Omnilux Package

Omnilux combination ideal for best results.

Buy 6 treatments usually $600 reduced to $480 (now $80 each) 
Buy 8 treatments usually $800 reduced to $600 (now $75 each)

Autumn is the perfect month to hit the refresh button on your skin. Party seasons in the past and your next holiday is too far away, so it’s time to detox and get your skin in glowing condition.
A little luxury that goes a long way is 20 minutes of LED Light Therapy.

Usually offered as a post treatment add on, we were inundated with requests from customers that just wanted to pop in on their lunch break or on their way home from work to get their glow fix.

LED Light therapy otherwise known in our Face Plus Clinics as Omnilux or Healite is the perfect example of where science and beauty have united to create a smart skin product.

It works by targeting specific cells which are responsible for the synthesis and repair of the skins support structure.
There are 3 different coloured light settings that target specific areas:

Yellow light: By stimulating the deeper skin tissue the yellow light leads to softened fine lines, improved skin tone and texture.

Red light: The cellular activity stimulates increased blood flow, leading to increased tissue oxygenation and detoxification. The skin will appear clearer with less fine lines, plumper and hydrated.

Blue light: Specifically designed for acne, patients will see a reduction of inflamed lesions 8 to 16 weeks following their first treatment.
The blue light stimulates the bacteria responsible for the inflamed acne, neutralising them.

The light also works to target the sebaceous glands to create an environment that is inhabitable for the growth of acne.

The lights can be used in combination during your treatment regime. Your dermal therapist will explain the benefits of the combination if suitable for your treatment plan.

If you’re overworked and need some extra rejuvenation or you have an event coming up and your skin is looking a bit lack lustre,

Light Therapy is a cost effective, no downtime solution that will have you looking and feeling your best and back at your desk before your boss has even noticed you’re gone.

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Eye spy: Dr. Spiller Silk Contour Eye Cream


They say the eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’.


They also say that the eyes can be a window into someone’s stressed out, sleep deprived state. When people say, “you look tired” one of the biggest giveaways is your eyes and your surrounding eye area. Whether it’s dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, blood shot eyes or sagging eyelids our eyes are our biggest give away.

One of the first beauty creams my mum ever introduced me to, was eye cream. She taught me it was a mandatory, anti-ageing preventive that I needed to start using in my late teens. Now, I wasn’t as disciplined with my skin routine as she was, which is probably why at 54 my mum looks like she’s barely hit 40 and I’m 26 but keeping getting told I look sooooo much older (that stops being a compliment once you hit a quarter century, everyone).

So, what is eye cream and why do we absolutely need it?
The skin surrounding your eyes is much more fragile and thin compared to the rest of your face. It is also prone to dryness and is the first to show signs of age and fatigue.

This is due to the overactivity of the skin surrounding the eye area. Think about it, we’re blinking, squinting and rubbing our eyes all day long. The constant movement of the eyes hasten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fluids also collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles. You therefore need to nourish this delicate skin with quality product to hydrate and soothe the area.

The Dr. Spiller Silk Contour Eye Cream is an anti-ageing, lifting and firing eye cream designed to re-contour and tone the appearance of the eye area. When it comes to eye cream ingredients you want to look for a product with active ingredients to stimulate cell turnover.

The Dr. Spiller Silk eye cream contains silk peptides which are botanically rich in amino acids. The silk peptides have wound healing, moisturizing, re-building and anti-inflammatory properties.
When do I apply eye cream?
The silk Contour Eye cream should be applied morning and night. After cleansing, toning and correcting, you apply 1 pump to clean finger tips and gently pat around the eye area. Eye cream placement is almost as important as the product. Think of the area between the top of your cheek bone (directly under your eye) and the bottom of your eyelid as tissue paper. If you apply eye cream here, the cream will travel during the day or night as your skin heats up and could seep into your eye.
How to apply the Dr. Spiller Silk Contour Eye Cream
Use your ring finger.

The muscles in this finger are generally weaker) and dab in sideways motions along the bottom and top of the eye socket until the product is absorbed. Make sure not to neglect certain areas such as the corner of your eye extending out to your temple, as this is where fines lines and crow’s feet form.
Pro tip: if puffiness is an issue for you, keep your eye cream in the fridge. The naturally anti-inflammatory biomimetic peptides that are in the Dr. Spiller Silk Eyecream will also work to intensely hydrate and calm the skin.

