Penmanship: Skin Needling

Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acne scarring, skin tone, fine lines, loose skin, large pores and discolouration – ALL targeted by the one treatment!

Which treatment you ask? Microneedling – Dermapen!
Regardless of your skin colour or type, microneedling is one of the best treatments you can have performed to make your skin appear fresh and younger.

Multiple vertical needles pierce the skin, creating thousands of micro-injuries. The Dermapen treatment produces micro-injuries to encourage the skin and leverage it’s power to re-grow and repair naturally.

Dermapen has been proven to enhancing skin rejuvenation and is much safer and offers clients a faster recovery time, compared to similar treatments.

Dermapen is a fairly simple procedure that is performed with a hand-controlled device with small, shallow needles to puncture the outer layer of the skin. The micro-injuries to the skin will stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastic.

The freshly produced collagen will rejuvenate your skin by filling in fines lines, resulting in an overall improvement in the texture and tightness of your skin by removing wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

This treatment is not restricted to the face. Dermapen can also treat many other areas of the body including arms, legs, neck, back hands and stomach.
This treatments, like many of our treatments at Face Plus are not designed to be a miracle instant fix.

The treatments will usually take between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the treated area. Immediately following the treatment your skin will appear a little flush/red, a few days following, your skin will return to normal.  Typically our clients begin to see results, weeks or even months following a series of prescribes treatments.

The total number of treatments are determined by two factors:
1. Results you wish to achieve
2. Size of the treatment area
Wrinkles and stretch marks, depending on the severity, our clients are prescribed between 4 to 8 treatments to achieve their desired results.
All treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks .

For more on this treatment check out the “Skin roll out” blog.

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Irritation free: Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk

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Irritation free: Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk

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Harsh scrubs, cleansing wipes and other products you’ve purchased from the supermarket or pharmacy could be doing more harm than good. We understand you love the sensation of the product doing something to your skin, but this isn’t always great, you’re likely further damaging your skin.
The cleansing milk is designed to gently cleanse and smooth reactive and irritated skins while effectively removing all traces of makeup and impurities from the skin.
The formula contains a skin friendly PH that will restore the acid mantle without irritation.
The key ingredients include:
Aloe Vera: Organically sources, intensive moisturiser and antioxidant rich in avonoids, polyphenols, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and zinc. Aloe Vera is soothing and it smooths reactive skin whilst reducing visible redness.
Arginine: An amino acid found naturally in natural moisturising factor and collagen to visibly boost hydration and suppleness.
Caster Oil: An antioxidant bean extract rich in biomimetic triglycerides and fatty acids.
Those with sensitised/ sensitive, reactive, dehydrated and combination skin will see great benefits with this product thanks to it’s hypoallergenic formulated ingredients, it will cleanse without irritating the skin.
If you love to wear heavy makeup we recommend a double cleanse. Use this product morning and night, massaging it all over your face and neck in circular motions. It’s even safe to use around the eyes.
Dr Spiller, Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Milk, $68

If you love a bit of foaming action, Aloe Cleaning GEL light be a better choice for you, this product has been designed for sensitive skin too, read more here.
One of our favourite eye makeup removers go hand in hand with this product, find out more here.
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Long and lush: Fluttering Lashes

Long lashes have always been associated with being a feminine feature, that’s probably why we love extensions and lash lifts!

Here are some tips to having long beautiful lashes without the assistance of false lashes! All you need is the right mascara and lash care.

When you opt for mascaras and lash products that are filled with natural, nourishing ingredients, you will be able to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes rather than coating them in pigment.

Just as you would condition the hair on your head to keep it nice and healthy, you can apply the same love to your lashes.

There are some serums that you can invest in, here is the one that we recommend.

If you don’t feel comfortable applying a serum, here are some home remedies we’ve heard of. BEFORE you try these, they may just be old wives’ tales, proceed at your own risk!

Castor oil: This might just work, we do know that castor oil on the brows help the hairs grow and stop in grown hairs from forming. Don’t pour the oil onto your eyes! We suggest purchasing some disposable mascara wands for application. This could be a part of your night time routine.

Green tea: Pop the kettle on and brew a cup of green tea. Using a cotton pad, once the tea has cooled lightly wipe the tea over your lashes. Caffeine and flavonoids in green tea can help maintain the growth of existing lashes and stimulate new growth.

