Give the gift of glowing skin this Mother’s Day: 15% off our Oxygen Glow Facial

Give the gift of radiant skin for Mother’s Day!

As the weather continues to fluctuate from hot and humid to cold and dry, our skin is struggling to keep up.

It’s important to match your skincare to the conditions in order to keep hydrated and healthy skin.

In honour of Mother’s day next month we have decided to create a 15% off facial voucher for one of our most requested and calming treatments; The Oxygen Glow Facial.

Many clients want to walk out of their treatment with radiant, glowing skin without any downtime. The Oxygen Glow Facial does just that. It is an ideal treatment to calm environmentally irritated, stressed and sensitive skin

In other words, this is the perfect Autumn/Winter Facial.
Face Plus’s Oxygen Facial with deliver even the dullest skin a beautiful healthy glow.

This oxygenating facial was created for skin with an impaired cellular function to help gently improve the texture of the skin.

The Oxygen Facial starts with a deep double cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliation and firming facial massage. Our trained dermal therapists work to awaken your skin cells and promote lymphatic drainage to remove toxins.

Next a special mask is prepared to treat strained skin. The client enjoys a head and neck massage while the mask absorbs into the dermal layer. Finally, serums and creams are layered harmoniously and the end result is a radiant complexion.

If you are looking to pamper your mum this Mother’s Day then the Oxygen Glow Facial is the perfect experience to gift her. From now, until Mother’s Day Eve (Saturday 12th May) we are offering 15% off the Oxygen Glow Facial when you purchase a voucher at any of our three clinic locations, redeemable over 12 months.

Mums are the hardest working people we know and they often put their own wellbeing last. Make your mum a priority this Mother’s Day and give her a relaxing treatment that her skin will thank you for.

To purchase an Oxygen Glow gift voucher for mum call 02 8897 0000


The Beauty Chef: Hydration Inner Beauty Boost


Hydration starts from the inside out.

By the time the effects of dehydration have shown up on our face, the damage internally has well and truly started. Whether you’ve had a big night and consumed one too many wines or exerted yourself exercising; dehydration is an issue we’re faced with regularly.

We all know that the solution is simple….drink more water, but sometimes you need an extra cellular boost.

The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Elixir is a coconut infused, bio fermented concentrate designed to support your gut health and restore your electrolyte balance.

Your gut is your second brain and there is a huge amount of study that shows that the health of our gut is reflected in the health of our skin.

This Inner Beauty Boost is packed with skin loving pre and pro biotics as well as natural electrolytes, vitamins and plant-based minerals to enhance the health and radiance of your complexion.

All you need to do is add 15ml of the Hydration elixir to your glass of water and the formula will help to kickstart your metabolism. If you are noticing your skin is lacklustre and dull your body is trying to indicate a deficiency. 

The Hydration Boost will restore your body’s hydration levels but also boost circulation and blood oxygenation which will have a brightening and plumping effect on your skin.

The Beauty Chef range is available from all three clinics. For a thorough skin consultation:
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In Flight Facial: how to stay hydrated while you travel

It’s school holidays which means for some of you lucky ones it’s time to jet off on an adventure.

We all have our methods when it comes to aeroplane travel. Some like to knock themselves out and sleep the whole way, while others try to adjust to the upcoming time zone and force themselves to stay awake.

There are those who get to the airport 3 hours before check-in opens and others that consider ‘gate closing’ a perfect time to check out the duty-free shopping.

One thing though that everyone has in common (that doesn’t discriminate based on what class you’re flying in) is that flying is taxing on your skin. The recycled air is very dehydrating. The low humidity levels in the cabin decrease the hydration in the outer layers of your skin.

This is why your skin often feels tight and flakey and your eyes red and dry. The recycled air is also a breeding ground of other people’s germs which is why the air-conditioning is freezing cold and blasted on high, reducing the moisture levels even further to around 20% of what we’re used to.

Attitude also affects your skin. Aeroplane cabins are pressurised which means your blood isn’t circulating properly. They tell you to move your legs on a plane, but its also important to exercise your face.

