Skin Explained: Protect your largest organ

The skin is the largest organ that we own and it has multiple functions.

Can you imagine a body without skin? The skin protects our organs and our body from the outside world that can be harmful, moisture, heat, toxic substances and germs.

Often you can tell someone age from the appearance of their skin. As we age the skin colour changes, spots and lines may appear. The skin can also show signs of a medical condition, we’ve been discovering more and more lately the impact of food on our skin.

We’ve always know the impact of sugar and junk food but we are now understanding the impact of gluten and dairy.

The skin consists of three layers.

  1.  Epidermis: The outer layer of the skin is mainly made of dead skin cells that are firmly stuck together. The cells constantly renew as the new skin cells are made in the lower layer of the epidermis and approx. every four weeks they move up to the surface. The skin cells are renewed when the skin is rubbed. Read more on the importance of exfoliation here.
  2. The Dermis: The middle layer consists of a dense network of touch, elastic collagen fibres. This is what makes the skin strong and stretchy at the same time. The dermis is the layer that tears when the skin is stretched too far, this is visible often in pregnant women where the torn dermis presents itself as light lines, stretch marks. The dermis is the layer that contains the sensory cells and sweat glands.
  3. Subcutaneous layer: is the deepest layer mostly made up of fat and connective tissue. The fat act as a shock absorber to protect the bones and joints.

All layers of the skin are important and as we age, protecting your skin and caring for it can start at any age.

Let’s begin with the surface. If you have healthy skin, the most important factors include, homecare and maintenance.

Using a set of products that support your skin and the most important product of all is SUNSCREEN!! If you really need to know why, read here.

The surface of the skin can also be helped by in clinic treatments, depending on your concern. The unique facial treatments we offer not only target the top layer of the skin but also the dermis! Find out more about the peels available here.

If you’re over the age of 30, you will need to delves a little deeper. This is where treatments such as PRP, also often referred to as the “Vampire Facial” is greatly beneficial.

This all natural treatment assist in rebuilding lost collagen and elastin. A one of a kind treatment that was first developed to assist with joint concerns is now being used in the cosmetic field to make us all look 10 years younger! More on this treatment can be found via our “Blood Sucking” blog.

Lasers are also greatly beneficial for rebuilding.

From Collagen to pigmentation signs of aging can be reversed.
We have completed a series of how to look good in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Check them out here:
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To round it all off, start the year with love and confidence. Do you love yourself? If you’re not sure check out our blog on self-love, always the first step.

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So Basic: Core Essentials

Why is skincare so important?

As a 30-something year old content creator I am telling you now, at any age a spot-on skincare regime is vital. I’m not telling you to start a K-Beauty, ten step care regime but a regime must be implemented to ensure you care for the largest organ you own and only have one of, no second chances!

When your skin is healthy it is better able to fight the signs of aging, heal faster and protect you from harmful diseases.

What we recommend might not be a ten-step process but it has a number of important stages you should consider, we will detail them below but let’s discuss why you might like to make sure your skincare regime is on point!

  1. Appearance – Who doesn’t want beautiful glowing skin? It’s one of the first things you notice. When the skin is not properly cared for and becomes unhealthy it will lose elasticity and collagen, if you don’t know how important those two things are to looking youthful and healthy, check out this blog.
  2. Health – Poor skincare habits can lead to rashes, sores, acne and wrinkles. Unhealthy skin is also more vulnerable and can attract disease, infection and can scar more easily following an injury. Poor skincare habits can sit on a spectrum of not doing anything at all to buying over the counter products that are not tailored to your skin and body needs.
  3. Maintain – Your skin is constantly changing and growing. As we age the cells change too, read more here.
    As skincare is important so is what we put inside. How is a healthy diet and good skincare connected? Read here.

What should be in your skincare routine? First throw away most of your over the counter products, believe us when we say you are wasting your time and money and doing more harm than good.