Aloe Vera: A great product with multi purposes. Apply some fresh Aloe, using a disposable mascara wand. The vitamins and powerful nutrients, the gel will improve the growth of your lashes and make them stronger.

Massage your lids: Gently massage your lids to stimulate the hair follicles of your lashes. If you do this regularly, apparently you will see a difference. There is a fine line between gentle and rough, going rough will do more harm, than good!
Let us know if those tips work?

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Don’t look back: Letting go of the past

Do you know what the best part of letting go is? That you’re making room for something more positive in your life.

It’s apart of human nature to dwell on the past from time to time BUT if you are a stage 5 clinger with your past, this potentially becomes unhealthy anchors that hold you from moving forward.

What ever you may have experienced in the past death, bad luck, people and places, these tips may help you let go and open the doors to a more positive moment:

1.Give it time: This isn’t the advice you think its going to be. We think you should give yourself sometime to dwell upon the past. Whatever the event allocate yourself just a small amount of time every day, where you give yourself permission. Day by day shorten that time or skip a day.

2.Why does it matter? Think about why you think you might be holding onto that experience? Analyse it – what can I do to live with this memory? Should you just accept it and move forward?

3.Eliminate: Never, ever use these words again – could, should and would.

4.Replay: There’s not point reliving and sharing the stories with others.

5.Focus: On the present, the now, things that make you happy and bring you joy, right now! If you do that, you’ll have less time to think about the past.

6.Forgive: You will probably not forget but forgive. You can forgive yourself too! Forgiveness is often the one thing that can get you out of pain and stubbornness, be the bigger person!

7.Find a hobby: This relates to the main goal of the post! Make space for the good things. Finding a hobby will help you fill the void or even push out what ever might be holding you back.

Don’t think you’re holding onto anything but you feel a sense of sadness or fear of reaching for what you want? It might be hidden so deep you don’t even know you’re still holding onto something. Reiki has the ability to bring so much to the surface, read about the techniques used in Reiki via out blog.
Curious to see what it’s like? Read a real life experience here.

Looking to clear out some bad energy and heal? Visit our in house reiki healer. To book: 
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Pump & plump: Lip Augmentation

What do most look to achieve through a lip augmentation?

A large majority of clients that walk-through Face Plus Medispa’s doors are usually looking to create “fuller” lips.
Other popular requests include, reduction of gummy smile, hydration of dry lips, creating a defined lip shape and changing the appearance of “sad mouth”.

Did you know lip injections appears to have been around since the early 1900’s? In the 1980’s collagen that was derived from animals were used to add volume, but an allergy test was required prior to treatment, these tests could take up to 3 weeks.

Side note: Probably why some people who are not in the know always ask, “Did you get collagen in your lips?”, the honest answer is “no!”.
All semi-permanent fillers we use in our clinic are Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our body and the filler is made from substance similar to those found in the body, an allergic reaction is unlikely.  The results last longer than collagen and because HA’s are not derived from animal products an allergy test is not required.

When creating fuller lips, depending on your lip shape, density and age a filler product will be selected to best suit your needs and goals. You may discover that if you are having your lips filled for the first time your cosmetic injector may “build” in stages. The injections will be given gradually at different appointments until the desired volume is achieved.

A gummy smile can be reduced via fillers and muscle relaxants, more often than not, a combination of both. The patient pictured in our Instagram below, did not want to add volume to her lip. Jean Charles, Cosmetic Injector and Clinical manager used Botox alone to target her concern.

The appearance of “sad mouth” can be corrected with fillers alone. In the below example, cosmetic nurse & RN used two different fillers to achieve these results. Jasmine injected 0.5mls of one product in the lip and 0.5mls of another to give structure to the lip corners.

A very natural and subtle look without adding obvious volume to her naturally plump lips.

Aging is all a part of the process, we’re all heading there! As we age we lose volume in our lips and they often appear dry, this may be due to sun exposure or if you’re simply not drinking enough water.

Replacing lost volume will allow the lips to appear plumper and more hydrated, read here.
Defining the lip shape, in particular the cupids bow that is flattened, creates a more youthful appearance.
We invite you to visit out before & afters area on our website, you will see that we create natural volume and all transformations are subtle.

