Treatment of the week: Hyaluronidase Injections (The Anti-Filler)

Jodie is our Bondi Junction Face Plus dermal therapist.

When Jodie joined us she had already undergone multiple lip fillers from a clinic in her home town.

While Jodie was initially happy with her lips, over time the substance used started to break down and disperse unevenly across her lips.
The injector also placed a large portion of the product on the inside of her lips (closest to her gum line) this forced the lips to protrude outwards, giving the (duck or fish lip appearance)

Jodie’s lips were big, but unbalanced and as we know with beauty, proportions and symmetry is everything.
Upon joining our team, she consulted with our injectable nurses JC and Jasmine at our Bondi Junction Clinic. They agreed that the best way forward would be to completely dissolve Jodie’s lips and start fresh.

The dissolving / breaking down process is medically known as Hyaluronidase.
Typically, our practice doesn’t like to offer this service, however in cases such as Jodie’s when a patient comes to us really unhappy about another practices work, we seek to resolve their concerns.

The process is very similar to getting lip fillers, solution is injected into the lip and the lip line and over a period of 2 weeks the product works to break down the filler’s substance. You can however notice results instantly.
The process takes two days with most of the injections occurring on day one and only touch ups made on day two.

While our nurses seek to minimise the pain with numbing cream and agents in the needle, on day 2 your lips are sore and slightly bruised so the day 2 injections can cause discomfort.

You cannot have new fillers injected for 2 weeks following Hyaluronidase. If you do, the solution is still in your cells and will work to break down the new product, deeming it ineffective.

Jodie waited 2 weeks and came back in for new, plumped, hydrated and symmetrical lips. She also decided to have cheek fillers, which was a new procedure for her. After 2 weeks Jodie felt like a whole new woman.

I interviewed Jodie over the course of her treatment. Read our Beauty blog of the week here to see her experience: the good, the bad, the painful and the totally worth it.

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Jane Iredale: Amazing Base Loose Powder

We all know that good skin, doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment, at home maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

While we’re often very critical of what topical products we use, we seem to forget that this often extends to our makeup choices too.

There’s no point is spending your time and money on regular facials, night creams etc. if you’re going to clog your pores with artificial toxins for the majority of each day.

Think about it, how many hours of the day do you wear makeup? I’m up at 7am and my makeup is the first thing I apply before I leave for work. I’m often not home until 8 or 9pm which means that for 14 hours a day, my face is covered in layers of makeup. It’s important to choose a brand that is rich in natural minerals so it helps nurture your skin.

Jane Iredale’s products do just that. They are vegan friendly and cruelty free. The products are oil free and weightless so your skin doesn’t feel clogged up. It’s makeup without feeling made up.

A must have product of theirs in the amazing Base Loose Powder.
Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, SPF 20, Jane Iredale, $83

I apply this after I used my Dr Spiller Day cream blended with my primer and BB cream. I use the powder as it has a medium coverage to even my complexion but also helps to mattify my other products as I hate my face looking too shiny. 

The powder also contains SPF 20 to make sure my skin is protected at all times from the harsh Australian sun.

The best part about the Jane Iredale product is the texture. It feels silky smooth on your skin. The coverage gives the face a soft-focus effect which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. It’s airbrush in a jar.

Next time you are having a facial at Face Plus Bondi Junction ask your dermal therapist to apply some of the powder post treatment, especially, if like me you walk out with a bit of redness that you would like to cover.

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Interview: Dermal Therapist Jodie and her decision to Hyaluronidase her old lip fillers

Jodie explains why she had her lip filler dissolved.

Interview with Dermal therapist Jodie on her decision to Hyaluronidase her old lip fillers to make way for new Face Plus kissable lips and perky cheeks.

Q: Why did you decide to have lip fillers in the first place? You have beautiful, natural lips.
A: I’ve always liked my lips, but my face has very bold features. I have big eyes and eyebrows, a strong nose, and I just felt my lips needed a bit more volume to compliment the rest of my face.

