Confidence: Being summer (body) ready

Summer Ready!

With Summer on our doorsteps, one of the first talking points in many women is their ‘summer body’ and how they have been slaving at the gym, or prepping meals like never before, to get themselves in shape for Summer.

While the notion has some merit, given Summer does imply less clothes and more bikinis, it also perpetuates the idea that your body, as it is, is not enough for Summer – regardless of how you look, how much you weigh or how often you train.

In my eyes, being Summer ready is less about how you physically look, and more about how you FEEL! What are the feelings you are trying to cultivate in aiming for a ‘Summer body’? Is it confidence? Self-worth? Value?

Know that, right now, you have the ability to feel these things REGARDLESS of what you look like in a bikini or how many likes your beach-pose selfie gets.
Here are some top tips to cultivate a beautiful Summer

FEELING in your body:
Smiling is the quickest, easiest way to send feel good endorphins to our minds, creating feelings of genuine happiness and love. And who doesn’t want more of those in their life? Practice making a conscious effort to smile every single day. Try it as you are driving, showering, looking in the mirror. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but you will also start to notice that feel-good rush is so easy to come by.

As the saying goes, the sexiest curve on a woman is her smile. Own it!

Now is the time to treat yourself, and your wardrobe, to something that makes you feel good, sexy even! Be it a beautiful new bikini, a summer dress, or a pair of gorgeous heels – invest in a piece of clothing that you will really love wearing, and that makes you feel all of those feels you are seeking – confident, sexy and light! Often we wait for an occasion to splurge on ourselves, but really – there’s no time like the present! If it makes you feel good, (and you have saved the money) then go for it!

Consider switching to natural beauty – and this doesn’t just mean toning down the makeup in the warmer months. Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing more than 60% of what we put on it straight into the blood stream. With that in mind, mainstream beauty products are FULL of carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors and chemicals. Make the switch to natural beauty products and your skin will be glowing like Summer in no time. Check out the Depths of Beauty blog for tips on making the switch. Read our blog “We care about that flare: Make up for sensitised skin”.

What truly makes your body feel good? Is it a warm candlelit bath with essential oils? Maybe a massage or a facial or a reiki session? Coming into the Summer months, it is easy to forget our pampering rituals, however there really is no better time! Cultivate self love by investing own what makes you FEEL good – and you will surely shine from the inside out. Read More About Reiki Massage here.

How are you getting ready for Summer?

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