Mardi Gras is back and bigger than ever with Australia celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the parade in Sydney.

Many of the LGBT Community consider this one of the biggest events of the social calendar. As a member of Fitness First Darlinghurst, the leadup to Mardi Gras is the equivalent of athletes training for the Olympics.

While the focus is usually on getting the body in the best shape, it’s important to remember to prep the face.
Luckily Face Plus has you covered for some last Minute Tips and Tricks to get you prepped in time for the parade.

Omnilux/ Healite LED light Skin Rejuvenation: If you’re time poor, then a sure bet to get your skin glowing is a 30 minute light therapy treatment.

These non invasive treatments help to reduce pore size and focus on improved health and vibrancy of the skin. The best part is you will notice visible results after the first treatment. Our friendly and experienced dermal therapists will assess your skin concerns and determine which colour light will suit best.

Herbal Hydration Peel: Unlike other peels that take a few days of downtime to recover, the Hydro Peels focus is on re-hydrating the skin. A custom mix of 18 different natural herbs are applied to the face and massaged into the epidermis.

Unlike most facials, where the treatment is over once you leave the salon, the herbal peels continue to activate under the skin for another 48 hours. The peel activates the skin’s metabolism and detoxification by increasing circulation.

Filler Up: Have you been dreaming of kissable lips or plump cheeks? Well, now’s the time to get plumping. Results take immediate effect so you’ll be ready to take centre stage on Saturday.  If you book before the 28th Feb 2018, receive 15% off all filler treatments.

IV Vitamin Infusion: Detox before the Re-tox. An excess of training (shredding) and dieting can put a lot of strain on your body’s  immune system and your energy levels are likely to be exerted to their limits.

You don’t want to peak before the party starts, so make an appointment to have a customised bag of vitamins and minerals administered via intravenous while you relax and unwind in our drip and chill lounge. (exclusive to our Bondi Beach Clinic)

If you make an appointment on Friday the 2nd, bring your partner and receive 50% off the second infusion.
At home tips & tricks:

  • make sure you hydrate all week to flush your body of toxins
  • get bendy! – practice some downward facing dog to stimulate blood flow to the face. This will help give you fresh faced glow
  • spend the week eating anti inflammatory foods to avoid any extra bloat ( ie. sprinkle turmeric on EVERYTHING)

Enjoy being the pride of the parade.

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