Q: So it was about balance
A: Yes, in beauty everything is about seeking facial symmetry and balance. You don’t want one eyebrow to be thicker than the other, just as you don’t want your top lip to be bigger than your bottom lip. In my case my lip size was good but they weren’t even. Injectable Fillers could fix that.

Q: What went wrong with your injectable treatment that you had back home?
A: At first, they were fine, then I had a follow up injection and that’s when it started to go lumpy and ‘fish-lip’ like. The nurse made the mistake of injecting the majority of the product underneath my actual lip, so near my gum line.

Whereas, now I know that at Faceplus most of the injections are done around the lip line to help keep the natural shape.

Q: you mentioned lumps in the lips
A: yes, this is when the product becomes concentrated into what feels like little balls. When our Face Plus nurses inject your lips they massage them to evenly distribute the product so it doesn’t concentrate in one area. This wasn’t done, but also the product my home town used was of a lower quality, and over time the lumps became more obvious.

Q: So what kind of lips do you want?
A: I want really hydrated, plumped lips that keep to my naturally wide mouth shape. Definitely hydration is key for me. I’m 26 and my lips currently look a bit weathered so I want that ripeness back.

Q: Did the Hyaluronidase process hurt?
A: The first day wasn’t too bad, but I’ll warn everyone that I have a pretty high pain threshold. They numbed my lips with cream before proceeding.

They also used ice. The Hyaluronidase injections also have numbing agents in it, so once you get over the first small injection you can’t really feel anything.

Q: How about day 2
A: By day 2 I was really sore. The injections make your lips worse, before they get better. The product cause your lips to swell up and its like you can feel the ingredients working to break down the filler. Ice is used to help reduce the swelling.

Luckily though I didn’t have a patient after these injections so could go home and just continue to ice. On day 2 my lips felt quite bruised and sore, so the injections definitely hurt a lot more. Thankfully it was just a follow up to see if they missed any, so I didn’t have to have that many more.

Q: How long was it until you noticed your lips had returned to their natural size?
A: I had the first injection on a Thursday, a second on the Friday and by the time I was back in the office on Monday they were settled. I naturally don’t bruise that much so they looked normal. Some people take arnica but I guess my skin type doesn’t need it.

Q: After two weeks were you ready for new lips?
A: Absolutely! I couldn’t wait. My mum and boyfriend weren’t too thrilled with me getting them again, but I assured them the results at Face Plus are much more natural and subtle.
Q: And why cheek fillers?
A: I have quite a flat face. So big features and a flat face. I’ve always wanted high model like cheekbones. Quite a few girls in the office has had their cheeks done and it gives them such a nice lift to their face, so I thought let’s start with a little and see if I like it. Again, I want subtle results.

Q: Did they do cheeks or lips first
A: The injectable nurse, Jasmine started with my cheeks. She said that the cheeks (which you can see instant results with) will actually lift all of my features and it will mean I won’t need as much product to be placed in my lips.

Q: Did the cheek injectables hurt?
A: not at all. And there are NO numbing creams. The needles are so fine and Jasmine is very gentle. It helps that my colleague was there to gently tap my foot to help trick my body into distracting me.

Q: Did you notice instant results?
A: YES! You need to see my insta story video from the Face Plus account. I was honestly shocked that it worked so quickly. I felt I looked years younger. You could also see more definition around my jawline as my face had a. Click Here for link to Face Plus Instagram account. 

Q: Did you notice instant results? 

A: YES! You need to see my insta story video from the Face Plus account. I was honestly shocked that it worked so quickly. I felt I looked years younger. You could also see more definition around my jawline as my face had a natural contour.

I use A LOT of highlighter to try and give my face that definition, so this is like replacing the need for that. Thank god, because I’m honestly too lazy in the morning to put it on.