Visit one of our clinics and discuss your cosmetic options with one of our highly experienced nurses:
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Thirst factor: Summer Hydrator

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Thirst factor: Summer Hydrator

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It’s important to stay hydrated any time of year, drinking water has so many benefits that we won’t list here, because it’s available here and here.
Young and old, there are certain skin types that are prone to dehydration. Working in an airconditioned environment doesn’t quite help but there is an easy way to protect and hydrate the skin!
The Hydro Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller is a delicate cream formulated to keep the skin soft and to restore moisture to young skins prone to dehydration.
The delicious key ingredients include:
Collagen: A biomimetic protein that visibly supports skin density and a more supply complexion.
Urea: Biomimetic humectant found naturally in natural moisturising factor (NMF) for increased water binding abilities – hydrated for longer!
Lanolin: A natural wax that contains biomimetic wax esters to provide superior moisture barrier function.
Grapeseed oil: A nourishing botanical oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E.
Lecithin: Biomimetic protectant found naturally in the acid mantle to protect against trans epidermal water loss.
Vitamin E: A skin-identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland for environmental moisture protection.
Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supple appearance.
Octyl methoxycinnamate: A non-irritating sunscreen that protects against UVB.
The Hydro Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller, $92

For more mature skin that may be going through menopause we recommend he Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller, read more here.
There are an endless number of creams available to you, curious to see how much moisture is enough for you? Read more here.
Start your skin journey with Face Plus Medispa by booking a skin consultation:
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Event Ready: Summer Party Look

When preparing for a summer event there are five key beauty elements to creating the perfect look:

1. Primer, a mattifying one is best.

2. Foundation with an SPF, if you’re prone to freckles use a sunblock product such as the HydroPeptide, Solar Defense. Solar Defense is a zinc based sunblock and will act as a physical barrier, protecting the skin from the development of sun related spots.

3. Long lasting, eye colour.

4. Bronzed cheeks.

5. A soft and supple lip.

Here is our “safe” go to look for any party and any outfit:

1. Your first step is to apply primer. Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair, for Oily Skin, $78. We are leaning towards the “for oily” skin as it can provide an all day matte finish.

2. Apply a physical sunblock. If spots don’t concern you or suffer with pigmentation a tinted moisturiser like the Dream Tint By Jane Iredale is perfect. You can apply the Tint with your fingers or a sponge.

3. It’s time to move to your cheeks. Using a fan brush in a copper or bronze tone apply the shade to the apples of your cheek.

4. Using an eye shader brush apply an eyeshadow. A creamy shade should be applied to your lid, brow bone and inner corner of your eye.

5. Using a chisel shader brush, blend a gold shade on to your eye lid as well.

6. Using a crease brush, apply a copper shade to the crease and outer corner of your eye.

7. Apply a brown eye pencil to the top lash line.

8. And a taupe share to the lower lash lines.

9. Apply your preferred shade of mascara.

10. We love lip stains, apply this onto your lips with a layer of gloss.

A simple beautiful look for any summer event! Now get out there and socialise!

For a colour matching session with one of our experienced team members:
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Find the original content here.


Isolation: Dealing with loneliness

We all feel lonely from time to time, especially if you’re use to being surrounded by a large family or a structured environment like school.

But for some, and we know you’re out there, the sense of isolation and loneliness comes a little too often.

When special holidays or events such as valentines day swing around, you can sometimes feel like it will never end and that you’ll be forever alone.

As difficult as it is, loneliness is something only YOU can control and manage.
There are 2 basic (we don’t mean to sound like we’re simplifying) types of loneliness.

Firstly, acute loneliness appears when you lose a significant person in your life or you’re moving away from a place you would consider a “safe” place or “home”. The other is, despite what you have in your life and those who surround you, you have a sense of loneliness, this is referred to as Chronic.

A 2016 Lifeline survey found that:

60% of the 3,100 respondents said they “Often feel lonely”.
82.5% said they felt loneliness was increasing in society.

A few more alarming factors?
53.38% said they had someone to confide in.
33.65% said they did not.

As our lives become progressively busier with work life, social media and phone, loneliness appears to be a by-product of this convenient lifestyle we seek.

If there was a simple quick fix, there would be no loneliness in our world. There are ways to manage it and here are some tips:

– Talk about your feelings! Bad at the whole feelings thing? Read our tips on feeling the feels to guide you to a happy place here.