I asked our Face Place Dermal Therapists to share their top tips to keeping your skin in a healthy time zone while travelling:

  1. Do NOT wear makeup on a long-haul flight. It’s ok if you’re just popping down to Melbourne, but anything longer than 2 hours on a plane, you should fly makeup free and give your skin a chance to breathe.
  1. If you have a day flight, make sure to wear Sunscreen. Think about it, you’re flying 30,000 feet above ground bringing you even closer to the harsh UV rays of the sun. If you love your window seat, make sure you had a thick coverage of 30SPF on. A BB cream is an ideal product choice as it includes a moisturiser.
  1. Cleanse your face, don’t spritz your face. Avoid the facial mists that promise hydration. Water attracts water. Spritzing rose misted water might feel calming but will actually aggravate dehydration. Wash your face before settling in for a long-haul flight then apply a facial oil or a nourishing night cream. Pro tip, mix a few drops of your facial oil into your night cream and apply.
  1. Reapply your moisturiser, all flight long. Every couple of hours….or in between naps, wake up, move around and reapply your hydrating cream in sweeping circular movements from your neck up. Giving yourself a facial massage is great for promoting blood circulation (remember the cabin pressure). It’s a DIY lymphatic drainage technique that your cells will thank you for. If you’re lucky enough to sit in business or first class, consider adding some under eye patches, or if you dare a hydrating sheet mask. Of course, you’re more than welcome to rock one in economy as long as you don’t frighten your neighbours.
  1. Swap the wine for water. Being on a plane can often be associated with a holiday, so it’s natural you want to celebrate with a drink, but it’s best to wait until you reach your destination if you want to look your best when you land. Alcohol is already dehydrating but when you combine it with altitude, you’ll feel the effects a lot faster. Alcohol will also cause your face to look more bloated and puffy than usual due to the cabin pressure.
  1. To beat the skin jet lag once you land double cleanse your skin, gently exfoliate and layer your product  depending on your new Timezone (day routine or night routine). Try and get some exercise first thing off your flight and you’ll start your holiday fresh faced and fabulous.

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Tea-Tox: Drink to your health

I have made a promise to myself this year to limit my coffee intake to one small cappuccino a day.

I did this because I began to notice the dehydrating effects the caffeine and milk combination was having on my body. After finishing my morning coffee, I always find my mouth is parched.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on science of the body and a big lesson they teach you is the listen to what your body is trying to tell you. If you have a headache for instance, don’t just fix it with a pill, stop and think what could have caused it to occur in the first place.

Dehydration is one of the leading causes for headaches, loss of focus and general irritability.

While we all know we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Since my coffee restrictions have been in place I’ve been substituting my afternoon cap for a herbal tea.

I’ve noticed that it’s a warming and comforting way to stay hydrated and receive some added antioxidants. I now have a varie-tea (see what I did there) of tea on my desk to compliment whatever mood or craving I’m having.

Here is a brief list of some health benefits associated with a range of popular herbal teas. Make sure you opt for a natural brand with no additives or sugar to really reap the health benefits.

Green Tea

  • Naturally rich in caffeine so a great coffee alternative if you suffer from an afternoon slump
  • High in antioxidants
  • It burns fat, so great if you’re trying to get in shape
  • Prevents tooth decay and assists in bad breath
  • Re-hydrates you better than water

Peppermint Tea

  • Great for digestion, a good one to have after your lunch
  • Helps to alleviate migraines and nausea
  • Relieves stress
  • Fights Asma symptoms (decongestant)

Cinnamon Tea

  • Warms circulation
  • Regulates glucose metabolism
  • Fights viruses
  • Lowers cholesterol

Rooibos Tea

  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Assists to calm skin irritations
  • Contains cancer fighting properties

Ginger Tea

  • Relieves nausea, diarrhea, indigestion and cramping (great for travelling if you suffer from motion sickness)
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Antibacterial
  • Great for treating sleep and stomach problems

Drinking sugar and dairy free herbal tea is a great way to detox your body and enjoy some immunity benefits at the same time. That sounds beau-tea-ful to me.

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