This silk contour eye cream is a beauty cabinet essential. It is suitable for all skin types, but particularly for aged skin. The instant plumping and tightening effect will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst the peptide complex and hyaluronic acid helps the impaired tissue by reducing puffiness and lightening dark circles.

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Match your makeup to your mood

If I were to describe autumn in a colour palette, I would pick copper tones, rich browns and red wine.

Lucky for me, this is also the must have makeup look of the beauty world for autumn/winter ’18.
how can we achieve this?

Golden Eye
Start with your eye makeup. Move over smokey/panda eye there’s a new kid in town and she’s much more subtle and easy to clean off. Whether you’re all about a matte or shimmer effect, golden copper and rich browns are all the rage.

Blend together a mix of light to darker shades. Don’t just stop on your top lid, add a little under the eye to replace your usual eyeliner.

For a more relaxed look, don’t perfectly fill in your eyebrows (that’s so 2017), instead try the relaxed and wild brushed brow. Swap your brown pencil for a brow gel to keep those hairs in place. 

Bronze those cheeks
With summer gone, we need to fake it till we make it. A light dusting of bronzer contoured strategically around you face will give you the illusion of a thinner, more defined facial structure.

Contour your bronzer by brushing it Along the sides of your forehead and temples. this will create balance between the wider upper half of your face and the more narrow lower half.

Next move onto the area below your cheekbones starting from your ears and ending in the middle of your cheeks.
End by brushing a small amount right below your chin.

End with a wine stained lip
Time to trade your spritz for a rich red. Match your liquid to your lips and opt for a dramatic stain, gloss or matte lipstick.
Make sure to prep your lips before applying this dark colour.

I like to make my own DIY lip scrub using a teaspoon of raw sugar and a pea size amount of pawpaw ointment. Combine the two then massage gentle onto you lips. Wipe (or lick off) then apply a hydrated lip balm while you do your other makeup. By the time you’re ready to apply your lipstick your lips will be prepped and plump.

For a perfect lipstick look use a lipliner in the same colour to outline the shape of your lip before applying.
For a more relaxed look (which is all the rage in 2018) use a lip crayon and blend it through using your fingers. This will yield a smudged, effortless look like you missed your mouth on the merlot.

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Autumn blues busters


Autumn brings rebirth!

Don’t you hate that feeling of leaving your office at 5:00pm and its dark outside? It feels like only yesterday we were watching the sun set at 8pm. For most of us 9-5ers, the weather and lack of sunlight after work has a real impact on our mood and metal state. 

They call it the autumn blues for a reason.

Here is a list of blues-busting techniques to get you through the cold months.

  1. Wake up earlier and exercise outdoors

I know it sounds ridiculous. How on earth is cutting into my sleep going to make me happier? (jump ahead to number 2 for the answer) waking up earlier and swapping the gym for a run in the park, is a brilliant way to see some sunlight, breathe some fresh, crisp air and also make your day seem a bit longer and more diversified.

Pack on your long tights and your puffer vest and hit the pavement. Only, the other week I woke up at 5:30am to run the bondi to bronte. I was shocked at how busy it was. I ran without overheating, I patted some cute bondi dogs, watched the sunrise over the water and had an overpriced coffee all by 7am. It was one of the nicest mornings I’ve had in a long time.

  1. Go to bed an hour earlier than usual

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than coming home, having a hot shower then changing into winter PJ’s and watching Netflix in bed.

To compensate for your productive mornings, have sloth like weekday evenings and hit the hay between 9-10pm.

  1. Learn to cook healthy versions of classic comfort food

Summer is the season of eating out and burning through savings. Just because you’re more of a homebody in the colder months, doesn’t mean you have to form a relationship with your UberEats delivery driver. It’s also not an excuse to ditch the diet.

Buy a slow cooker and learn how to slow cook meat. Trust me, it’s the easiest cooking you’ll ever do and walking into your house after work and smelling dinner, simmering away, is the most comforting feeling in the world.

  1. Plan nights in with friends

Just because you don’t feel like leaving the house, doesn’t mean you have to stop socialising. Invite friends over. Host a pamper night. Watch movies, cook dinner, drink wine, wear face masks. Enjoy your company on the couch instead of some trendy beachside bar.

  1. Use your weekends to explore

If you’re a beach bum, chances are you have a void of time to fill where you’d usually be perched on the sand. Take a weekend off and go on a road trip. Go on a forest hike, visit a vineyard, camp on the sand dunes – do fun, outdoorsy adventures, just wear more clothes than your usual swimsuit.

