Pump & plump: Lip Augmentation

What do most look to achieve through a lip augmentation?

A large majority of clients that walk-through Face Plus Medispa’s doors are usually looking to create “fuller” lips.
Other popular requests include, reduction of gummy smile, hydration of dry lips, creating a defined lip shape and changing the appearance of “sad mouth”.

Did you know lip injections appears to have been around since the early 1900’s? In the 1980’s collagen that was derived from animals were used to add volume, but an allergy test was required prior to treatment, these tests could take up to 3 weeks.

Side note: Probably why some people who are not in the know always ask, “Did you get collagen in your lips?”, the honest answer is “no!”.
All semi-permanent fillers we use in our clinic are Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our body and the filler is made from substance similar to those found in the body, an allergic reaction is unlikely.  The results last longer than collagen and because HA’s are not derived from animal products an allergy test is not required.

When creating fuller lips, depending on your lip shape, density and age a filler product will be selected to best suit your needs and goals. You may discover that if you are having your lips filled for the first time your cosmetic injector may “build” in stages. The injections will be given gradually at different appointments until the desired volume is achieved.

A gummy smile can be reduced via fillers and muscle relaxants, more often than not, a combination of both. The patient pictured in our Instagram below, did not want to add volume to her lip. Jean Charles, Cosmetic Injector and Clinical manager used Botox alone to target her concern.

The appearance of “sad mouth” can be corrected with fillers alone. In the below example, cosmetic nurse & RN used two different fillers to achieve these results. Jasmine injected 0.5mls of one product in the lip and 0.5mls of another to give structure to the lip corners.

A very natural and subtle look without adding obvious volume to her naturally plump lips.

Aging is all a part of the process, we’re all heading there! As we age we lose volume in our lips and they often appear dry, this may be due to sun exposure or if you’re simply not drinking enough water.

Replacing lost volume will allow the lips to appear plumper and more hydrated, read here.
Defining the lip shape, in particular the cupids bow that is flattened, creates a more youthful appearance.
We invite you to visit out before & afters area on our website, you will see that we create natural volume and all transformations are subtle.

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Thirst factor: Summer Hydrator

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Thirst factor: Summer Hydrator

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It’s important to stay hydrated any time of year, drinking water has so many benefits that we won’t list here, because it’s available here and here.
Young and old, there are certain skin types that are prone to dehydration. Working in an airconditioned environment doesn’t quite help but there is an easy way to protect and hydrate the skin!
The Hydro Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller is a delicate cream formulated to keep the skin soft and to restore moisture to young skins prone to dehydration.
The delicious key ingredients include:
Collagen: A biomimetic protein that visibly supports skin density and a more supply complexion.
Urea: Biomimetic humectant found naturally in natural moisturising factor (NMF) for increased water binding abilities – hydrated for longer!
Lanolin: A natural wax that contains biomimetic wax esters to provide superior moisture barrier function.
Grapeseed oil: A nourishing botanical oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E.
Lecithin: Biomimetic protectant found naturally in the acid mantle to protect against trans epidermal water loss.
Vitamin E: A skin-identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland for environmental moisture protection.
Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supple appearance.
Octyl methoxycinnamate: A non-irritating sunscreen that protects against UVB.
The Hydro Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller, $92

For more mature skin that may be going through menopause we recommend he Collagen Cream by Dr Spiller, read more here.
There are an endless number of creams available to you, curious to see how much moisture is enough for you? Read more here.
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Event Ready: Summer Party Look

When preparing for a summer event there are five key beauty elements to creating the perfect look:

1. Primer, a mattifying one is best.

2. Foundation with an SPF, if you’re prone to freckles use a sunblock product such as the HydroPeptide, Solar Defense. Solar Defense is a zinc based sunblock and will act as a physical barrier, protecting the skin from the development of sun related spots.

3. Long lasting, eye colour.

4. Bronzed cheeks.

5. A soft and supple lip.

Here is our “safe” go to look for any party and any outfit:

1. Your first step is to apply primer. Jane Iredale, Smooth Affair, for Oily Skin, $78. We are leaning towards the “for oily” skin as it can provide an all day matte finish.

2. Apply a physical sunblock. If spots don’t concern you or suffer with pigmentation a tinted moisturiser like the Dream Tint By Jane Iredale is perfect. You can apply the Tint with your fingers or a sponge.

3. It’s time to move to your cheeks. Using a fan brush in a copper or bronze tone apply the shade to the apples of your cheek.

4. Using an eye shader brush apply an eyeshadow. A creamy shade should be applied to your lid, brow bone and inner corner of your eye.

5. Using a chisel shader brush, blend a gold shade on to your eye lid as well.

6. Using a crease brush, apply a copper shade to the crease and outer corner of your eye.

7. Apply a brown eye pencil to the top lash line.

8. And a taupe share to the lower lash lines.

9. Apply your preferred shade of mascara.

10. We love lip stains, apply this onto your lips with a layer of gloss.

A simple beautiful look for any summer event! Now get out there and socialise!

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Isolation: Dealing with loneliness

We all feel lonely from time to time, especially if you’re use to being surrounded by a large family or a structured environment like school.

But for some, and we know you’re out there, the sense of isolation and loneliness comes a little too often.

When special holidays or events such as valentines day swing around, you can sometimes feel like it will never end and that you’ll be forever alone.

As difficult as it is, loneliness is something only YOU can control and manage.
There are 2 basic (we don’t mean to sound like we’re simplifying) types of loneliness.

Firstly, acute loneliness appears when you lose a significant person in your life or you’re moving away from a place you would consider a “safe” place or “home”. The other is, despite what you have in your life and those who surround you, you have a sense of loneliness, this is referred to as Chronic.

A 2016 Lifeline survey found that:

60% of the 3,100 respondents said they “Often feel lonely”.
82.5% said they felt loneliness was increasing in society.

A few more alarming factors?
53.38% said they had someone to confide in.
33.65% said they did not.

As our lives become progressively busier with work life, social media and phone, loneliness appears to be a by-product of this convenient lifestyle we seek.

If there was a simple quick fix, there would be no loneliness in our world. There are ways to manage it and here are some tips:

– Talk about your feelings! Bad at the whole feelings thing? Read our tips on feeling the feels to guide you to a happy place here.

– Discover a hobby! Think about what your interests are. Believe it or not, there is someone out there as the same interest as you! You could look into joining a relevant club.

– Animals! Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease loneliness and gets you exercising!

– Keep a journal. Writing it down is not as satisfying as speaking to someone, speaking is the first step BUT writing about it can help you transition into a more positive mind set.

Read our tips on journaling here.

Our Wellness Coach, Hollie Azzopardi is just the cheerleader you may need! You can contact her here.

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