Acne Treatment Plan with Diana: Client Case Study of Angelica

Skin journey prescribed by Diana. 

Diana is one of Face Plus Medispa’s most experienced dermal and laser therapists. She works out of our Bankstown Boutique and has a loyal following of clients. Diana is a kind and gentle presence and often new clients with longstanding skincare issues gravitate towards her because of her maternal nature.

Recently, Diana helped a young, university student with her ongoing acne issues. Angelica came to Diana extremely stressed about the state of her skin.

After a thorough skin consultation, they worked on a treatment plan both in clinic and at home. Within four months her skin was transformed. I interviewed Diana about Angelica’s treatment plan and skin repair process.

What was Angelica like when you first met her?
I still remember the first time I met Angelica. She came in for her skin consultation with her mum. Immediately, I could sense how distressed she was. When I was talking to her about her skin she was completely on edge.

Where did you start in your consultation?
I wanted to get a sense of who Angelica was as a person. We ran through her lifestyle. She’s a busy university student. A beautiful, sensible young lady. I could tell that Angelica’s skin issues was not due to an unhealthy lifestyle. My only concern was how stressed she was about her skin…. which is a big contributing factor with breakouts.

What was her current skin care regime like?
She had a basic skin care regime, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She was using UltraCeuticals which is a skin care brand we stock, however, I didn’t think that the products were suitable for her skin. She was recommended the product at another clinic and I don’t think they took the time to match the product to her skin’s needs. She had very sensitive skin and I thought the product choices from that range were too harsh for her.

What did you recommend instead?
We needed to get her to start using products with Enzymes. Enzymes have a foundation in healing the skin. They are nurturing and work from the inside out. They are made from spelt, so naturally formed which is important. Spelt based enzymes work to release the blockages made by the blackheads.

Were blackheads her main concern?
Yes. but she also had milia and acne (some of it was cystic acne). I could see on her skin that the concentration of these types of bacteria would mean that the process wouldn’t be easy, but I knew she was going to listen to me because she was determined to see results. We also moved her onto prescription homecare and she was so diligent with her routine.

What was her course of treatment?
We alternated between the amazing enzyme facials and our herbal phyto peels. We also did extractions for her during her treatments. As a result of this, we made sure we finished each treatment with 20 minutes of LED light therapy. (Otherwise known as Omnilux)
Initially she had lots of pustule acne so we made sure to use the blue light setting. this helps to kill and de-neutralise the bacteria. Over time though, when her skin had started to settle, we moved onto the red light. This was great to help heal her acne scarring and pigmentation. It’s also amazing for promoting cell renewal and building collagen and elastin so that the skin becomes stronger. Our focus was to make her skin really healthy so it could cope with more free radical damage in the future.

What products did she take home for her skin regime?
I prescribed Angelica the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Cleanser and Toner.
For her skin type her previous products were stripping her skin of their natural oils and it resulted in her skin becoming angry and red. Angelica’s skin required a really gentle skincare routine
As Angelica is a university student I wanted to keep her ‘at home routine’ simple. I encouraged her to use a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and on occasion a gel to help combat the oils that the acne produces on the skin. The gel is called Acnoderm and is also from the Dr. Spiller range. It really helps with congestion and blackheads.

How long did this treatment process take?
Between four to six months. In that time I saw her roughly eight times. Between visits she made sure to keep up the routine that I set out for her.

Where do you think her acne came from?
It was hormonal but what aggravated it was the stress. She was stressed about her degree but also about her skin. She was crying in her first consultation. I don’t think we realise how damaging bad skin can be to someone’s mood and self-esteem. I was so happy for her though, because by the second treatment she was starting to see visible results. This was the kind of positive encouragement she needed to keep going with my course of treatment, both in clinic and at home.

What is her skin like now?
It’s amazing. She still comes to see us every six weeks or so for her “facial fix” as she likes to call it. She’s a really happy, beautiful young lady. She’s all smiles now. She was not smiling like that in the beginning. It’s really lovely to see the impact and difference it’s made on her.

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Product of the week: Acnoderm gel by Dr Spiller

Anoderm Gel by Dr Spiller offers hydration calming benefits while protecting the skin.

In the event that breakouts do occur this Easter Long Weekend, be prepared to combat them with this incredibly powerful micronized gel from Dr Spiller.

This anti-bacterial and decongesting gel is designed to control the formation of blackheads as well as reduce the appearance of redness and any other skin impurities.

If you have oily or combination skin then this is a must own treatment for you. The Acnoderm Gel focuses on keeping your skin effectively hydrated so it won’t dry your pores out.

The ingredients are a combination of naturally found agents such as cinnamon bark which is antibacterial and rich in antioxidants but also active acids such as sarconsine, arginine and capryloyl glycine.

Product Ingredients explained:
An antibacterial essential oil rich in antioxidant polyphenols, flavonoids, tannins, vitamins C and K.
A biomimetic amino acid and by-product in glycine synthesis (another amino acid) found in tissue to visibly renew a softer, clearer complexion.
A biomimetic amino acid to visibly repair and strengthen the skin.
A biomimetic derivative of glycine, an amino acid found naturally in the NMF and skin.