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Acne Shock Therapy: SGA treatment

A permanent solution to getting rid of acne? YES PLEASE.

SGA (Sebaceous Gland Ablation) is a heat-based procedure that uses an ultra-fine needle to penetrate and deactivate overactive sebaceous glands, which is what is responsible for your pimples, blackheads and inflamed acne cysts.

Once the needle is inserted into the effected sebaceous gland it is zapped by a localised electrical current. The heat produced by the current destroys the tissue so it can on longer cause a breakout. The needle only enters the skin superficially, as the electrical current is targeting the oil gland which is closest to the surface.

How does the treatment work? First of all, our dermal therapists need to assess what kind of acne you have. This treatment isn’t for everyone and often clients come in requesting the treatment, however their breakouts could easily be treated with some topical extractions and an enzyme facial as they simply suffer from clogged pores.

There is also the other extreme, where some clients have too much bacterial infection in their acne that they need it to settle before proceeding with SGA, as the heat produced in this procedure can cause the acne to spread. Typically, an SGA candidate has reoccurring cystic acne.

In order to prep the skin and open the pores, the therapists firstly conduct an enzyme facial. The active enzyme mask helps to bring to the surface the effected sebaceous glands.

This means they are likely to rupture and secrete immediately after the SGA treatment. Sometimes, the effected pimples, are solid and dehydrated and they take a few days to burst. The Enzyme Facial, aims to speed up that process

The actual needle and electric current is relatively painless. One of our staff underwent the procedure during our most recent training day and explained it as a 2/10. Acne affected skin can be quite sensitive, and the after-extraction process can cause some discomfort, however, should not be unbearable.

After the SGA treatment the client will experience a mosquito bite effect meaning that their skin will get worse before it gets better. Expect some red, lumpy skin with a downtime of roughly 2-5 days. Remember acne takes a while to form on your skin, so you need to be realistic with your recovery time.

To yield blemish free results, expect 3+ treatments, with each treatment roughly 6 weeks apart. Your dermal therapist will also parallel your in clinic treatment with some dietary recommendations and a meticulous at home skincare regime. Together, this is the ultimate trifecta to achieving blemish free skin.
Read more about SGA Treatment here

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Spot on!: Ultra Clear Spot Treatment

The Ultraceuticals spot treatment is the perfect concentrated formula to target and improve the appearance of blemishes.

For a limited time only we are offering the Ultraceuticals spot treatment for $27, discounted from $37. Offer is exclusive to our Bankstown Clinic

At night time, during your evening beauty routine it is quite common to want to avoid touching or applying rich facial creams and oils to aggravated blemishes. It is great to have in your beauty cabinet, a spot cream to specifically target your breakouts.

To apply you place a sparing amount (half a pea size) of the serum to a clean fingertip. Massage into the affected area and allow to absorb and dry on its own. By morning you will notice visibly clearer skin. The potent benzoyl, peroxide-free treatment also helps reduce associated redness and it’s anti-bacterial properties works to prevent future breakouts to the surrounding area.

The Ultra Clear Spot treatment is part of the Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Skincare range. A synergistic selection of ingredients that help to combat acne development. The

Ultraceuticals products are Australian made and are paraben and synthetic fragrant free.

This fast-acting formula combines potent exfoliators (Salicylic & Mandelic Acids, Bromelain), antioxidant (Clove Oil) with anti-irritants (Vitamin E Phosphate) to quickly soothe ­flare ups.

For a limited time only we are offering the Ultraceuticals spot treatment for $27, discounted from $37.

Offer is exclusive to our Bankstown Clinic
The Ultraceuticals range is available from all three clinics.

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Conceal: Cover up your pimples like a pro

The deal on how to conceal!

Despite what the beauty therapists tell us, “let your skin breathe” “makeup will make it worse”, we all know that the ONLY thing you want to do when you have acne is to hide it.

If you have a hot date, an important meeting or any social gathering that requires you to change out of your gym gear then this is the blog post for you.

How to cover up a pimple like a pro. Below are some make-up artist techniques to covering up each type of pimple.

First step: start with clean, fresh skin. Do NOT wake up and apply your makeup without washing your face first. During the night your skin has suffered a build up of sweat, bacteria, skin/dust and bed mites. You need to clean the slate…and change your pillow cases while you’re at it.

