Bespoke Facials: Designed for you

At Face Plus Medispa we pride ourselves on the results that we achieve for our clients.

Whatever your skin concerns Face Plus Medispa aim to target and treat the concerns in a safe and realistic way.
Often if you’ve had one bad facial experience they put you off all together.

Facials offered by beauty salons or other clinics can be quite generic, the therapists are trained to follow a protocol with a set of generic products that either do nothing or do too much because containing harsh active ingredients that may not be suitable for everyone.

The two key protocols our dermal therapists are trained to follow are:

1. Ensure the clients skin is perfectly fresh and clean prior to the commencement of treatment – we still tailor this step as we have a LARGE number of cleansers and toners to select from to ensure we are using the product that is most suitable to the client’s skins needs.

2. Always apply a SPF at the end of the treatment – believe it or not we tailor the SPF step too!
Even if you are an existing patient of Face Plus your dermal therapists will always take the time to assess your skin prior to the pre-planned treatment program.

Hypothetically, your treatment plan states you have a laser treatment BUT you have forgotten to remove your fake tan, your therapist will not be able to perform a laser treatment, instead they will perform a more suitable treatment.

A facial can be tailored to you in many ways.

First, as mentioned above the way we clean your skin and then choice of treatment. We offer peels that range from entry to deep, discover our peels options here.

Once a peel suitable for your skin, the pressure of the peels is also tailored to your personal requirements. For example, someone with sensitised skin only requires a light touch, a client who wishes to remove pigmentation or scars will require a deep touch for deeper penetration.

Masks, infusions techniques and light treatments will also be tailored. Depending on your concern, LED therapy can be selected to target conditions such as acne, read more here.

As you can see there are an endless number of options.
It all begins with a consultation with one of our experienced team members.

You can read about the consultation process here.

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Skin Damage: Sun danger

The sun has been out in full force and as we walk around Sydney we are seeing some scary things.

Clearly, many of you have been spending time out in the sun without the adequate protection.

What does the adequate protection include?

1. A hat: Is important for both adults and children. In adults, a hat is a great way to protect your hair, eyes and skin from UV rays.

2. Sunglasses: Protect from eye damage.

3. Sunscreen: Read more here.

Without the adequate protection skin is left burnt. Sun burn is your skin clearly telling you that skin cells have been damaged too much by UV radiation.

There are various types of burns from pink or red skin to raw, peeling and blistering. If you have darker skin it may just feel irritated, tender or itchy.

FACT: Getting sunburn, once every two years can TRIPLE your risk of melanoma skin cancer.

In Australia, your skin can burn in as little as 11 minutes and take days or even weeks to heal. If your skin appears pink you can treat and calm this type of burn at home but if it appears more sever with blisters you must seek medical attention.

Once you heal, the burn will fade but the damage caused can not be undone and you skin will keep a tally.

The best way to avoid sun damage is via sunscreen. Here are the simple rules you need to follow:

– Apply about 1 shot glass of a high SPF sunblock ALL over your body.

– Sun screen should be applied 30 minutes before you step outside to allow for absorption.

– Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

If you are on the beach or participating in water activities sunscreens should always be reapplied once towelling off.

Other than skin cancer, which is absolutely terrifying why should you care? PREMATURE AGING!! Up to 80% of fine lines and wrinkle are a result of URV damage. UV also causes sagging skin, blotchiness and roughness.

For the face:
Solar Defense Tinted Face Guard, By HydroPeptide, $79

Solar Defense Non-Tinted Face Guard, By HydroPeptide, $79

For the body, an easy convenient spray:
Solar Defense Body Guard by HydroPeptide, $82

Find out more about this incredible body sunblock via our “Solar Power” blog.

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Beauty detox: 5:2 Skin Diet

Have you ever heard of a beauty detox?

Do you think you need one?
The 5:2 skin detox is suppose to allow your skin to breathe and lead to younger, healthier looking skin with results visible in approximately one month.

Taking a break from make up allows the skin to replenish with out layers of makeup occluding it. The over use of makeup can breakdown collagen and elastin in the skin, we all know how important they are right? If not, read more here.

So, what does the diet consist of? You don’t have to sacrifice food it’s about going for two days, consecutively or non-consecutively in a week without wearing makeup.

Makeup usually contains fragrances, preservatives and chemical ingredients which can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.
Some of the ingredients found in makeup can clog the skin and lead to enlarged pores.

The 5:2 skin diet doesn’t have to be a regular part of your life, skin fasting twice a year once in spring and the other in Autumn will bring great results to the skin. These particular seasons require a change in routine, so it’s a great time of year to take a little break. Need help transitioning through seasons? Check out our blog for some tips.

Going makeup free also means you are not having to use makeup removal products that also lead to skin irritation. Makeup removal products are often stripping the skin of all the good oils you need to protect your skin from the elements and free radicals.

The other downfall is that a lot of you are not removing makeup at the end of the day. Heading to sleep with your makeup on after a big night.
If you are using the right skincare regime, as prescribed by Face Plus Medispa you will likely not need to go on this skin diet. What should be included in your daily regime? Check out our basic essentials blog here.

OR if the diet plan doesn’t work visit for a skin peel, new skin in 5 days, read more here.

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Healthy Dose: Things you should be doing every day

Creating a daily routine is important for a happy, healthy successful life! 

Every day, you:
Wake up
Go to the bathroom
Have a shower

Apply your skincare regime
Pop your makeup on (optional)
Go through your checklist before you walk out the door:

Keys, phone & wallet…
Then out the door!
There may be some variables, gym, breakfast and coffee but what else could you be adding to your daily routine to improve your overall health and wellness?

1. Sleep more: Here is a nightly routine that might help you sleep a little deeper.

2. Find the time to stretch: A lack of flexibility can lead o high blood sugar, sore muscles and still arteries. Read about the benefits of yoga here.

3. Breakfast: Many of us find it difficult in the mornings but eating a healthy breakfast filled with fibre and protein will boost your metabolism, provide the energy to get through the day.

4. Meditate: Meditation doesn’t have to take more than 5 to 10 minutes. Take the time, everyday to clear your mind and be one with yourself. Meditation can assist with a host of mental and health concerns including anxiety. Read our tips on controlling anxiety here.

5. Wash your sheets: Don’t you love that feeling when you crawl into bed with fresh sheets? Not only is it great for your mind it’s also great for your health!

6. SMILE: It takes more muscles to frown than smile. Smiling can instantly increase your mood. Go on, smile right now!

7. Get organised: Stress is not your friend. Disorganisation can lead to stress. You can find our planning tips here and our stress management techniques here.

8. Drink: Water and tea. The benefits of staying hydrated are endless read our hydration blogs here:
Part 1: Water solutions Part 2: Pristine Hydration

9. Set some goals: Goal setting can often provide you with a sense of purpose and when you stay on task, you will feel like your moving forward with your life. Read out tips on setting and achieving your goals here.

10. Wake up a little earlier: Waking up a little earlier obviously gives you time. You don’t want to start a new day feeling rushed!

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