In Australia we spend an average of $8 billion a year on beauty and an additional $10.5 billion on personal care.

Given such statistics it’s good to know how to best store all of your precious beauty and “personal care” items.
Heatwave conditions in Australia are very common, you may have experienced thickened nail polish, dried out mascara, thinning hand cream and two-toned foundation. These are all signs your items could be suffering in heatwave conditions too!

Producers of such products do test the stability of the goods under temperatures up to 54’C so that the product is safe and isn’t compromised BUT the products cannot be protected against UV light exposure which can compromise certain ingredients inside the product.

Here are some of our summer makeup storage tips –
1. Check the use by date: There should be a symbol on all beauty products that looks like a jar with an open lid. The “M” on the symbol represents months and the number following that represents the number of months. This must be adhered to once the product has been opened.

2. Keep perfume in the shade: Oils and alcohols in perfume don’t do well in heat and light. Don’t rush and pop the perfume in the fridge as it also doesn’t do well in extreme temperature fluctuations. The best thing to do is to keep it in a cool, dry and shaded area.

3. Store creams fridge: Ingredients inside the cream can become inactive if left in hot conditions. Added bonus of popping the eye cream in the fridge is upon application the cooling effects acts as an anti-inflammatory!

4. Don’t pump your mascara wand: The pumping action fills the tube up of oxygen which shortens the life of your mascara by drying out.

5. Makeup belongs in room temperature: Makeup hasn’t been tested for extremely cold temperatures. It’s best to keep it in a shaded area that is out of direct sunlight. Nail polish is best kept at room temperature also, if you so store it in the fridge you must wait for it to return to room temperature before applying the polish. The refrigeration does assist in prolonging the shelf life of a nail polish.

6. Refrigerate natural products: If a beauty products main ingredient is edible, you should always keep it in the refrigerator so it won’t go off.
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