Light Therapy: the must have add on to any skin treatment

Have you ever walked out of a facial and with aggravated skin?

Maybe you’ve had an extraction or a herbal peel, but you don’t walk out looking as good as you feel.

As a long time acne sufferer, I often leave extraction appointments far more self-conscious than I did when I walked in. I know the redness is temporary and the bumps will go, but my immediate reaction is to cover my face in makeup, which is the worst thing you could do.

Light Therapy changed all of this for me. The first time I had it done, I didn’t understand how putting my face under a blue light would do anything. I assumed it was another beauty fad therapists offered.

However, twenty minutes and a quick power nap later, I woke up to visibly calmer, brighter skin. The results were immediate. My blotchy skin had evened out, the aggravated spots where my pimples had been popped weren’t raised like usual, and I left with that lovely post-facial glow I always see on Instagram. the best part, is there was no pain just the enjoyable sensation of being in the sun.

LED Light therapy otherwise known in our Face Plus Clinics as Omnilux or Healite is the perfect example of where science and beauty have united to create a smart skin product. It works by targeting specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skins support structure. There are different light colours that target different skin concerns, however, the treatment is beneficial for men and women of all ages.

While the results can be seen immediately, when the treatment is consistent the benefits increase. It not only helps heal acne and acne scars, but also smooths the skin texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

So what’s the catch? There is none….unless you don’t have 20 minutes to spare. Light therapy is a lovely way to end a facial, however, can also be enjoyed on its own. If you’re overworked and need a pick me up or perhaps you have an event that night and your skin is looking a bit lack luster,

Light Therapy is a cost effective, no downtime solution that will have you looking and feeling your best and back at your desk before your boss has even noticed you’re gone.

Read here, how LED Light Therapy works. 
Read here, the difference between the Red, yellow, blue LED Lights. 

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Resilience: Oxygen Vital Serum

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Resilience: Oxygen Vital Serum

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Skin need a little extra TLC (tender loving care)?
The Oxygen Vital Serum is a revitalising serum formulated to visibly improve the skin’s elasticity, giving it a fresh and relaxed glow. Your complexion will regain its vigour and a more resilient appearance. A perfect fit for stressed out, over-tired skin.
Oxygen Vital Serum, Dr Spiller, $168

How to Apply?
A pea size amount is all you need for this concentrated formula to work its charm. Apply at night once you have meticulously cleaned your face from the build up of daily toxins. This serum can also be layered with the Dr Spiller’s Eye Cream for a complete night time rejuvenation.
So how can one serum deliver such incredible results? The key ingredients include:
Perfluorodecalin: Extra oxygen to support the skin’s recovery and regeneration. Used in medicine to speed wound healing.
Glycoproteins: Biomimetic protein and carbohydrate links that visibly repair the skin and make it look more supple and resilient.
Squalene & Lecithin: Biomimetic lipids found naturally in the acid mantle to protect against trans epidermal water loss. Dr Spiller sources squalene from olive oil to provide antioxidant and moisture protective properties.
Balloon plant & Patterson’s curse: Botanicals rich in antioxidant polyphenols, avonoids and tannins for potent moisture protection.
Sunflower seed oil: a plant oil rich in biomimetic triglycerides, fatty acids, lecithin, wax esters and squalene to provide moisture protective functions.
Wheat protein: A botanical rich in biomimetic water binding amino acids.
Vitamin E: A skin-identical potent antioxidant, naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland to protect against environmental drying.
Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that nurtures natural collagen synthesis for a more supple appearance.
The Oxygen Vital Serum visibly restores tires looking skin associated with environmental damage.
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Beauty: No one is you….and that’s your superpower

What does beauty mean to you?

My favourite quote at the moment, also happens to come from one of my favourite Hollywood actors, Emma Stone:

Emma is the perfect embodiment of this.; her giant smile, self-deprecating nature, goofy laugh and magnetic camera appeal has her universally adored by both men and women.

She’s the sort of girl guys want as their friend (or their girlfriend) and girls want as their best friend. By Hollywood standards, she’s not the typical bombshell beauty, but it’s her undeniable charm that has every Hollywood agent desperate to cast her opposite the more typically archetypal male stud. (*cough Ryan Gosling cough*)

You don’t have to be in Hollywood to see it is a seriously fickle industry. Your looks need to outweigh your talent, and even then you’ll most likely be in a casting room with at least 50 identically beautiful and talented actors. So, what makes you stand out? When you remove looks and talent, you’re left with self-belief and probably just a little bit of luck.

I know from reading up on Emma Stone that rejection in her early career was her best friend, but she would show up to each new casting brimming with confidence, enough for casting directors to notice that this girl was just different. The kind of different that packs out a cinema.

When people come in to Face Plus their hope is to better themselves. It’s about enhancing your ‘you’. Many critics of the cosmetic industry see injectables and surgical procedures as trying to be someone you’re not. Sure, there will always be the eccentrics that have 50 procedures to look like a lifelike ken or barbie doll.

But for the vast majority of us, small adjustments help us feel better on the inside, not just look better on the outside. There is nothing wrong with wanting to eliminate your acne scars or minimize the appearance of frown lines, especially if by doing so it makes you feel better about yourself.

When Kylie Jenner finally admitted to having lip fillers, she was honest in saying it was an insecurity she had battled all her life and she decided to do something about it.

Her self-confidence now cannot be questioned. You only need to check her Instagram to see how many selfies she’s banked. It also wouldn’t be a stretch to say that without the lip fillers she wouldn’t have gone on to create one of the most financially viable cosmetic brands. After all, no one was going to buy a lip liner from someone with barely there lips.

At Face Plus our registered nurses and dermal therapists are all about celebrating the uniqueness of each client. If someone comes in with a picture of Kylie’s lips, we’ll tell them to put down the phone and pick up the mirror to see the best way forward to enhance their own beauty – rather than replicating someone elses.

There is no copy and paste solution to beauty and nor should there be. Every person is unique and that’s something to be celebrated. Selfies and all.

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The Instagrammable Beauty: The hidden powers of a female LED beauty industry

The beauty industry is often seen as a very ‘female dominant’ industry.

With the rise of beauty bloggers and celebrity turned beauty product entrepreneurs, all trends seem to indicate that’s true. I for one love that this is an industry that women proudly own.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed I am inundated with makeup tutorials, before and after pictures, product reviews and girls banning together ‘in the name of beauty’. The positive comments, far outweigh the negative.

It definitely feels like the one small niche in the world where women truly feel confident to shine. This new age Beauty is also blind. The major players on Instagram such as Huda Beauty, Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics don’t care about the colour of your skin, your age, ethnicity; everyone is celebrated.

People suffering from disabilities or skin conditions are broadcasted for their skills rather than their setbacks. It’s no wonder that so many people we know are becoming makeup artists and beauty therapists. It’s a body positive industry, where if you don’t like something about yourself, you can fix it.

Many critics think that the Gen X and .com generations are self-absorbed, narcists. While they might be right in thinking we’re the first generation to master a selfie and live our life largely online, they miss the benefits of sharing our worlds so publicly.

Maybe it’s an acne prone teenager who sees hope from a tutorial teaching her to correctly cover her insecurities or a lady with alopecia who learns the correct way to pencil her brows, the industry is full of body positivity where the subtext is clear: we’re all in this together.

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