Treatment of the year: Bo bo tox

Computer says, our most popular treatment this year was… muscle relaxants!!

You guys love the stuff, remember when people frowned upon the procedure? Now they can’t frown because they seem to be getting in on the action!

For those of you who might still be on the fence, muscle relaxants don’t need to be feared. Dr William Mooney, the founder of Face Plus Medispa, believes if you can tell someone has had “work” then, it was performed badly.

The biggest fear a lot of patients have is the fear of looking frozen. We at Face Plus also hate this look. Here are a few examples of our work to prove you can achieve a wrinkle free appearance without looking frozen: (insert the following Instagram posts)

Remember, muscle relaxants were first developed for the use of a twitching eye and teethe grinders BUT they discovered they offered cosmetic benefits too.

The benefits when treating a twitching eye was that muscle relaxants got rid of crow’s feet.
For the teethe grinders they found that it slimmed the jawline. Injecting muscle relaxants into the masseters, side of your face on jawline is quickly becoming one of our most popular requests.

If you sport a gummy smile, muscle relaxants can assist in dropping the top lip. As you can see from the before and after, there are two great results:
1. No gummy smile
2. Lips appear larger

Brows are such an important feature on the face, if you don’t already know, you must read our blog on the importance of brows, here.

Brows can also be lifted using muscle relaxants to create an arch in the brow or lift those tired looking eyes.

If you have any doubts or questions the best way to take this is by booking in for a consultation with one of our highly experienced, cosmetic nurses. You can read about the cosmetic consultation process here.

OR read our blog “relax”, answering our most frequently asked questions for muscle relaxants.

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Product of the year: Propolis Day Cream

Our most popular product of the year was the Dr Spiller, Propolis Day cream.

As we were running the report, we were expecting this result. If any of you have read our mission statement, we are a, results driven clinic and homecare is a HIGE part of delivering those results.

This product, delivers! Of course, in conjunction with in clinic treatments and also other products that support the day cream.

Designed for oily, combination skin and those who suffer from acne and breakouts. The Dr Spiller, Propolis Day Cream is a non-comedogenic day cream with active anti-bacterial ingredients to purify problematic complexions.

The day time product, biomimetically replicates the skin’s own natural barrier function for moisture protection from environmental drying.

Propolis is an antibacterial bee resin that is rich in minerals, vitamins, plant resins, plant waxes, enzymes and essential oils. Royal Jelly is also an antibacterial ingredient secreted by the bee that is rich in biomimetic water, protein, fatty acids, vitamins B5, B6 and C, trace minerals and enzymes effective in rebalancing and protecting the moisture levels of the skin.

Aloe Vera, an organically sources and intensive moisturiser and antioxidant rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and zinc. Aloe Vera delivers an excellent soothing and smoothing response for reddened, sore and pustular conditions.

Avocado, grapeseed and sunflower oils are three protective botanical oils rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin, wax esters, squalene, vitamins D, E & K.

Lanolin and octyl methoxycinnamate, is a non-irritating sunscreen that protect against UVB. Allowing this product to be a perfect day time product.

Retinyl Palmitate, a derivative of vitamin A that helps to renew the appearance of the skin. An effective antioxidant that boosts the activity of vitamins C & E.

It is advertised as a day cream but it is safe to be used as a night cream too.
Dr Spiller: Propolis Day Cream – $80 50ml

If you do suffer from problematic skin, check out our blog “Hormones: Skin, body and soul” for some tips on care.

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Beauty Product of The Year: Alex Cosmetics BB cream

What is your end goal for having facial treatments?

For most of our Face Plus clients it’s to improve the skin in every way, so that it looks good, even without makeup.
For those of you out there who love makeup will also relate to those days where you would rather not wear makeup and still have beautiful skin, right?

This is probably why the Alex Cosmetics, BB Cream is our beauty product of the year.
The Alex BB cream is perfect for all skin types and offers a full spectrum UV and environmental protection.

The formulations in the Alex Cosmetics range are based on the fundamentals of cosmetics, pharmaceutical’s, herbs and botany, which have evolved over generations and have been designed to reflect the highest standards of today’s scientific knowledge.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, research and development and the continuous discovery of new ingredients, along with the unlimited possibilities the plant word has to offer, Alex cosmetics create product which guarantee maximum effectiveness and safety.
Reflective in the BB cream, it is a product that has been combined harmoniously making it ideal for comprehensive care and protection of every skin type.

We encourage our clients to use the BB cream on a regular basis as it cares for the skin and supplied it with essential nutrients it needs to heal and revitalise itself.
BB Cream, Alex Cosmetics, $63 to $119.50 (varies sizes available)

The Alex BB cream is a complete product to care for healthy radiant beautiful skin. For every skin type, condition and concern.
For more on this product, read more here.

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Wellness blog of the year: Causes of inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural way of repairing itself.

Our wellness blog is a great way for Face Plus to share advice, thoughts and feelings on a number of topics but the one topic that most resonated with our followers was the blog “Ways you can avoid inflammation in the body”, you can recap here.

We discussed ways of avoiding inflammation in the above mentioned blog, but we thought you might enjoy reading about the impacts inflammation can have on the body.

Inflammation is the body’s response to outside threats like stress, infection, or toxic chemicals. When our immune system detects one of these dangers, it will respond by activating proteins meant to protect cells and tissues. In a healthy situation inflammation is a good thing, a very good thing.

BUT if immune cells start to overreact, this type can be harmful causing the tissues in our body to break down faster and is considered to be the root cause of many diseases.

Joint damage: If inflammation occurs in the joints, it can cause serious damage. A joint damaging condition that many of you will be aware of is rheumatoid arthritis.

Those who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, experience pain and stiffness in their inflamed joints. But because the immune reaction isn’t limited to the joints, there is a higher risk for them to have problems with their eyes and other parts of the body.

Heart disease: When any part of your body is injured or damaged, this can trigger inflammation, even inside of your blood vessels. Fatty plaque in the arteries can trigger chronic inflammation.

The fatty plaque attracts white blood cells, grow larger and can form blood clots, which can lead to a heart attack.

As linked in our previous blog, unsightly veins are also caused by inflammation in the body, check out our blog on veins here. 

Cancer: Chronic inflammation, as mentioned above, has been linked to cancers of the lung, oesophagus, cervix and digestive tract. A study performed by the Harvard University in 2014 found, teens that were obese with high levels on inflammation had a 63% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer in adulthood compared to healthier or thinner teens.

Weight: One of the most effective ways to combat inflammation in the body is by losing weight – if you are obese or overweight. If you fall into this category and you’ve been struggling to lose weight, that’s because it is a lot easier said, than done!

Because the elevated levels of inflammation is related protein, it can make losing weight a lot more difficult than it should be. Chronic inflammation can influence hunger signals and slow down the metabolism, so you eat more but you don’t burn enough calories.

Skin: Inflammation has been connected to faster cell growth and is believed to play a role in the formation of wrinkles and the visible signs of aging. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise and take care of yourselves!

Check out our food tips here.

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