You want to go for a thick, dry, clay like concealer. The kind you find in a pot, not the one with the wand applicator. Use a clean finger or a small clean makeup brush and only apply to the actual pimple and surrounding redness.

Gently press the pimple to try and hide it’s 3D shape. Finish with a translucent setting powder, to prevent that oily glow.

Cystic Acne
Cystic Acne is characterised by red, swollen, headless monsters that are painful to touch. The first step is to try and settle them down. DO NOT PICK AT THEM.
Use an ice cube and massage over the acne to reduce the swelling. It will also help numb the pain a bit, as these pimples can make your skin very sensitive. Next, use warm water (not hot) and gently pat the affected area.

The cold/warm compression is a great trick to reduce the inflammation of the lesions.
The problem with cystic acne, is no matter what you do, you won’t completely cover the suckers.

Choose a mineral makeup, such as a tinted BB cream and use a mineral based concealer to try and reduce the redness. If you apply heavy layers of foundation you have the potential to make the bumps more obvious.

The aim here is to produce an even skin tone, not airbrush your skin smooth…. save that for your Facetune app.
Pro type. Add a red lip or a dramatic winged eye liner, to detract attention.

Flaky Skin
A dried-out pimple is screaming out for hydration. Wash your face with warm water (remember, warm and not hot).

Next focus by applying warm water on a gauze or cotton pad specifically to the dried out, flaky pimples. Apply a gentle exfoliator to try and massage away the flakiness. Next apply a deep moisturising day or night cream. To cover these types of pimples you want to go for a moisturising, wet concealer, so the kind with the wand application brush. 

Blackheads tend to concentrate around your nose. While, we consider these the least offensive type of pimple, they do require some clever layering to hide them from the naked eye. First apply primer, then your BB cream or liquid foundation.

Use a concealer after to massage into the nose area to really blend in the colour. I always like to finish with a matte setting powder to hide the sheen.

Pimples on the forehead
Suffer from an oily T Zone? Don’t worry, so do the rest of us. Our beauty babe, Chloe Morello suggests applying a ‘mattifying’ primer to this area of your skin, then applying a glow primer to the rest of your face.

You also want to pick an oil free foundation and concealer as your body is clearly producing enough of it on its own.

You don’t want to have dry skin either, so make sure not to over exfoliate or apply too much toner as this will only cause your skin to want to produce more oil to compensate.

If some of your blemishes are about to rupture, use clean hands and a clean tissue and apply gentle pressure to the pimple. Make sure all your makeup brushes / hands are clean as you don’t want to spread the bacteria.

Again, go for a liquid BB cream to hydrate the skin followed by a matte setting powder to settle the shine.

Whether you have a single pimple, or an entire family of friends on your face, remember, no one is actually judging you as most people are trying to do the exact same thing. Happy Concealing….and remember to clean your face as soon as you get home.

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Acne and Anxiety: how to beat the breakout blues

Acne is awful. There’s no possible way to sugar-coat it.

Whether you’re prone to the odd breakout or suffer what feels like an eternal struggle with aggressive acne, it really is one of the most challenging skin conditions, both mentally and physically.

When we see patients that have suffered from years of acne, the first thing we look at is their mental state. Acne causes serious distress on the mental health of our patients and as dermal therapists it’s our job to assess that damage as seriously as we do the damage on your skin.

The interplay between anxiety and acne is very important to consider as part of your treatment plan. While anxiety alone won’t directly cause acne to develop it certainly plays a part in why it occurs and it plays an even bigger part in the severity of breakouts.

To understand their relationship, we need to first understand what acne and anxiety are.
Acne is bacteria in the skin. It is an inflammation or infection of your sebaceous glands.
Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress.

While you might have developed acne because of a hormonal imbalance (common in teenagers and young adults) and/or because of a poor choice in diet, acne is greatly enhanced by the onset of stress related (anxiety) hormones.

During our skin assessment for all new clients, our dermal therapists will commonly ask, does your bad skin bother you? The answer is almost always YES! How can it not, especially when it is directly on your face. Acne not only looks bad but can also be painful and cause sensitivity to the surrounding skin. 

It is hard to disguise with makeup and often can further irritate and spread the bacteria causing a vicious cycle of even more acne and anxiety.

So how do we stop being anxious about our skin?
Step 1. Devise a treatment plan
At Face Plus a typical acne treatment plan involves a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, meticulous at home skincare and in clinic facials, laser and light therapy.