– Discover a hobby! Think about what your interests are. Believe it or not, there is someone out there as the same interest as you! You could look into joining a relevant club.

– Animals! Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease loneliness and gets you exercising!

– Keep a journal. Writing it down is not as satisfying as speaking to someone, speaking is the first step BUT writing about it can help you transition into a more positive mind set.

Read our tips on journaling here.

Our Wellness Coach, Hollie Azzopardi is just the cheerleader you may need! You can contact her here.

Looking to clear out some bad energy and heal? Visit our in house reiki healer. To book:
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Bespoke Facials: Designed for you

At Face Plus Medispa we pride ourselves on the results that we achieve for our clients.

Whatever your skin concerns Face Plus Medispa aim to target and treat the concerns in a safe and realistic way.
Often if you’ve had one bad facial experience they put you off all together.

Facials offered by beauty salons or other clinics can be quite generic, the therapists are trained to follow a protocol with a set of generic products that either do nothing or do too much because containing harsh active ingredients that may not be suitable for everyone.

The two key protocols our dermal therapists are trained to follow are:

1. Ensure the clients skin is perfectly fresh and clean prior to the commencement of treatment – we still tailor this step as we have a LARGE number of cleansers and toners to select from to ensure we are using the product that is most suitable to the client’s skins needs.

2. Always apply a SPF at the end of the treatment – believe it or not we tailor the SPF step too!
Even if you are an existing patient of Face Plus your dermal therapists will always take the time to assess your skin prior to the pre-planned treatment program.

Hypothetically, your treatment plan states you have a laser treatment BUT you have forgotten to remove your fake tan, your therapist will not be able to perform a laser treatment, instead they will perform a more suitable treatment.

A facial can be tailored to you in many ways.

First, as mentioned above the way we clean your skin and then choice of treatment. We offer peels that range from entry to deep, discover our peels options here.

Once a peel suitable for your skin, the pressure of the peels is also tailored to your personal requirements. For example, someone with sensitised skin only requires a light touch, a client who wishes to remove pigmentation or scars will require a deep touch for deeper penetration.

Masks, infusions techniques and light treatments will also be tailored. Depending on your concern, LED therapy can be selected to target conditions such as acne, read more here.

As you can see there are an endless number of options.
It all begins with a consultation with one of our experienced team members.

You can read about the consultation process here.

Want to improve your overall skin health this year? Visit for a thorough consultation: 
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Skin Damage: Sun danger

The sun has been out in full force and as we walk around Sydney we are seeing some scary things.

Clearly, many of you have been spending time out in the sun without the adequate protection.

What does the adequate protection include?

1. A hat: Is important for both adults and children. In adults, a hat is a great way to protect your hair, eyes and skin from UV rays.

2. Sunglasses: Protect from eye damage.

3. Sunscreen: Read more here.

Without the adequate protection skin is left burnt. Sun burn is your skin clearly telling you that skin cells have been damaged too much by UV radiation.

There are various types of burns from pink or red skin to raw, peeling and blistering. If you have darker skin it may just feel irritated, tender or itchy.

FACT: Getting sunburn, once every two years can TRIPLE your risk of melanoma skin cancer.

In Australia, your skin can burn in as little as 11 minutes and take days or even weeks to heal. If your skin appears pink you can treat and calm this type of burn at home but if it appears more sever with blisters you must seek medical attention.

Once you heal, the burn will fade but the damage caused can not be undone and you skin will keep a tally.

The best way to avoid sun damage is via sunscreen. Here are the simple rules you need to follow:

– Apply about 1 shot glass of a high SPF sunblock ALL over your body.

– Sun screen should be applied 30 minutes before you step outside to allow for absorption.

– Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

If you are on the beach or participating in water activities sunscreens should always be reapplied once towelling off.

Other than skin cancer, which is absolutely terrifying why should you care? PREMATURE AGING!! Up to 80% of fine lines and wrinkle are a result of URV damage. UV also causes sagging skin, blotchiness and roughness.

For the face:
Solar Defense Tinted Face Guard, By HydroPeptide, $79

Solar Defense Non-Tinted Face Guard, By HydroPeptide, $79

For the body, an easy convenient spray:
Solar Defense Body Guard by HydroPeptide, $82

Find out more about this incredible body sunblock via our “Solar Power” blog.

Book a consultation.