Q: And how do you like your new lips 

A: I want to start by saying, it was so much less painful than the Hyaluronidase injections. They injected mostly around my lip line and some filler was actually applied to the area around my lips too, to help draw out a natural pout, rather than a ‘duck’one. My lips look so much smoother and well hydrated. You’re probably going to think I’m crazy but in a few weeks,  I might get a tad more volume added to them. Otherwise I’m really, really happy.

Q: was the whole process worth it?

A: totally worth it. I was a bit embarrassed about my lips. Especially working all day at Face Plus my lips are naturally a topic of conversation with a lot of my clients. I wasn’t proud of them, so now I can show them off to clients that are thinking of having it done and confidently talk about my process and experience.

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Kimberley: our Bondi Babe nominated for Wellness Woman of the year

Bucket List Bondi is conjunction with the Bondi Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual International Women’s Day Bondi Awards on Thursday 8th March.

Our beautiful dermal and laser therapist Kimberly from our Bondi Beach boutique was nominated by her happy clients.

I sat down with Kimberley to talk about the nomination as well as her love for skincare, health and wellness.

Q: Why did you pick this industry?
A: Since a very young age I’ve always been interested in health, wellness and skincare. I love seeing people get results and feel good about themselves.

Q: What do you love about working down in Bondi?
A: What’s not to love. It’s right by the beach which is my happy place. Bondi also has an amazing sense of community. Everyone is very friendly and you really feel like you belong.

It also helps that I’m surrounded by an amazing team at Face Plus. Our clinic has provided me with all the tools so I can best do my job. I love the treatment menu that we offer as I find it’s really result driven.

Q: What’s the best thing about your clients?
A: We have a genuine relationship. It’s a trust-built foundation. We really listen to each other, rather than me just directing them. I find that by building a relationship first it means that my clients are more likely to take my advice on board. When they have a victory, it’s celebrated together. It’s a really beautiful thing.

Q: What are your own skin concerns and how do you manage them?
A: Being in Australia, and having grown up as an Aussie kid, I’ve always had pigmentation issues. I’m very outdoorsy so I need to be diligent with my own skin care.

I make sure to incorporate sun factors and antioxidants into my regime to make sure I represent what I want to do for my clients’ skin. It’s important that my skin care reflects the Face Plus brand as well.

Q: Do you think that skin care starts from the inside out?
A: Absolutely. I firmly believe that there is a direct correlation between the gut and the skin. Everything starts from within. 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Gut bio and a healthy lifestyle is vital for glowing, healthy skin.

Q: What are your daily habits?
A: I try to get a lot of sleep. Rest is key. When we sleep we’re giving our body time to recover. This is the optimal time for our skin cells to regenerate. I also make sure to drink lots of water to flush out daily toxins.  I take a zinc tablet every day. Zinc is an amazing mineral for the skin, and lots of people, particularly women, are naturally deficient in it.

I also make sure to use topical products that are tailored for my skin type. Most importantly though, I strive to live a stress free, balanced life. Make sure you make time for YOU.

Q: We can see you have recently started your own Instagram page the @wellnesswhisperer. Tell us your reasons for starting this page.
A: I believe there is a gap in the market for therapist-based facts. People are hungry for information and I believe there is a lot of false messages out there. I believe its my duty as a skin therapist to teach people and give them advice that is industry based and from experts that know how to look after your skin.

This is something I’ve been working on for a while and have only recently launched the page as I’m confident I have years of experience to support me. I want to educate people, so when they come to see me they are making an informed decision.

Q: How did you react when you found out you had been nominated for the Wellness award?
A: It was really humbling to know that some of my clients had taken the time to nominate me. I didn’t even know about the award so it was a real shock…a good shock of course.

This is a milestone moment in my career. If anything, this nomination confirms to me that I’m doing something that I truly love and if my nomination gives new clients confidence in my ability, then it just means I get to help more people achieve glowing, healthy skin.

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