Once our clients understand that there is a process to ensure progress, they already start to feel more at ease. Anxiety is largely dealing with uncertainty, which a treatment plan hopes to settle.

Step 2. Be Patient
The next step is to learn patience. Just a single pimple can take a while to form on the skin so you need to be realistic with your recovery time. Clients need to remember to take their treatment plan day by day.

It is often helpful to keep a selfie or photo journal to track your progress.

Step 3. Acceptance
Accepting that sometimes it might get worse, before it gets better. This is a hard one to swallow, and I speak from personal experience.

Often after an acne extraction, herbal peel or SGA treatment, the skin is even more inflamed than when you walked in. The skin is a living organ and the treatments are designed to provoke a reaction. While we do offer healing light therapy to calm the skin, don’t expect to walk out of an acne treatment with blemish free skin.

Step 4. Celebrate Milestones
A very important part of the treatment plan is to celebrate the victories, however, small they are. This can mean going a week without the breakout inducing dairy or saturated fat from your diet.

Or saying YAY because you woke up without your usual cyclops pimple on your forehead. Forward is forward and by learning to embrace the wins, you’ll find yourself believing a bit more in the process which in turn will help settle your anxiety.

Step 5. Don’t be too hard on yourself
Acne, is one of the most common skin afflictions. 90% of people suffer from it at one point in time. Whatever you’re going through, take comfort knowing that someone else is fighting the exact same battle.

Make sure to discuss your feelings with family, friends and of course your dermal therapist.

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Give the gift of glowing skin this Mother’s Day: 15% off our Oxygen Glow Facial

Give the gift of radiant skin for Mother’s Day!

As the weather continues to fluctuate from hot and humid to cold and dry, our skin is struggling to keep up.

It’s important to match your skincare to the conditions in order to keep hydrated and healthy skin.

In honour of Mother’s day next month we have decided to create a 15% off facial voucher for one of our most requested and calming treatments; The Oxygen Glow Facial.

Many clients want to walk out of their treatment with radiant, glowing skin without any downtime. The Oxygen Glow Facial does just that. It is an ideal treatment to calm environmentally irritated, stressed and sensitive skin

In other words, this is the perfect Autumn/Winter Facial.
Face Plus’s Oxygen Facial with deliver even the dullest skin a beautiful healthy glow.

This oxygenating facial was created for skin with an impaired cellular function to help gently improve the texture of the skin.

The Oxygen Facial starts with a deep double cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliation and firming facial massage. Our trained dermal therapists work to awaken your skin cells and promote lymphatic drainage to remove toxins.

Next a special mask is prepared to treat strained skin. The client enjoys a head and neck massage while the mask absorbs into the dermal layer. Finally, serums and creams are layered harmoniously and the end result is a radiant complexion.

If you are looking to pamper your mum this Mother’s Day then the Oxygen Glow Facial is the perfect experience to gift her. From now, until Mother’s Day Eve (Saturday 12th May) we are offering 15% off the Oxygen Glow Facial when you purchase a voucher at any of our three clinic locations, redeemable over 12 months.

Mums are the hardest working people we know and they often put their own wellbeing last. Make your mum a priority this Mother’s Day and give her a relaxing treatment that her skin will thank you for.

To purchase an Oxygen Glow gift voucher for mum call 02 8897 0000


The Beauty Chef: Hydration Inner Beauty Boost


Hydration starts from the inside out.

By the time the effects of dehydration have shown up on our face, the damage internally has well and truly started. Whether you’ve had a big night and consumed one too many wines or exerted yourself exercising; dehydration is an issue we’re faced with regularly.

We all know that the solution is simple….drink more water, but sometimes you need an extra cellular boost.

The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Elixir is a coconut infused, bio fermented concentrate designed to support your gut health and restore your electrolyte balance.

Your gut is your second brain and there is a huge amount of study that shows that the health of our gut is reflected in the health of our skin.

This Inner Beauty Boost is packed with skin loving pre and pro biotics as well as natural electrolytes, vitamins and plant-based minerals to enhance the health and radiance of your complexion.

All you need to do is add 15ml of the Hydration elixir to your glass of water and the formula will help to kickstart your metabolism. If you are noticing your skin is lacklustre and dull your body is trying to indicate a deficiency. 

The Hydration Boost will restore your body’s hydration levels but also boost circulation and blood oxygenation which will have a brightening and plumping effect on your skin.

The Beauty Chef range is available from all three clinics. For a thorough skin consultation:
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