply a slightly brown eye shadow to the under corners of your eyes. Make sure to pull the colour upwards to where your eyebrows meet the bridge of your nose.
11. To enhance the skull look draw small teethe lines across the line that is currently enhancing your cheekbones. Use a black liquid liner for this.

Read the original blog and other tips here.

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