  1. Cleanser: Cleansers are usually used twice a day morning and night. The role of a cleanser will vary but the key role is to thoroughly clean your skin. Depending on the ingredients present cleanser can also calm, fight acne, help remove pigmentation or hydrate. The options for cleansers are endless, find some here.
  2. Toner: Following a cleanse you will need to tone your face. A toner will help remove any impurities that may still be present following and cleanse. After you cleanse your skin the pores remain open and the toner will assist in cleaning and lessening the visibility of pores. Toners much like cleansers can help with a number of concerns, much like a cleanser. Our top seller is the Cucumber Toner by Dr Spiller.
    Dr Spiller, Cucumber Toner: $68
  3. Moisturiser: Moisturiser, no matter how oily you think your skin is, this is a step that no one should miss. Morning and night, this is vital to all good skincare for protection and balance. But I wanted to reiterate here, you need to be using the moisturiser your skin requires and not what you think it needs. Th best way to determine this is by visiting a Face Plus Medispa clinic for a thorough skin consultation, you can read about our process of consultation here.
  4. Sunblock: At any age, any time of day and country a sunblock must be used for protection. The why and how can be found here.

The final product may not be an essential for all but something to consider if you’re over the age of 30.

  1. Serum: Serums have become quite popular in the past few years as people are seeing the great benefit of adding a serum to their regime. Serums are usually applied under the moisturiser as it is almost like a light weight moisturiser that will penetrate deeper into the skin the deliver active ingredients. They have the ability to reach the deeper layers of the skin as the product is made up of smaller molecules. Serum s are perfect for targeting specific skin concerns that may be associated with signs of aging.

A few final words:
Your regime may change from season to season.
The regime you have now may need to change as you age.
You’re first step is to visit Face Plus for a thorough consultation.

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In just minutes: 5-minute makeup routine

Returning to your weekly routine can be difficult on a Monday or following a holiday period.

Thanks to Jane Iredale, Australia we have a step by step make up routine that will take just 5 minutes, you ready?
1 minute and 30 seconds
This is probably the most important step. The base!

Majority of your 5 minutes should be dedicated to perfecting the canvas! Read our tips here.
If you’re tight on time we are smitten with the Magic Mitt by Jane Iredale.
Jane Iredale, Magic Mitt, $35

Moisturise, face and neck. If you don’t have time to moisturise then opt for the Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser by Jane Iredale, $78

The great thing about the Dream Tint product is that it can prep the skin, as a primer would do and hydrate as a moisturiser would.
30 seconds

Lift your complexion with a touch of blush. If you’re using a cream based blush, simply apply with your fingertips. Press and blend the blush up towards the high planes of the cheek bones. If you’re running too late, use it for your lips too!
1 minute

Move onto the mascara, apply as many layers as you see fit! You’ve got plenty of time!
1 minute and 30 seconds
Brow time. Brows are very important and on trend so you’ve got a little extra time to focus and deliver. Read out tips on brows here.
30 seconds

You’re almost ready to go! If you’ve opted to pop the blush on your lips, you’ve finished in record time BUT these last 30 seconds is time for you to apply the finishing touches of lippy!

Whether it be a balm, tint or lipstick find the right shade and product the best suit your mood, outfit and skin colour. Need tips on finding the right shade of red for you? Read here.
Now you’re ready to take on adult life!

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Find the original content here.


Get it together: On the right track

Are new year resolutions still a thing?

Regardless guaranteed this week will be the week everyone starts going to the gym and starting a new diet.

But have you noticed as Australia day rolls around those new year resolutions seem to drift away, like a distant memory. But we’ve got to remember, we set these goals at the beginning of the year because it’s something we want, right?

How do we stay on the right track? How do we make sure we achieve our goals without straying in the first four weeks of the year?

  1. Set realistic goals!
    You know yourself better than anyone else. Set goals you know that you can achieve.
  2. Accountability
    Commit, hold yourself accountable and keep track. There is an app for everything these days. Download one and achieve, achieve, achieve!
  3. Keep your eye on the prize
    How will you reward yourself if you reach that goal? Seriously, reward yourself, you deserve it.
  4. Stay positive
    It’s really easy to get down if you feel like your letting yourself down. Don’t forget, you’re in control! Positive thinking is empowering and pep talks might just be the thing that gets you to the end.
  5. Celebrate
    When you reach the end goal you have number three (3) to look forward to but celebrating along the way is really great for your morale. No matter how big or small, take the time to celebrate the small wins. Not only are you getting closer to your goal but you are building your confidence.

Click here for free Monthly Goals Planner
Need a little extra support? Check out our additional tips here.

Can we help with your goals?
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Some goals will not be achieved overnight but we will always provide you with a realistic timeline to hit those goals.  Much like skin, this process begins with a cosmetic assessment, read about the process here.

Want to make sure you target these goals with a clear mind? Have you ever considered reiki? Tania Dobbie our master reiki healer will offer a sense of clarity you never knew you needed. What is reiki? Detail can be found via our Energise blog.

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