So how, does the gel work?
It penetrates the outer epidermis layer of your skin. This allows it to absorb into the congested areas of pimples and blackheads to begin the activation process.

How do you apply the Acnoderm Gel?
At the first sign of a breakout begin using the treatment. Each morning and night after you clean your face and apply the cucumber toner, apply 1-2 pumps of the Dr Spiller Acnoderm Gel to the affected areas of your face and body. Allow the gel time to absorb before applying any BB cream / mineral make up or eye and night cream.

It is time to invest in your skin?

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Skin Sin: Is chocolate really bad for my skin?

Balance is key to guilt free treats.

It’s nearly the Easter long weekend, which is basically the international holiday for all things chocolate.

Many people that struggle with their skin are convinced chocolate is the ultimate skin sin, so the leadup to this weekend can often fill them with dread at just thinking about all the fun foods they need to avoid.

We all know chocolate (particularly the white and milk kind) are high in calories, sugar and fat. Anything that tastes that good is bound to be bad for you right? It is, but not especially bad, or worse than any other kind of naughty treat such as a glazed donut, or greasy burger.

There’s also a lot of study that says that chocolate is rich in antioxidants. So what should you believe?

Well chocolate is made up of both the good and the bad stuff. There is a chemical in chocolate called theobromine which gives chocolate it’s “breakout” rep. Theobromine blocks the naturally found chemical adenosine in our body that turns off the stress receptors in our skin.

As a result, your body produces more inflammatory chemicals which causes your skin to breakout.
So how do you avoid the Easter bloat or breakout?

Moderation is key.
Have an Easter egg, just don’t eat the whole egg hunt. Also, try to pick chocolate with a higher cocao concentration. Dark chocolate contains high amounts of two flavonoids, catechin and procyanidin.

These chemicals act as antioxidants within the body and help to protect your cells from harmful free radicals and disease. See, not all chocolate is bad for you.

So what are some other tips and tricks to keeping your skin healthy this Easter long weekend.

1. Make sure to drink lots of water to help the digestion process and help alleviate the build-up of toxins in your body.

2. Eat and drink slowly. Being mindful and present when you’re eating is so important. If you really savour the glass of rosé at lunch you’re less likely to drink more of it. 
Do not mindlessly eat the chocolate while you prepare for the Easter egg hunt. Save your treat for a quiet moment later on.

3. Walk it off. The biggest thing we notice is the influx of people in our clinic after any holiday saying they feel bloated and really unhealthy. It’s tempting to do nothing but lie on the couch for 4 days but you need to keep your system moving if you expect everything to work as normal.

We don’t expect you to make it to your usual 5am soul cycle class but take the break as an opportunity to try something new. Go on a bush walk with the family, build the veggie patch you’ve been putting off. And just remember any calories you burn off means more calories you can afford to splurge on. ….so make that 2 Easter eggs.

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Take Time for YOU this Easter Break: Schedule in a self-imposed TIME OUT

The Easter Break should be just that….a break. A four-day escape from reality and routine.

A time to decompress from work and just enjoy time with your family and friends.
But quite often people return to work on the Tuesday and need a holiday from their holiday.

Whether it was the stress of hosting you in laws or wrangling chocolate crazed children or a food and alcohol hangover from hell, it’s not the bounce back you want or need.

So, you have four days and whether you choose to take a whole self-love day or an hour every day for four days, schedule it in, just as you would the Easter egg hunt, to take a self-imposed time out.
Here are Face Plus Medispa’s DIY Pamper Picks for a stress-free Easter:

1.DIY Chocolate Body Scrub
With the weekend themed around consuming all things chocolate, why not let your skin enjoy the benefits too.
In a large mixing bowl combine:
1 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup cocoa powder

You can mix this up while you’re busy baking for the family. It takes all of 5 minutes to do. Also, if you store the mixture in an airtight jar it will last for 6 months in the fridge.

When you have a quiet moment, pop in the shower or bath, wet you skin and start rubbing. Massage the body scrub in circular motions to increase your blood circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system.

This will help remove toxins from the body, which is probably a good thing after a gluttonous Easter feast. The result is smoother skin and the removal of dead skin cells.

2.Get some beauty sleep and take an afternoon nap.
When the kids clonk out from playing, so should you. Give yourself 40 minutes (any longer and you’ll go into your deep sleep cycle and have the potential to feel groggy) and get some shuteye.

If it’s nice outside, nap in the shade. Otherwise spray your pillow with some calming lavender oil, pop on a compressing eye mask and hit the hay.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier than scheduled and meditate. I know that the idea of waking up even earlier on a long weekend sounds ridiculous but trust us on this. Sit up in bed with your legs straight or crossed in front of you.

Prop your back up on some pillows. Set a gentle alarm for twenty minutes time and just focus on your breath. Long, beautiful breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

Not only will you feel happier and more rested than ever, but it will help to increase your productivity to get through the rest of the fun filled day.

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